We invite you to  submit a proposal to curate an exhibition in the DAAP Library related to the library's collection.

Cases and Spaces

Location: Inside DAAP Library by Mac Lab (2 tables)
Dimensions: 9” height, 46.24" length, 22.5” width

Location: Entryway of DAAP Library (4 cases)
Dimensions (varies): 15"-33" height, 28"-61" length, 15"-20.5" width

For specific measurements contact Cade Stevens.  

Location: Inside DAAP Library by circulation desk
Dimensions: 69” height, 109” shortest length (top) 114.5” longest length (bottom), 31.5" width

Location: Outside entrance of DAAP Library
Dimesnions: 111.5” height to ceiling 95.5” height to top of door, 142.75” length, 20.5" width


The DAAP Library has an active exhibition program that promotes art, design, and its rich collections. Our exhibits support and enhance the DAAP Library's role as the intellectual epicenter of the College of DAAP.

Exhibits will be developed in coordination with the Head of the DAAP Library to ensure that our exhibitions uphold the University of Cincinnati's commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and engagement. Items included in exhibits are objects of art, design, and selections from the DAAP Library collection.

DAAP Library exhibits are to be overseen and monitored by the curator(s)s and staff of the DAAP Library. The curator(s) will work in consultation with the Head of the DAAP Library to plan, develop, schedule install (& deinstall), and promote exhibits. Co-curating and collaboration with other units on campus, the community, and other institutions and people, is encouraged.

Any/all damage caused by installation and/or deinstallation will be corrected by the curator of the exhibition promptly upon deinstallation.

The DAAP Library does not develop or host exhibits with the sole or principal purpose of promoting agendas of organizations or to advocate for specific political, philosophical, or religious viewpoints.

You may propose that a traveling exhibition be mounted in the DAAP Library and/or you may wish to create a traveling exhibition, which may be loaned to other institutions partially or in their entirety. The intellectual property and content of such exhibitions cannot be modified. The Head of the DAAP Library will work with you and your collaborators to decide whether the DAAP Library will serve as the archive for traveling exhibitions produced in house or elsewhere.

Physical exhibitions hosted by the DAAP Library shall have complementary online component(s) as appropriate. All online material created for, or in conjunction with exhibitions shall be archived and publicly available in the University of Cincinnati Digital Repository.

All DAAP Library exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge. Exhibits are open during the same hours as the DAAP Library.

The Director of Communications, together with the Head of the DAAP Library will appropriately distribute images and credit lines for distribution and PR/press.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the above, contact Cade Stevens at or (513) 556-1321.