Winkler Center Exhibits

Virtual Exhibits:

  • 25th General Hospital - During the summer of 1941, the U.S. Army invited the University of Cincinnati to organize the 25th General Hospital to serve as a major medical facility in the European war theater. This exhibit honors the men and women who served with this unit through films, oral histories, photographs, and artifacts displayed in this exhibit.
  • Reuben Dimond Mussey: Physician and Surgeon - This collection offers not only a full, in-depth view of medicine and surgery at the time but also reflects Dr. Mussey's forward–thinking ideas, worldly travels and important contributions to the community and the fields of surgery and medicine and represent a virtually intace 18th century medical library.
  • Albert B. Sabin - Dr. Albert Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine, donated his complete correspondence, laboratory materials, manuscripts, awards and medals to the University of Cincinnati.

Stanley J. Lucas, MD Board Room:

  • John Shaw Billings and the Medical College of Ohio: Shaping Twentieth Century Medicine (April 10 - July 1, 2014)
  • The Cantagalli Aporthecary Collection - A 109-piece set of ceramic jars, replicating a 15th-century apothecary shop, produced by the Cantagalli kiln in Florence, Italy, for the 1899 Paris International Exposition. These jars were on display in the classroom of physiology professor Dr. Martin Fischer. He donated his collection to the College of Medicine upon his retirement.
  • Mascagni plates from the "Most Splendid Anatomy Ever Published." - Mascagni's exquisite anatomy, said to be the largest medical hook ever produced, depicts the dissection from skin to skeleton of a human male about 6 feet tall. The entire body can be illustrated by placing three plates end-to-end.

Hauck Gallery:

  • University of Cincinnati's Lasker Award Winners: Elwood V. Jensen, Albert B. Sabin and Henry J. Hemilich