Instruction Menu

This menu has a variety of lessons that can be presented to your class, divided into three categories. Example content is listed for each lesson and does not dictate what will be presented in your class. Each library instruction session is tailored to meet the exact needs of the course and its students.

Considerations for Library Instruction

  • It is best for the library lesson be presented in the context of an assignment. 
  • Most lessons require a minimum 30 minutes of class time
  • Two weeks notice is appreciated when scheduling instruction. Contact Madeleine Gaiser directly ( to do so.

Searching the Library Catalog can include...

  • Basic and advanced search
  • Using quotes and Boolean
  • Known item searching
  • Keyword searching
  • Subject headings
  • Requesting materials
  • Reading a catalog record and locating the item

Searching in a Library Database can include...

  • Locating a database
  • Basic and advanced search strategies
  • Limiters
  • Using quotes, truncation
  • Boolean searching
  • Subject terms and indexes/thesauri
  • Navigating the article record page

Smart Use of Google Scholar can include...

  • When to use Google Scholar
  • Known item searching
  • Citation tracking
  • Linking to UC
  • Author research

Identifying Keywords can include...

  • Narrowing a topic
  • Identifying search terms from a research question
  • Identifying synonyms and related words
  • Effectively communicating with the database

About Source Types can include...

  • What is a scholarly source?
  • Where to find scholarly sources
  • Why scholarly sources are important
  • Types of non-scholarly sources
  • How to incorporate non-scholarly sources into academic work

Reading Scholarly Articles can include...

  • Sections of articles
  • Types of articles (empirical, review, etc)

Researching the Discipline can include...

  • Using Cabell's Journalytics to research journals
  • Researching authors on Web of Science
  • Citation metrics
  • Scopus
  • Tools and strategies for a (mostly) comprehensive search

APA Citations can include...

  • Citation elements
  • Basic book/journal article citations
  • In-text citations
  • Free, online citation resources
  • APA Academic Writer
  • Citing 'weird' sources

Citation Tracing can include...

  • Decipering citations
  • Locating an article via the Journals tab
  • Using a reference list

Citation Management with Zotero can include...

  • Why use citation management software
  • How to set-up Zotero
  • Browser and word processing Zotero extensions
  • Exporting citations to Zotero from a database
  • Additional features