• Chemistry-Biology Library is located at 503 Rieveschl Hall. The library primarily serves needs of the Chemistry Department and the Department of Biological Sciences.
  • Library materials are collected at a research level, and are distributed across multiple locations.  
    • Reference books, reserves, and bound journals are in the Chem-Bio Library (Rieveschl Hall).  
    • Circulating book stacks are located at the Geo-Math-Phys Library in Braunstein Hall, and can be browsed at that location or requested for delivery to the Chem-Bio Library (via the library catalog).
    • Chemistry collections have strengths in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and the history of chemistry (most materials in the Oesper collections, available upon request).  The main chemistry collection covers works from 1800-present, mostly in English, French or German.
    • Biology collections contain materials on most aspects of the biological sciences.  Materials in the herbarium collection are available upon request.