Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Clermont College Library. We look forward to working collaboratively with you to improve our resources and services.

 Questions about how to get involved can be sent to the Library Director.

Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know the online Clermont College Library? Complete our scavenger hunt to find out! Correctly completed hunts will be entered into a raffle prize from the UC Clermont Bookstore. Prize winner will be drawn on November 9.

Digital Displays

Because we will all be visiting the Clermont campus a little less, our displays have been transitioned to a digital format. Our digital displays will be updated throughout the semester with new content featuring resources from the University of Cincinnati Libraries.

Upcoming Events

  • Get to know your new library staff at Lunch with Librarians. On the second Tuesday of each month this semester, your librarians will be lunching for some distance socialization with the Clermont campus via WebEx.
  • On October 27 at 3 PM. we will be hosting a webinar on Academic Writer
  • Join the us with the ELF department for the Fall Poetry Series.

In 2003, philanthropist and founding Clermont College Librarian Frederick A. Marcotte established a planned gift to support his passion: providing cutting-edge library services and facilities for students. Today, his endowed fund has renewed our focus to create dynamic library space for student research, study, and collaboration.

The Clermont College Library supports its college community. An investment in the library is an investment in every UC Clermont student, period. Libraries remain as relevant as ever as centers for information, teaching, and academic activity and your support is crucial to our continued success.

It means so much to have the support of our community and friends. To contribute to the Frederick A. Marcotte Memorial Library Fund, please contact Dana Parker, UC Clermont Director of Development or visit the University of Cincinnati Foundation online.

Clermont College Library is often looking for new students to join our team and better our library. More information can be found under Student Employment.