Related Regional Libraries

Founded in 1881, the Mary R. Schiff Library has an extensive collection of over 100,000 items, which covers six thousand years of art and art history.  The collection includes books, periodicals, clipping files and online databases.  The library has a unique assortment of materials on Cincinnati art and artists, a broad range of auction houses catalogs starting from the 1900s, and an exclusive collection of reference materials.  The Cincinnati Art Museum Archives houses records of the Art Museum dating from 1875 to present, and records of the Art Academy of Cincinnati from 1868 to 1998.  While a significant portion of the library remains uncataloged, the cataloged materials may be discovered via the University of Cincinnati Library Catalog.  Contact the Head of the CAM Library, Galina Lewandowicz or Elizabeth Meyer.

The University of Cincinnati Libraries hosts the catalog of the Lloyd Library and Museum, through an agreement.  The Lloyd Library provides access to both historic and current books and journals, as well as archival materials, on a wide variety of disciplines of interest to the DAAP community including (but not limited to) natural history, botany, and the visual arts.  Contact the Lloyd Library staff.

The University of Cincinnati Libraries hosts the catalog of the Mercantile Library, through an agreement.  The Mercantile Library collection is general, with special strengths in books pertaining to Cincinnati and Ohio.  Contact the Mercantile Library staff.