Hier Collection

Carolina Christmas

Suite for chamber orchestra (2 fl.. 2 ob., 2 clar., 2 bsn.,4 hnn., strings)
Movements: 1. Cousin Callie's Garden. 2. A tramp to Holly Ledge. 3. Mocking birds at Johnson's Pond. 4. Twilight on the plantation.

  • Ms. score, ink over pencil. Some performance markings. Stamped "American Composers Alliance Library."

Carolina Christmas

Suite for string quartet.
Movements: 1. Cousin Calley's garden 2. A tramp to Holley Hedge 3. Mocking birds at Johnson's Pond 4. Twilight on the plantation.

  • Ms. score and parts (ink).


[Chorèograph, Chorèographe]. Called variously "Poem for full orchestra", "Ballet for orchestra," "Ballet for small orchestra"

  • Ms. score (ink), dated September, 1933.
  • Ms. score (ink), undated.
  • Ms. score (ink), undated.
  • Ms. score (ink), containing performance markings.
  • Facsimile of ms score.
  • Parts.

The lonely cabin

Songs voice and string quartet (text by Herbert Gorman).

  • Ms. score and parts (ink).

Mountain preach

Cantata for bar. solo, SATB chorus, orchestra (2 fl., 2 ob., 2 clar., 2 bsn., 2 hn., 2 trpt., 2 trb., gong, hrp., strings).
Movements: 1. Death on the mountain. 2. When the dulcimers are gone. 3. Journey beyond the hills. 4. Graveyard. 5. Epitaph for Ira Combs, mountain preacher.

  • Facsimile of ms. score, spiral bound, stamped "American Composers Alliance Library."
  • When the dulcimers are gone (text by James Still)
    Ms. score (ink), arrangement for bar. solo (or A and S split), SAA chorus, piano.

Quintet for voice and four instruments

Final version for voice, fl. or vln., vla.,vc., hrp. or pno.
Movements: 1. Approach. 2. Swans. 3. To Gulls wading.

  1. Approach (text: Frances Frost)
    • Ms. (ink) arrangement for voice [med.] and piano, with pencilled corrections and German text pencilled in above vocal line; score marked "correct--first setting."
    • Ms. (ink) with corrections from the above-cited version plus other changes incorporated; also marked "Correct-- first setting."
  2. Swans (text: Leonora Speyer) for voice, fl., vla., hrp.
    • Ms. score (ink) with many pencilled corrections in above vocal line; cello part pencilled in. On cover: "Keep / old copy without cello." Ms. parts for fl. amd vla. only on reverse side of comparable parts in "To gulls wading"; parts marked "first copy," in pencil.
    • Ms. score (ink) arranged for voice and piano (piano part on 3 staves), with performance markings.
  3. To gulls wading (text: Leonora Speyer) for voice, fl. or vln., vla., vc., hrp. or pno.
    • Ms. score (ink) with some pencilled performance markings. Ms. parts (ink) for fl. and vla. only; comparable parts for "Swans" on reverse sides of leaves.

Rhapsody for violin and piano

  • Facsimile of ms. score and violin part, with some pencilled changes. Vln. part marked "Edwin Ideler."

Scherzo for small orchestra

For fl., ob., clar., bsn., 2 hn., timp, and strings.

  • Ms. score (ink).

Scherzo for trio

For vln., vc., and pno.

  • Ms.score (ink) and parts.
  • Ms. score (ink) with middle section barred but not copied in; no parts.
  • Ms. score (ink) with some pencilled changes and performance markings; composer named as "Glenn Hier."
  • Extra violin part.

Suite for chamber ensemble

For fl., ob., vln., vla., vc., pno.
Movements: 1. The night wind. 2. Caprice. 3. Intermezzo. 4. Dance.

  • Ms. score (ink) and parts, with performance markings; composer named as "Glenn Hier."
  • Ms. score (ink) with some pencilled changes; name "Ethel" in different ink place before "Glenn Hier" on title page and at head of score. First mov't entitled "The night wind sings."
  • Facsimile score, titled "Suite for sextet" on title page.
  • Extra flute and violin parts.

Then shall I know

Cantata for bar. (or 2nd A) solo, SATB chorus, organ (text: I Cor. 13:12; John 14:1-4)

  • Ms. score (ink), large format.
  • Ms. score (ink), copied into bound music copybook, with performance markings; some loose pages; portions not inked over.
  • Glorified sketch, large format; evidence of many corrections; plus some pages taken out after corrections were made.
  • Facsimile of pp.12-19, 13-29 of 2 different scores; some pages once bound in spiral.
  • Transparencies (ink) for choral parts; one reproduction of this version.
  • Facsimile of ms. full score.
  • Two copies of a ms. facsimile issued by Composers Facsimile Editions, copyright 1952.
  • Article "Symphonic aspects of hymn tunes" by marion Rous, torn out of an issue of Music Clubs Magazine.
  • Transparencies (ink) for full score.
  • Transparencies (ink) for pp. 13-end of uncut version (according to paper clipped to them; however, this version has only 468 measures, while the other set of transparencies has 534).
  • Hand-written text.

Three memorial sonnets

For high voice, vln., vc., pno. Meant as a continuous cycle.
Movements: 1. No, no we will not say unhappy things. 2. I have known those who were sweethearts. 3. Let not June come.
Texts by Eloise Robinson.

Ms. score (ink) headed "for high voice, violin, cello and piano" but arranged for voice and piano.
Ms. parts (ink) for complete cycle:

three sets.
extra violin part.
violin part with voice pencilled below.
voice part with violin and piano parts above.

 1.    No, no we will not say unhappy things

Ms. piano-vocal score (ink), dated Aug., 1927.
Ms. score of separate song, marked "(Choice part) for mezzo" but in same key as others.
Ms. score (ink), marked "For high voice, vln, cello, pno, correct," of song as part of cycle.
Two sets of ms. parts for the instruments.
Ms. score (ink) with pencilled corrections and performance markings; song plus following instrumental interlude and "I have known..."
Ms. score (ink and pencil) with numerous changes jotted or patched in; incomplete violin part; score marked "choice part"
Ms. score (ink) with some pencil markings.
Ms. score (ink)

        2.    I have known those who were sweethearts

Ms. score (ink) of song as part of cycle; pencilled notations re-changes to be made; interlude to next song.

3.    Let not June come

Facsimile of ms score with not, "1/2 step down"; song as part of cycle.
Ms. score (ink)
Two negative facsimiles of another ms. score, slightly different for "b" (song as separate from cycle); Ms. vln and v, parts.
Ms. score (ink) headed "three memorial sonnets (c)"
Ms. score.
Ms score with pasted and pencilled corrections.
Vln part with voice part written below.
Piano-vocal score.
One set of parts.

Three pieces for orchestra

(Three orchestral pieces) for picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, 2 clar, 2 bsn, 4 hn, 2 trpt, 3 trb, tuba, celeste, glock, misc. perc., [pno, hrp], strings.
Movements: 1. Foreboding 2. Asolo bells 3. Badinage.

  • Facsimiles of ms. parts, with some performance markings (parts for pno and hrp missing).
  • Full score--New York: composers Press, 1954; inside the cover, composer's hand-written and typed notes on "Asolo bells."
  • Facsimiles of ms. parts for trumpets from "Asolo bells," with inked corrections.
  • Facsimiles of ms. parts for "Aslo bells."
  • Ms. transparencies of full score, with corrections in pencil and ink, for "Asolo bells."
  • Ms. transparencies for orchestral parts for all three pieces; pno and hrp parts included.