Self-Checkout, Computer, iPads, Printer, Photocopier, Microform Reader


  • Located in the Circulation area. Users may check out circulating items to their personal accounts. Some "Library Use Only" items can be checked out to classics faculty and graduate sudents, but must be checked out by library staff. This applies also to items checked out to desks and offices.


  • 1.     Swipe your UC ID in the slot of the card reader with the magnetic strip facing outward to the right

  • Place the book on the scanner with the spine facing backwards and the barcode upwards. The scanner both desensitizes, hence the spine having to face the back or ridge of the scanner, and does the check-out with the wand or barcode handle to the right. If all went well, you will see the light on the scanner turning green and you will hear a thump which indicates that the item has been desensitized. You will also see the book title(s) appearing on the screen of the card reader.  
  • When you are finished checking out your items, touch “Finish” on the screen of the card reader. Even though it will time out by itself eventually, you don’t want a person who comes immediately after you to check out items with your ID info. still in the system.  You only have to swipe your ID once and then you can check out as many items as you need without having to swipe your card yet again. Another really nice feature is that when you touch “Finish” on the screen, a text comes up to verify that an email list of the items checked out has been sent to your email address.
  • You can also download the MeeScan app to your Smartphone to check out items; however, you will still need to desensitize the book(s) using the scanner.


There is currently one PC for public use in the Circulation area. It is to be used to look up call numbers in the library catalog and search databases. It is NOT to be used to download files. For that, please go to a computer lab. The closest computer lab is located in the CCM library right above the Classics library. Do NOT log in using your personal login information. The staff has already logged in, so the OPAC is ready to use. If there is a problem, please ask the staff at the Circulation desk for help. 

There are also iPads to look up call numbers on all three stack floors by the staff elevator along the east wall. 


  • A black & white copier is available in the Classics Library in the Circulation Desk area. The cost is 10 cents per copy using cash; 8 cents per copy using Bearcat Cards. In addition to 8 ½ x 11 and legal size copies, it is possible to make 11 x 17 copies.
  • The DAAP Library has a color copier. The cost is $1.00 per copy and you may not use cash. The copier requires a Bearcat Card.
  • A large format copier (copies up to 36 inches) is available in the Geology-Mathematics-Physics Library. The cost is $2.00 per copy.
  • Please refer to the "Hours" link under "About" on the horizontal top bar to confirm opening hours if you plan to use a copier in one of the other UCL Libraries.


  • A microform (film and fiche) is available on Stack level 6.
  • A scanner for public use is available in the CCM library above the Classics library.