Traditional Course Reserves

A traditional, physical Course Reserves collection is located at each UC library.  Reserves can include supplemental reading materials for classes, as well as textbooks (when provided by the instructor,) maps, special reading packets, reports and much more. Items have limited loan periods and must be used in the library in most instances.

Contact the library staff at your preferred library.

How do I place material on Reserves?

Instructors should complete and submit this Book or Media Course Reserve Request Form. Email John Stork to obtain this form. 

How long will it take to process my Course Reserves request?

In order to have material available for the first day of classes, instructors need to plan ahead. Allow two weeks of lead time before the beginning of each semester.

During the remainder of the semester, processing time is approximately one to two weeks. Additional time will be needed if an item must be purchased for course reserve.

To expedite requests of locally-held materials, the library recommends that instructors retrieve the requested materials from the appropriate stacks and deliver them to staff at the accordant service desk. If instructors are unable to do this, library staff will retrieve the materials in the order in which the requests are received.

What may be placed on Reserve?

Circulating books and multimedia material from any UC library may be placed on Course Reserve. Materials from other UC libraries will be requested by the library reserves staff. These materials should NOT be requested or checked out by the instructor.

Personal copies of textbooks or other materials can be placed on Reserve with the understanding that UC Libraries assumes no responsibility for replacing them should they become lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. If this happens, faculty will be notified to either replace the copy or to withdraw it from Reserves. If you submit a personal copy to be placed on Reserve and the Library owns that same book, the library copy will be placed on Reserve and we will return your copy to you.

New material requests should be submitted to your Library Reserves Contact. Some new materials can take up to four weeks to receive.

Exceptions: Periodicals, reference books, OhioLINK, Interlibrary Loan, or other non-UC Library materials may not be placed on Reserve. The Library is unable to place videos and DVDs from commercial rental establishments (Redbox, etc.) due to copyright restrictions.

Available Loan Periods for Course Reserves

Items may be designated with the following loan periods:

  • Two Hours: Most common option - item must be used only within the library for a two hour period.
  • Overnight: Item is the same as a two hour item except it may leave the building if checked out within two hours of the library closing to be due within an hour of the library opening the next day.
  • One day: Item may leave the library and will be due before closing the next day.
  • Three day: Item may leave the library and will be due before closing the third day.

How long does material remain on Reserves?

Course Reserve materials will be removed at the end of the semester. Instructors should inform their library reserves contact if they want to keep items on course reserve. Library materials will be returned to the stacks. All personal copies will be returned to the instructor.