Poster Printing

Poster printing services are no longer available at the CECH Library. 

Other UC poster printing resources include:

Creating a Poster in PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint is the easiest way to create a UC-branded poster with minimal formattting work. You can use PowerPoint on a PC or Mac, but switching between versions can result in the loss of some formatting fidelity.
  • Begin by choosing a UC-branded PowerPoint template
  • Change the slide size to that of your desired poster dimensions, such as 36 x 48 inches. Default PowerPoint slide sizes are much smaller than typical posters -- 13..333 x 7.5 inches (widescreen) or 10 x 7.5 inches (standard). See How to Resize a PowerPoint Slide for more help
  • Add your content and edit as needed. When complete, save/print as a PDF.
Poster Printing Sizes & Templates
Size Pre-Sized Templates
18 x 24 inches UC White | UC Red | Blank
20 x 36 inches UC White | UC Red | Blank
36 x 48 inches UC White | UC Red | Blank
41.5 x 48 inches UC White | UC Red | Blank