About UC Clermont


The Clermont College Library supports the college's mission by connecting the community to quality resources that support research, teaching, and learning.


The Clermont College Library will be a welcoming campus hub for information, teaching, and learning that equips our college community for success. We will be inclusive leaders that empower our community to be collaborative, lifelong learners. 


In this library, we value...
  • Empowerment
    We cultivate student success and life-long learning through education in information literacy and critical thinking.
  • Community Focus
    We advocate for a user-centered and inclusive environment that builds a collaborative library. We provide access to resources that reflect intellectual freedom and respect privacy to ensure community trust.
  • Creativity
    We embrace experimentation and flexibility to reliably serve our community. We champion sustainable practices that anticipate needs and manage change through continuous improvement.
  • Stewardship
    We open access to information, technology, and learning with equity, preservation, and fiscal responsibility in mind. We maintain resources and build services for the college community.