20th century Mediterranean Map Collection

Map cabinet

The Classics Library’s 20th c. Mediterranean Map Collection consists of several hundred maps primarily depicting Greece and the eastern Mediterranean region.  The maps are non-circulating and must be consulted in the Classics Library's Circulation area. Please contact Rebecka Lindau ( or Mike Braunlin (  for assistance in using these special materials. The collection has been digitized.
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Contents of the cabinet:

1st drawer: Mediterranean Sea – France, Greece, Italy, Syria, Turkey, 32 hydrographical charts, U.S. and Great Britain charts, Troad Map -- Map of Troy with the signature of Wilhelm Dörpfeld; Roman Italy and Empire of Alexander the Great (Classical American Wall Map collection).

2nd drawer: 87 maps of Greece by prefectures, 1944-45, British Army – Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Ionia, Peloponnesos.

3rd drawer: 72 maps Crete – 29 maps Greece – 23 maps, 1943-45 6 maps of Albania, 1943-44, 3 British Army maps of Albania, US Army.

4th drawer: 30+ maps U.S., British, Greek army maps, Greece, general – 7 maps, 24 special maps (roads, railroads, Greek Ministry of Social Welfare, sanitary situation, villages, refugees from Macedonia 1940-45, U.S. Mission for Observation of Greek Elections, etc.), Map of Athens.

5th drawer: British Army -- Europe, Izmir and Crete regional maps – 22 maps – Euboea, Boeotia 1928, Corfu 1928 -- British Army, Athens town maps, 1944 – 2 U.S. Army maps of Europe, the Aegean, Grigoures, C. Altimetric map for Corfu to Athens, Turkey: Tsanak-Kalé pref. (Troy Area), 4 maps in the old Turkish script.

6th drawer: U.S. Army -- Greece Military and aeronautical maps – 16 maps.

7th drawer: Ecclesiastical maps of Greece, Greek Welfare Centers, To Vema, European Union, August 1993, Tourist Map, City Plan of Athens.

8th drawer: TAVO Maps of Hadrian’s Wall, Turkey, Asia Minor and Black Sea areas (during Mithridates time); Ancient Near East and lands of the Bible, Roman Empire from Britain to the Arabian Gulf (Classical American Wall Map collection).

9th drawer: 124 maps of Greece.

10th drawer: 134 maps of Greece by site; Ancient Greece and the Aegean (Classical American Wall Map collection).