Records Management

UC's Records Management program is responsible for the administrative procedures and guidelines for university records, including disposition and transfer of historical records to University Archives. The Records Management program is administered by the University Archives in compliance with UC Rule 10-43-10.

The purpose of the University's records management program is:

  • To promote the administrative efficiency at the University by removing inactive or obsolete records from offices.
  • To protect the University by ensuring compliance with all internal, state, and federal policies regarding the creation and disposition of University records.
  • To ensure that all documents of administrative or historical value are rightfully preserved through transfer to the University Archives.

For more information on the scope and basis for records management at UC, please see the links below.

UC Records and Records Management History (currently under revision)

The program is directed by the University Records Manager with approval and guidance by the University Archivist.

Eira Tansey, MLIS | Digital Archivist/Records Manager
Email: Phone: 556-1958

Kevin Grace | Head and University Archivist
Email: Phone: 556-1959

This section includes back issues of the Records Management newsletter, tip sheets, vendor recommendations, workshops, and listserv information. Additional useful information may be found under Policies and Forms. If you are looking for help on a subject not covered, please contact the Records Manager.

Records Quarterly newsletter (previous newsletters in process of being restored)