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The Data and Computational Science Series (DCS2) brings to the University of Cincinnati research and education community innovative workshops and distinguished speakers on advanced research data topics such as high performance computing, cloud computing, data visualization and analytics, research story-mapping, spatial analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This series is supported by the Office of the Provost Universal Providers Award for Faculty development to enhance the quality of faculty members’ engagement in teaching, research, service, & leadership.  
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Previous 2021 Events
Date Workshop Archive Materials
1/12/21 XSEDE HPC: OpenMP XSEDETraining
1/14/21 Intro to UC's Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Resources: HPC computing/analysis tools for Research & Education Slides: Intro to ARC 
Recording: Intro to ARC
1/19/21 Writing a Data Management Plan  
1/21/21 XSEDE: An Introduction to Singularity: Containers for Scientific and High-Performance Computing Singularity on Comet
1/22/21 Linux 101  Linux 101 slides
1/29/21 Introduction to Jetstream & Hands on Tutorial UC Jetstream Slides
2/2-3/21 XSEDE HPC: Big Data & Machine Learning XSEDETraining
2/10/21 ESRI's StoryMaps  
2/18/21 XSEDE: Performance Tuning and Single Processor Optimization Performance Tuning for Clusters
3/2/21 XSEDE HPC: GPU Programming Using OpenACC XSEDETraining
3/4/21 Open Access - Making Harmful Habits History Recording: Open Access
3/16/21 Using OpenRefine to Clean Your Data  
3/24/21 R Data Analysis Workshop  
3/31/21 Using R and a researcher ORCID profile to create resumes Recording: ORCID 
4/6-7/21 XSEDE HPC: Big Data & Machine Learning XSEDETraining
4/14/21 R Data Visualization Workshop  
5/4/21 Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum
5/4-5/21 XSEDE HPC: MPI  XSEDETraining
5/14/21 Using the Jetstream API: an Introduction Using the Jetstream APIs
5/27/21 Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum
6/2/21 Cleaning your data with OpenRefine  
6/8-11/21 XSEDE HPC: HPC Summer Boot Camp  
6/17-18/21 Workshop: Advanced Computing for Social Change Curriculum Development Curriculum
6/30/21 Writing a Data Management Plan  
7/28/21 Python Tools for Data Science Part 1Data Processing & Viz
Part 2
8/4-5/21 Workshop: Advanced Computing for Social Change Curriculum Development Curriculum
8/10-11/21  XSEDE HPC workshop: Big Data & Machine Learning XSEDETraining
8/18/21 Hands-On Introduction to Supercomputing at OSC  
8/31/21 Machine Actionable Data Management Plans And The Dmptool  
9/8/21  R Introduction Workshop  
9/14/21  ESRI’s StoryMaps  
SLURM Batch System  
9/15/21 Introduction to Models in R  
9/16/21  Writing a Successful XSEDE Allocation Proposal  
9/22/21 Series: R Introduction Workshop  
9/22/21 Intro to ICPSR - Datasets, Repository, More.  
9/23/21 The Qualified Data Repository - What it is and How You Can Use It!  
9/29/21 Series: R Intermediate Workshop  
9/29/21 Lunch and Learn Series 1 : Did you know...Getting to know Research Computing & Research and Data Services Lunch and Learn Recording
9/30/21 Writing a Good Data Management Plan  
10/5-6/21 XSEDE HPC Workshop: BIG DATA and Machine Learning  
10/6/21 Series: R Advanced Workshop  
10/6/21 Introduction to Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum: Agent-based Modeling  
10/14/21 Lunch and Learn Series 2: Did you know...Working with Data  

Amy Koshoffer, Assistant Director of Research & Data Services | UC Libraries

Amy Latessa, PhD, Mgr Special Projects & Programs, Research Computing and Data | Office of Research

Jane E. Combs, Associate Director, Research Computing and Data | Office of Research 

Ted Baldwin, Associate Sr. Librarian CEAS Library | UC Libraries