Lissa Kramer

2007-2008 Internship Project

[Photo of Lissa]Lissa Kramer, a journalism major at the University of Cincinnati, is the 2007-2008 intern in the Archives & Rare Books Library. The ARB internship was established to provide both an educational opportunity in primary sources and to create finding aids and exhibits for select collections.

Ms. Kramer’s project is on Clifton Magazine, the University of Cincinnati’s award-winning student publication which existed from 1972 to 1994. Consisting of fiction, poetry, essays, investigative articles, and photography,Clifton exhibited the best of student journalism talent, and is noteworthy for the era it covered, with its dramatic changes in race relations, social concerns, urban renewal, and campus issues.

Ms. Kramer indexed the run of the magazine for titles, authors, and subjects, and prepared a permanent web exhibit that illustrates each issue cover and contains the indices.

[Image from Clifton Magazine]Her work on Clifton Magazine complements an earlier project of the Archives & Rare Books Library, along with the Digital Projects Department, which digitized the student News Record from 1960 through 1970, thus providing a look at UC student journalism for almost four decades.