Stanley J. Lucas Board Room Usage Guidelines

The purpose of the Stanley J. Lucas Board Room is to provide an attractive, convenient, and comfortable environment for members of the UC community to hold meetings, seminars, and receptions in accordance with the mission of the University.


The room can be used by any group which is sponsored by a UC faculty or staff member and must be used for cultural or educational purposes.


The hours of availability are 8-5 Monday through Friday. The Lucas Room follows the closure schedule for the main campus of the University of Cincinnati (Including closures for inclement weather). Please bear this in mind when scheduling any events in the Lucas Room, especially between December and March.

  • Schedule - The Board Room can be scheduled by calling 558-5120. You may also e-mail The Lucas Room can be booked for events up to one year in advance.
  • Reservation Form - A reservation form must be filled out by potential users.
  • Written Confirmation - The requestor will receive a wriiten confirmation of the request. Do not assume that the room is scheduled unless you receive this confirmation.
  • Cancellation - If you need to cancel your reservation, please contact the Center (513.558.5120) as much in advance as possible. Since the Center is available by appointment only, staff must be specifically scheduled to be in the area when the Lucas Room is being used.
  • A Winkler Center Staff member must be present in the Center's suite during the meeting.
  • The space outside of the Center (space E099) - This space is often used in conjunction with the Lucas Room for an extended reception or registration area, or for caterers. Scheduling that space is the responsibility of the user and it must be scheduled separately. To schedule E099 please call 513.558.7391.

AV Equipment & Supplies

Equipment in the room includes a computer, projector, screen, DVD/VHS Player, hook-ups to connect user's laptop to the projector, and a conference telephone/Polycom.

  • It is suggested that the connection be tested in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Using a MAC? A special adapter will be needed! Please discuss this with the staff when you reserve the space.
  • Additional equipment or assistance must be requested through the University of Cincinnati Libraries AV service, by calling 513.558.4173.
  • Persons wanting to use the space must review the hookups and other AV equipment in advance. Staff in the area are not available to assist the users with the equipment at the time of the event unless previously scheduled. Do you have a UC user ID (6+2)? If not, please notify the staff when you reserve the space.
  • Telephone service - Conference Calling is available in the Lucas Room. Use of this service should be arranged in advance with the staff to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  • Please do not ask to use the telephone of the staff in the Center. Staff will gladly direct users to the paging phone booth in the library, just a few steps away.
  • Supplies - Groups or individuals must provide their own supplies, such as paper, pencils and markers.
  • Photocopiers or printers are not available in the Winkler Center, but are available for your convenience in the Health Sciences Library
  • Easels can be reserved through the HSL Circulation desk by the user. User is responsible for picking them up and returning them.
  • Cell phones - It is suggested that Lucas Room users who need to use their cellphones, do so in the area outside of the Center (beyond the glass double doors).
  • During the meeting the door to the Lucas Room should be closed.

Food & Drink

Food and drink is permitted - in accordance with University policy. In general, the food is limited to refreshments and box lunches. It is generally impractical for food to be served to groups larger than 18 (the number that can fit around the table).

  • All arrangements for food or drink must be discussed with Center staff in advance
  • Any additional catering must be facilitated outside of the Lucas Room and space must be scheduled (see Scheduling above).  
  • The room must be cleaaned up within 30 minutes of the end of the scheduled session. Thirty mintues will be added to the beginning and end of the scheduled session to accommodate set-up and cleanup. Cleanup includes the removal of all trash (including emptying the trash cans).

Room Arrangement & General Use

  • Loss or Damage - User/Organization is responsible for any loss or damage to equipment and facilities.
  • Posting of signs to doors or walls is prohibited.
  • The capacity for the room, (49 persons) as determined by the Fire Marshall, will be observed at all times.
  • The user is responsible for ordering tables, easels and extra trash cans.
  • Furniture arrangement - The primary arrangement in the Lucas Room is a board table with 18 chairs and an additional 18 chairs are located to the left of the board table. If more chairs are needed, the organization contact person needs to inform staff at the time of the request.
  • Nothing may be affixed or mounted in any way to the walls of the meeting room
  • Entrance - Meeting attendees must enter and exit the facility through the front doors of the CHHP.