Our Collections

Our dynamic library collections support the study of education and include a robust curriculum materials center and a professional education collection.

3rd Floor Collections

The curriculum materials print collection on the 3rd floor is organized by the Dewey Decimal System and includes the following: 

These collections consist of fiction and non-fiction children's and young adult titles. Fiction holdings are classified into sub-sections including:

  • Easy picture books
  • Juvenile fiction
  • Young adult fiction
  • Graphic novels
  • Board books
  • Big books

Non-fiction holdings are divided into two sub-sections, with biographies separated from the general non-fiction section.

The Mary Louise Schroth Charitable Trust funded the purchase of more than 2,500 children's and young adult books in this collection.

CECH Library is also the proud home of the Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children's Literature, a unique special collection of children's and young adult titles written and/or illustrated by Native Americans.

Our Children's and Young Adult Literature Guide contains helpful tips for locating these titles in our collection.

Mixed materials represent numerous PK-12 curriculum areas. Our collection consists of kits, games, models, puppets, classroom instruments, manipulatives, posters, charts, and maps.

The mixed materials area also includes STEAM-themed kits for kid-friendly instruction in coding, circuits, robotics, and more.

PK-12 electronic media collections in the CECH Library consist of educational films and a small collection of audiobooks. Films include DVD titles meant to enhance classroom instruction, with specific focus on supporting the study and teaching of study skills, history, civics, mathematics, science, art biography, and more.

Our Teaching Activities and Lesson Plans Guide contains helpful tips for locating these resources in print and online.

Curriculum guides represent the scope and sequence of various concepts and skills taught in elementary and secondary school curriculums across the United States. Our Curriculum Standards Guide contains helpful tips for locating Ohio's Learning Standards by area, other relevant standards, library materials, and historical curriculum guides. 

Current PK-12 textbooks are available representing major curriculum areas and publishers. The CECH Library retains textbooks for 10-15 years in the regular collection. The textbooks section of our Curriculum Materials and Resources Guide contains helpful tips for locating these resources in our collection. 

Textbook examples from the 1990s and 2000s are located behind the Information Desk and are available by request. 

The Archives and Rare Books Library maintains a historical textbook collection of more than 2,000 textbooks from the early 19th century to the turn of the 21st century, covering a wide variety of subjects taught in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. The basis of this collection was formed from materials previously housed in UC's Curriculum Resource Center with additional holdings acquired by the Archives and Rare Books Library.

The CECH Library maintains a small collection of magazines for young people. A complete listing of magazines for young people in print, as well as a selection of online offerings, can be found on the children's magazines section of our Curriculum Materials and Resources Guide.

Our Study Resources for Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) and Praxis Core Tests guide contains links and information on online test preparation materials.

CECH Library has also produced a collection of videos to help students locate study resources for OAE and Praxis Core.

A collection of testing materials are available to authorized students. Contact your CECH school’s librarian for details or questions on testing materials.

4th Floor Collections

The professional education print books, media, and reference materials are organized by Library of Congress call numbers. The CECH Library professional education materials include most education titles at UC with coverage of theory and practice (LB) and the special aspects of education (LC). Other education resources may be housed in UC’s Langsam Library. 

The professional collection covers the theoretical academic books in the various curriculum and instruction areas of teacher education, early childhood education, literacy/language arts education, mathematics education, science education, social studies education, and educational media and technology.

Many education books such as educational foundations, educational administration, special education, counseling and school psychology are located in Langsam Library.

Academic books related to education, criminal justice, human services, and information technology studies are primarily acquired by CECH Library in electronic (e-book) formats.

Professional education journals are shelved by call number and primarily cover the curriculum areas found in the CECH Library. Other education journals may be located in Langsam Library, though the vast majority are online.

Professional collection reference materials consist of handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, reviews, directories, bibliographies, and books about authors. Education reference books may also be housed in Langsam Library.