Research & Data Services

UC Libraries provides access to a wide range of Research Data and GIS services and resources for the campus community. Informationists and librarians are available to assist researchers in managing and preserving research data, finding and acquiring external data, and in utilizing GIS techniques and software.  The library also provides a variety of computing and collaboration spaces to support researchers.

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Mission Statement

The UCL Research Data Services group inspires the creation of knowledge and enhances research productivity across the UC research community through the development and implementation of interdisciplinary research data services that enables research and promotes synergistic collaborations between UCL and UC researchers. 

Areas of Focus

The RDS team provides innovative and effective research collaboration by engaging researchers in consultation, assistance, and training that aims to amplify the global UC research profile. 

  • ORCID Profile Assistance
  • Instruction in Citation Impact Metrics
  • Citation Analysis
  • Data Literacy Education 

These data services align with researchers at the time of proposal planning and continue through the course of the project. These services include consultations with researchers regarding collecting/generating, storing, sharing, and preserving research data. 

  • Data Management Workshops and Laboratory Consultation
  • Data Management Consultation (best practices, project setup, data storage, archiving options, etc.)
  • Data Management Plan Creation 
  • Project Management with Open Science Framework
  • Assistance with Data Sharing and Archiving 
  • Clinical Data Management using REDCap

For more information see our Data Management Planning Guide or contact us at

Performed by a combination of librarians and graduate students, these services will assist researchers in generating insight from data to information decisions and research outcomes. Our analytics services can assist researchers in identifying appropriate analyses, explaining statistical methods, interpretation of results, data wrangling and statistical computation, and implementing models and algorithms in supported software environments. 

These services are designed to assist researchers navigate biomedical databases and acquire genomic and proteomic data for research purposes. 

  • NCBI Workshops (MyNCBI, Bedside to Bench with NCBI)
  • NCBI Database Consultations and Data Mining
  • General Bioinformatics
  • Ensembl Data Mining
  • Research and Biomedical Informatics (for credit course) 

For more information contact Tiffany Grant 

Performed by a combination of librarians and graduate students, these services are centered on the utilization of spatial and/or geographic data. Researchers can gain assistance on gathering data, spatial analysis, map design, and web mapping applications. 

  • Introduction to ArcGIS and QGIS Workshops
  • Project design and planning
  • Dataset discovery and creation
  • Low/High Level Spatial Analysis 

See the Research Labs @ GMP Site for more information