Classics Library Policies

The world-renowned UC Classics Library aims to be a welcoming place for students and scholars of classical antiquity. Because of its unique special collections, there are some rules that must be respected in order to gain access and to use the Library:

  • All users must sign in and leave their photo IDs and bags at the Circulation desk. Handbags and laptop bags must be shown to the Circulation staff.
  • If you need to access the Library's underground stack floors, please ask the Circulation staff to unlock the door after leaving bags and IDs with them. Bags and IDs are securely locked away until you leave the Library.
  • All books have safety tags that must be desensitized by the Circulation staff. If the alarmed gate sounds, you must return to the Circulation desk and show any bags, including handbags, and coat pockets to the Circulation staff.
  • Food and drink, including water, are strictly forbidden inside the Library. Water bottles should be placed on the small red book cart as you enter. There are seats in the Lobby where you may eat and drink as well as a water fountain.

Thank you for your cooperation.

in the Scriptorium