Scholar@UC is a digital repository that enables the University of Cincinnati community to share its research and scholarly work with a worldwide audience. Faculty and staff can use Scholar@UC to collect their work in one location and create a durable and citeable record of their papers, presentations, publications, datasets, or other scholarly creations. Students, through a process working with a faculty advisor, may contribute honors and capstone projects and other scholarly significant work.

The mission of Scholar@UC is to preserve the permanent intellectual output of UC, to advance discovery and innovation, to foster scholarship and learning through the transformation of data into knowledge, to collect a corpus of works that can be used for teaching and to inspire derivative works, and to enhance discoverability and access to these resources. Regular updates about Scholar@UC can be found on ScholarBlog: the blog for Scholar@UC. For additional information, please contact the Scholar@UC team.

Journals@UC is a platform for journal publishing with management tools that support and help to automate the publishing process for journals. Journals@UC can also provide long-term storage and online access to published journal content. Online, open access journals are encouraged, but not required for participation. If you are a member of the University of Cincinnati community and are interested in using Journals@UC for publishing a new or established journal, contact the Journals@UC Team.

The DRC is a DSpace repository that enables UC to save, discover and share the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by the University.

Luna is an image and media repository that highlights the unique visual collections of the UC community.

Additional digital collections may be found on the UCL Digital Collections webpage. Some collections are not available in a repository.