Albino Gorno

Albino Gorno

 The CCM Library was founded in 1949, built on the personal collection of Prof Albino Gorno, Dean of the Cincinnati College of Music for over 40 years. Today, the CCM Library collections focus on materials that support CCM-related areas of music, musical theatre, dance, and some aspects of theatre and drama, while Langsam Library holds materials that support theatre and media productions.

Two private institutions – the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (founded 1867) and the Cincinnati College of Music (founded 1878) - merged in 1955 to form the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. In 1962 CCM became the fourteenth college of the University of Cincinnati, then a municipal institution. The University became a state-affiliated institution in 1968, and in 1978, a full state university.

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