20th century Mediterranean Map Collection

The Classics Library’s 20th c. Mediterranean Map Collection consists of several hundred maps primarily depicting Greece and the eastern Mediterranean region.  The maps are non-circulating and must be consulted in the Classics Library's Circulation area. Please contact Rebecka Lindau ( or Mike Braunlin (  for assistance in using these special materials. The collection has now been digitized!
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    Contents of the cabinet:

    1st drawer: Mediterranean Sea – France, Greece, Italy, Syria, Turkey, 32 hydrographical charts, U.S. and Great Britain charts, Troad Map -- Map of Troy with the signature of Wilhelm Dörpfeld; Roman Italy and Empire of Alexander the Great (Classical American Wall Map collection).

    2nd drawer: 87 maps of Greece by prefectures, 1944-45, British Army – Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Ionia, Peloponnesos.

    3rd drawer: 72 maps Crete – 29 maps Greece – 23 maps, 1943-45 6 maps of Albania, 1943-44, 3 British Army maps of Albania, US Army.

    4th drawer: 30+ maps U.S., British, Greek army maps, Greece, general – 7 maps, 24 special maps (roads, railroads, Greek Ministry of Social Welfare, sanitary situation, villages, refugees from Macedonia 1940-45, U.S. Mission for Observation of Greek Elections, etc.), Map of Athens.

    5th drawer: British Army -- Europe, Izmir and Crete regional maps – 22 maps – Euboea, Boeotia 1928, Corfu 1928 -- British Army, Athens town maps, 1944 – 2 U.S. Army maps of Europe, the Aegean, Grigoures, C. Altimetric map for Corfu to Athens, Turkey: Tsanak-Kalé pref. (Troy Area), 4 maps in the old Turkish script.

    6th drawer: U.S. Army -- Greece Military and aeronautical maps – 16 maps.

    7th drawer: Ecclesiastical maps of Greece, Greek Welfare Centers, To Vema, European Union, August 1993, Tourist Map, City Plan of Athens.

    8th drawer: TAVO Maps of Hadrian’s Wall, Turkey, Asia Minor and Black Sea areas (during Mithridates time); Ancient Near East and lands of the Bible, Roman Empire from Britain to the Arabian Gulf (Classical American Wall Map collection).

    9th drawer: 124 maps of Greece.

    10th drawer: 134 maps of Greece by site; Ancient Greece and the Aegean (Classical American Wall Map collection).

    Cabinet with 20th c. Greek maps.