Flagellation of Christ by Catherina van Hemessen, 1556.

Flagellation of Christ by Catherina van Hemessen, 1556.

Creator: Dürer, Albrecht (creator); Date: 1511

Mass of Saint Gregory by Albrecht Durer, 1511

Rediscovering Catherina van Hemessen’s Flagellation of Christ:

Women as Artists, Patrons, and Rulers in Renaissance Europe

March 7 to April 8, 2024

Dave Eggers shower curtain

THE THING Quarterly: Issue 16 - Dave Eggers Shower Curtain
(case by circulation desk)
San Francisco, CA: THE THING, 2011/2012

The DAAP Library has all 34 issues of THE THING Quarterly in its collection. It is an artist run publication with each issue containing a useful object from different contributors. In our case next to the circulation desk issue (16) is on display by Dave Eggers, an American writer. The text, printed on a shower curtain, is a monologue from the perspective of Eggers’ own shower curtain.

Alexander Girald wooden dolls

The Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girald 
(entrance cases)
The Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard are a large family of wooden figures representing human and animal characters. Girard designed them in 1952 for his own use as decorative objects for his home. 

Miniature Chairs from the Vitra Museum

Miniatures Collection
(standing cases on first floor of library) For over two decades, the Vitra Design Museum has been making miniature replicas of milestones in furniture design from its collection. The Miniatures Collection encapsulates the entire history of industrial furniture design – moving from Historicism and Art Nouveau to the Bauhaus and New Objectivity, from Radical Design and Postmodernism all the way up to the present day.