Online Exhibits

Below is a list of exhibits created by the Archives and Rare Books Library to give you a closer look at our collections.  For a list of fully digitized collections visit UC Libraries Digital Collections at

The Bearcat Through the Decades
An exhibit highlighting the history of the UC Bearcat

An Edinburgh Urban Ghost Story
This ghost story was written as an assignment for the UC Honors seminar, The Culture of Books and Reading

The Fresh Painters
This exhibit tells the story of the Fresh Painters Club at the University of Cincinnati, a drama club known for their successful productions.

The Benjamin Gettler Papers
Benjamin Gettler was a lawyer, businessman, and philanthropist.  This exhibit highlights some of his work that is represented in the Benjamin Gettler Papers at the University of Cincinnati Archives & Rare Books Library.

Going Greek: Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Cincinnati
An exhibit examining the history of fraternity and sorority life at the University of Cincinnati

In Life and Death - The UC - Spring Grove Cemetery Connection
This exhibit is a continuing project that documents the relationship between UC and Spring Grove Cemetery through the tombstones of those who made the University of Cincinnati what it is today.

News Record Digitization Project
Digitized copies of the University of Cincinnati's independent student newspaper, The News Record

Printing and Knowledge: Architectural Symbols of the Carl Blegen Library
An exhibit that explores the architectural features of the University of Cincinnati's Carl Blegen Library.

School & Country: A Survey of Student Military Life at the University of Cincinnati
An exhibit which details the history of military life on UC's campus.

William Howard Taft 1908 campaign song
Performed by CCM graduate students Albert Mühlböck and Brendan Emig, and recorded by CCM Associate Professor of Electonic Media Thomas Haines.

Theodore M. Berry Papers Project
An exhibit highlighting the 2010 project to completely process the papers of Theodore Moody Berry, Cincinnati's first African mayor.

Cincinnati Historical Maps
Various maps from the Archives and Rare Books Library's Rare Book Collection from 1802 through 1929.

Cincinnati Subway and Street Improvements
A history of the Cincinnati subway and links to the digitized Cincinnati Subway and Street Improvements photographs

The Irish in Cincinnati
An exhibit created by a UC's honors course on the Irish in Cincinnati

The Gaylord Oscar Shepherd Collection of Strobridge Lithography Company Calendar Cards
An exhibit featuring monthly calendar cards printed by the Strobridge Lithography Company, spanning the years 1896 to 1912.

The Lawrence F. Albers and George J. Albers Collection of Strobridge Lithography Company Calendar Cards
An exhibit featuring calendar cards printed by the Strobridge Lithography Company.

The John J. and James B. McNamara Papers
The McNamara Brothers, originally from Cincinnati, gained notoriety for the bombing of the Los Angeles Times Building in 1910. This exhibits highlights the collection of their papers at the Archives and Rare Books Library

Paoletta Opera Collection and the Cincinnati Exposition of 1910
Images and information about the collection and the 1910 Exposition for which it was written.

Ladislas Segoe - In the Public Interest
An online exhibit highlighting the work of urban planning pioneer, Ladislas Segoe.

Louise Shropshire: An Online Exhibition
An online exhibit featuring Louise Shropshire a Cincinnati Civl Rights pioneer and composer.

Marian Spencer: Fighting for Equality in Cincinnati
An alumna of the University of Cincinnati (Class of 1942), Marian Spencer has fought for Civil Rights in Cincinnati for nearly seventy years. This exhibit examines her career and her papers at the Archives and Rare Books Library.

Southwest Ohio Folklore Collection
This exhibit explores the Archives and Rare Books Library's Southwest Ohio Folklore Collection. The collection was donated by Edgar Slotkin, professor emeritus of English at the University of Cincinnati.

Gemutlikeit, Schnitzelbank, and Kitsch: German American Caricature in Vintage Postcards [insert link to pdf]

Old St. George Church: 1868-2008
An exhibit highlighting the history of Old St. George's church in Cincinnati's Clifton Heights neighborhood.

Sacred Spaces of Greater Cincinnati and the German Influence
A look at Cincinnati's German-American churches

Tolzmann, Don Heinrich, German-Americana Collection
An exhibit highlighting Don Heinrich Tolzamann's collection of German-Americana

A War in Shades of Gray: German-Americans and Germany in the World War II Era
A look at material in the German-Americana collection relating to World War II

The Ambrose Bierce Letter Project
An exhibit highlighting a project to digitize and transcribe letters written by Ambrose Bierce, housed in the Archives and Rare Books Library.

In this exhibit of rare books from our holdings in the Archives & Rare Books Library, we present examples of the use of the color blue from hundreds of years ago to our present era, showing its use in books that cover a range of cultural meanings and heritage from around the world.

Bookmongers and Other Delights of the Trade

An exhibit that explores the art of bookselling

The Colored Citizen
Published in Cincinnati sporadically from the height of the Civil War in 1863 until approximately 1869, The Colored Citizen was edited by a group of African American citizens from Midwestern cities, including Cincinnati. It was a paper with general news, but with a focus on the political, economic, and cultural affairs that had an impact on African Americans of the age. The Archives and Rare Books Library hold one issue of this paper.

Commemorative Artist's Binding for Blegen's 75th Anniversary
In celebration of the 75th anniversary of UC’s Carl Blegen Library in 2005, the Archives & Rare Books Library commissioned a special artist’s bookbinding as a lasting commemoration of the event. This exhibit tells the story of that binding.

The Irish Literature Collection
This exhibit highlights ARB's extensive Irish literature collection

Miriam Irwin Collection of Margaret Armstrong Book Design
Margaret Armstrong (1867-1944) is considered one of the most influential book cover designers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This exhibit provides biographical information and examples of her work.

The Life and Career of William Morris
William Morris was a designer of stained glass, tapestries, wallpaper, chintzes, furniture, books, and typefaces. He was also a preservationist, socialist, poet, novelist, lecturer, calligrapher, translator of classic Icelandic and early English sagas, and founder of the Kelmscott press.

Rare Book Occasional
A blog that takes a closer look at items from ARB's rare books collection

Shakespeare's Quadricentennial
A celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare by Sydney Vollmer, ARB Intern

Virginius C. Hall Jacobite Collection
An exhibit displaying the Archives and Rare Books Library's collection of rare books on the Jacobites.

The William J. Lawrence Irish Theatre History Notebooks (Under Construction)
This exhibit highlights the William J. Lawrence Irish History collection which consists of 99 handwritten notebooks containing his research on the Irish stage from 1630 to 1911.