Ralph E. Oesper Chemistry-Biology Library

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Your librarian can assist with questions & requests (e-book purchases, instruction sessions, research consultations).  Contact your librarian or use our Science & Engineering Ask A-Librarian form:

  • Ted Baldwin, – A&S: Biology, Chemistry/Oesper Collections ; CEAS: Biomedical, Chemical, Environmental Engineering
  • Mark Chalmers, – A&S: Mathematics, Physics ; CEAS: Aerospace, Civil & Architectural, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
  • Holly Prochaska, – A&S Geology, Geography, Map collections, Environmental Studies
  • Hong Cheng, – CEAS: Computer & Electrical Engineering, Engineering Education

The Click & Collect retrieval and pickup service (now expanded to a daily service!) allows UC users to request printed library materials in the Library Catalog for pickup at designated locations. Requests made daily Monday-Friday are typically available the next business day. Users should wait for an e-mail pickup notice before coming to the library to pick up requested items. There is a limit of 10 items per request/25 a week.  

Due dates have been automatically set for February 15. When searching for print materials in the Library Catalog, items with the status of “Click & Collect” are available for request. Items from one library location cannot be requested for pickup at another library location.

At the Chem-Bio Library,

  • All requested Chem-Bio items will be picked up from the Geo-Math-Physics Library, 240 Braunstein Hall.  No pickup is available at Chem-Bio Library.
  • Chem-Bio textbook reserve books with a status of "Click & Collect" can be requested through the Library Catalog.
  • Contact with requests for Chem-Bio items with a status that is not "Click & Collect."  This includes Chemistry-Biology Library's journal volumes, reference books and Oesper History of Chemistry Collection books.


This library location is available through UCID card access during selected hours (Monday-Friday) for designated UC users.  Access is for study and computing space.  Services are not provided from this location.  Check the library entrance, 503 Rieveschl Hall, for details.


Contact and Address

Chemistry-Biology Library
PO Box 210151
503 Rieveschl Hall
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0151
513-556-1550 (contact CEAS Library during Fall semester)
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