Christina Cooper

2008-2009 Internship Project

[Insert image of Christina] The 2008-2009 intern for the Archives & Rare Books Library is Ms. Christina Cooper, a former student assistant in ARB when she was enrolled at the University of Cincinnati in the Honors Scholars Program. Currently, Ms. Cooper is attending Northern Kentucky University where she is majoring in Integrative Studies, focusing in geography, creative writing, japanese, and photography. Experienced in working with archival materials and rare books, and in designing web exhibits, she will be fully processing our holdings of the Cincinnati Park Board, a rich body of materials dating to the 19th century and including studies, reports, drawings, photographs, scrapbooks, and administrative records.

In what will be a complete and useable guide, the Park Board materials will be useful for research by students and scholars interested in such things as urban planning and history, political science and local government, social and cultural history, and landscape architecture. The final project will be a fully-searchable EAD collection, narrative, and accompanying online exhibit.

[Insert image] Constructing barless cages at the Zoo, 1934, from the Cincinnati Park Board records

[Insert image] Eden Park Bandstand, 1935, from the Cincinnati Park Board records