Kellie Tilton

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Kellie Tilton

Associate Senior Librarian, Instructional Technologies


Library liaison to Art & Visual Communication, Behavioral Sciences, Media Communications & Technology, History, Philosophy & Political Science departments at UC Blue Ash College.

About Kellie

Kellie is awesome. As an Instructional Technologies Librarian, Kellie finds great joy in exploring, experimenting and testing technologies to enhance information literacy and connect library resources with students, faculty and staff. Her research interests lie in collaborations between public, school and academic libraries; integrating library resources into learning management systems; universal design and the library; and how tutorials and instructional videos are created across disciplines and industries. She also is a regular reviewer for Library Journal's romance section. An avid supporter of the arts, you will likely overhear Kellie talking about theatre, travel to go see theatre, textiles, the crafting of textiles, books, movies, museums or, likely, all of the above.


  • Master of Science, Library and Information Science, University of Pittsburgh 
  • Bachelor of Science, Communication, with a focus in Strategic Communication, The Ohio State University.
  • Professional Certificate, Interactive Web Multimedia, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash



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Conference Proceedings

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