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Testimony of the scholarly value of the collection: 

"I can personally testify to the importance of our library’s collection of German dissertations, Programmschriften and pamphlets in Classical Studies. In an article I published about a year ago  I discussed the ancient Greeks’ notion of an ancient Assyrian king by the name of Sardanapalus whose tombstone and epitaph Alexander the Great had encountered in the course of conquering the Persian empire (“Asianics in Relief: Making Sense of Bronze and Iron Age Monuments in Classical Anatolia,” The Classical Journal 112.2). As it happens, the earliest academic discussion of the ancients’ ideas about this figure was a lecture delivered in Latin at the University of Marburg and published as a pamphlet in 1880. That I could just pick up this publication from the stacks of our library and read it is extraordinary,"
-- Dr. Valeria Sergueenkova

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German dissertations