Faculty Papers Collection Policy

The Archives and Rare Books Library welcomes university records from faculty members. University records typically held by faculty that are appropriate for addition to the University Archives include the following:  

  • Accreditation reports
  • By-laws for any decision-making or representative body, including faculty committees and staff organizations.
  • Committee, Cabinet, Working Group, and Task Force Files at the University or College-Wide Level
  • Faculty Handbooks
  • Annual College or Departmental Reports
  • Records relating to significant college or division reorganization
  • Records relating to major curricular changes or degree programs offered by colleges

More information about university records to be transferred to University Archives can be found on the Records Management website.

University Archives maintains biography (‘bio’) files on retired and former faculty, staff, administrators, and notable alumna. ARB staff frequently refer to bio files for requests related to university communications, public relations, biographies, and obituaries. We welcome the addition of new bio files, especially for underrepresented faculty and staff. If you would like to send us a bio file, we suggest the following guidelines:

  • Limit to one folder of material (due to storage restrictions)
  • Do not include any material with privacy concerns (bio files are routinely copied and made available to outside researchers)
  • Suggested useful items include a CV (including description of roles at the university), headshot or other professional photograph, and major press clippings

Due to staffing and space limitations, unfortunately we are unable to routinely accept the personal papers of faculty members (such as research materials, instructional materials, personal correspondence, etc). Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for faculty members whose papers enhance the holdings of University Archives by comprehensively filling major gaps in the current documentation of the university’s history or ARB’s other collecting areas. When ARB staff determine that a collection may be accepted, the donor may be asked to inventory and prepare their materials according to ARB guidelines to facilitate efficient processing. We cannot accept any materials with privacy concerns or that may be covered by FERPA, such as student papers, student grades, or personally identifying information. 

Policy last updated January 18, 2022