Poster Printing

Academic poster printing is available in the CECH Library. See below for poster printing basics, how to create a poster using Microsoft PowerPoint, cost per poster size, pre-sized templates, payment information, and more.

Poster Printing Basics

  • Create your poster using PowerPoint or any design software you are comfortable using such as Adobe InDesign. 
  • Resize the PowerPoint slide or design canvas prior to adding content. See below for poster sizes, pre-sized templates, and printing costs. How to Resize a PowerPoint Slide
  • Add your content and edit as needed. When complete, save/print as a PDF.
  • Email poster PDF, sizing requirements, and desired pick-up date to
  • Poster printing turnaround time is approximately 2 business days.

Creating a Poster in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the easiest way to create a UC-branded poster with minimal formattting work. You can use PowerPoint on a PC or Mac, but switching between versions can result in the loss of some formatting fidelity.

  • Begin by choosing a UC-branded PowerPoint template, or use one of the pre-sized templates below.
  • Change the slide size to that of your desired poster dimensions, such as 36 x 48 inches. Default PowerPoint slide sizes are much smaller than typical posters -- 13..333 x 7.5 inches (widescreen) or 10 x 7.5 inches (standard).
  • Add your content and edit as needed. When complete, save/print as a PDF.
Poster Printing Costs, Sizes & Templates
Size Cost Pre-Sized Templates
18 x 24 inches $12 UC White | UC Red | Blank
20 x 36 inches $21 UC White | UC Red | Blank
36 x 48 inches $51 UC White | UC Red | Blank
41.5 x 48 inches $59 UC White | UC Red | Blank

Custom Poster Sizes

  • Custom-sized posters are $0.03 per square inch.
  • To calculate cost per square inch, first multiply the poster height by the poster width. Next, multiply that total by 0.03. For example: 30 x 40 inches = 1,200 square inches. 1,200 square inches x $0.03 = $36 printing cost.
  • The maximum size for posters is 41.5 x 48 inches.
  • Payment is required at the time the poster is ordered.
  • For UC Students: We accept Bearcat Card/Student ID as payment. Instructions on adding funds to your Bearcat Card are available.
  • For UC Faculty and Staff: We accept Bearcat Card/ID or NIU Transfer of Funds form as payment. We cannont accept grant funds (account numbers that start with a "G") as payment.
  • For Non-UC Community Members: If you are not a UC student, faculty or staff and do not have a Bearcat Card, visitor pass cards can be purchased in the Mainstreet Connection Center in Tangeman University Center, Level 3 (513-556-2000). Funds must be added to the visitor pass card prior to using for payment.

Once the page is printed and there are no mechanical errors or defects caused by CECH Library staff, prompt payment is expected and there are no refunds. All sales are final.

  • The CECH Library is not responsible for user errors in page design, page set-up, or omission of text.
  • The patron/customer is not responsible for equipment errors, malfunctions, or any input errors made by CECH Library staff.