News Record Digitization Project

Through the generosity of the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association, the University Libraries received funding through the MasterCard Grant program to digitize the UC student News Record from 1961 through 1970. The project was a collaboration between the Libraries' Digital Projects Department and the Archives & Rare Books Library.

The student newspaper at the University of Cincinnati traces its origin to a news magazine called Belatrasco, first published in February 1880. In 1894, the newspaper changed its name to The Cincinnati Student. And just a year later in 1895, as the university moved to a new campus in Burnet Woods, the name was changed again to The Burnet Woods Echo. Other name changes came about in 1902 (The University Weekly News), and in 1922 (The Cincinnati Bearcat). The current title of The News Record was introduced in 1936.

For this digitization project, the years 1960 through 1970 were chosen because they represent an era of great accomplishment and change at the University of Cincinnati: back-to-back NCAA basketball championships; construction of new buildings; the rise of the branch campuses, the addition of such colleges as the College-Conservatory of Music and the College of Applied Science; the drive toward state status for the university; and the educational, social, and political upheavals in America represented by the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.

Copies of all student newspapers, along with student literary publications such as The McMicken Review, Profile, Clifton, and several others are available in the Archives & Rare Books Library.

Digital Copies of the News Record are available in the libraries' Digital Repository

To view the catalog entry for hardcopy issues of The News Record, go to the libraries' catalog UCLID

Current issues of The News Record are published on The News Record's website.