Urban Studies Finding Aids

Following are brief descriptions of some of ARB's Urban Studies holdings. Please contact the Archives and Rare Books Library for information on additional collections.

A list of our online Urban Studies finding aids is also available on our archives catalog.  Pdf copies of finding aids listed below are available by contacting the Archives and Rare Books Library at

Please note:  Many collections are stored off-site. Please make requests at least two weeks in advance of your visit.

Action Housing for Greater Cincinnati.
Records, 1960s-1970s, including financial records and general files.
18.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-74-07

Albers, Lawrence F. and George J. Albers Collection of Strobridge Lithography Company Calendar Cards.
114 monthly calendar cards, 1897-1916.
.25 linear feet
Finding aid available in ARB for accession number: US-07-01.
Online Exhibit

American Civil Liberties Union. Cincinnati Chapter.
Records, 1961-1986, including minutes, financial information, articles, newsletters, office files, organizational material and publications.
47.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-75-16, US-86-20, US-89-3.
PDF copy of finding aid available by contacting ARB for the accession numbers: US-74-01

Bernstein, Melville.
Papers, 1932-1986, including correspondence, photographs and articles of a graphic design artist.
1.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-89-6.

Berry, Theodore M. Papers.
Papers, 1904-2000, including correspondence, photographs, news clippings, reports, studies, and minutes of meetings.
281 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-93-03 and US-00-01.

Bethany Mission.
Books - Select Notes on the International S.S. Lessons , 1887-1902, with membership annotations.
1.25 lin. ft.
PDF copy of finding aid available by contacting ARB for US-01-01

Better Housing League.
Records, 1925-1996, including minutes, brochures, studies, reports, correspondence and subject files of a Cincinnati, Ohio housing rights and improvement organization.
66.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-02-07 and US-02-09
PDF copies of finding aids available by contacting ARB for accession numbers: US-75-18, US-75-19, US-87-1, US-89-2, US-93-8, US-95-1, US-95-3, US-96-4.

Bettman, Alfred.
Papers, 1910-1945, including reports, correspondence, and articles of a Cincinnati attorney and urban planning authority.
21.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-69-01.

Bettman, Gilbert.
Papers, 1881-1942, including scrapbooks, briefs, personal and business correspondence, speeches, and news releases of a Ohio Attorney General and Ohio Supreme Court Judge.
27.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aids.: US-71-01, US-80-15.

Bettman Gilbert, Jr.
Papers, 1902-2000, including correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks, photographs, and some of Bettman’s high school and college records.
6.2 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-01-11, US-05-06.

Blackwell, J. Kenneth
Papers, 1976-1998, including correspondence, reports, studies, and news articles.
25.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-96-05, US -97-02 and US-99-15  

Burger Brewing Company.
Records, 1940-65, including batch records of a Cincinnati, Ohio brewery.
9.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid.: US-94-07

Bush, Myron. Papers.
Records, ca. 1963-1978, relating to Bush's involvement, through City Council, with Cincinnati community planning and action.
14.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-84-01.

Census Tract Data Center.
Records, 1930s, including census material, related to the tri-state area of Cincinnati, with a special emphasis on the city.
15.00 lin. ft.
PDF Finding aid available by contacting ARB for accession number: US-72-4.

Center for Peace Education
Records, 1979-2009, including information, materials and media from educational programs, workshops, seminars, training sessions, fundraising, anniversary celebrations, internal office files (budgetary, general employee information), as well as publications, newsletters, and informational videos.
44.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-10-01.

Central America Task Force
Records, 1981-2001, including newsletters, bylaws, a history and summary of activities, and financial information.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-06-01.

Cincinnati AFL-CIO Union Central Labor Council.
Records, 1886-1968, including minutes, labor newspapers, account books, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous materials. The collection documents the histories of the Central Labor Union (1886-1889), the Central Labor Council - AFL (1889-1960), the Greater Cincinnati Industrial Council - CIO (1944-1952), and the AFL-CIO Labor Council (1960-1968).
13.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-77-9.

Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council Collection of The Chronicle
10 issues of The Chronicle newspaper dated from 1962-1968
1.1 lin. ft
Finding Aid: US-82-01.

Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council Collection of The CIO News
Two volumes of the national labor newspaper, 1948-1951
0.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-82-02.

Cincinnati Artists Group Effort.
Records, 1985-1995, including art works, correspondence, financial and planning records, of a Cincinnati, Ohio fine arts advocacy group.
22 lin. ft.
Finding Aids Available: US-92-12, US-94-12, US-11-04.

Cincinnati Ballet
Records including production materials, such as photographs and posters of performances, costume and set designs, as well as publicity and pamphlets regarding the ballet's events and productions. The collection also contains information about the ballet's publications, visiting artists, performance tours, and trustees.
22.87 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-10-03, US-12-07, US-16-02, US-19-03, US-20-02

Cincinnati Barbers' Union. Local #49.
Records including photographs from events and conferences, by-laws of Local 49 and other barbers' unions, convention and meeting minutes, and ephemera such as membership cards, plaques, and seals.
5.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-77-10, US-86-15.

Cincinnati Book Arts Society
Records, 1998-2013, of a nonprofit organization comprised of professionals and amateurs from the book, paper and printing arts. Included in the collection are board meeting minutes, materials from the Bookworks events, documentation of other annual events, and membership rosters.
1.67 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-14-04

Cincinnati Butcher's Supply Company
Catalogs and photographs, 1915-1923, consists of catalogs for the Cincinnati Butchers Supply Company, a panoramic photograph of the Institute of American Meat Packers taken in 1923, and some miscellaneous material.
5.66 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-12-05

Cincinnati Community Development Advisory Council.
Records, 1975-1978, including minutes, memoranda, and correspondence.
3.75 lin. ft.
PDF Finding aid available by contacting ARB for accession number: US-79-8.

Cincinnati Human Relations Commission.
Records, 1948-1973, including reports, minutes, files and studies on housing, employment, schools and education. Originally called the Mayor's Friendly Relations Committee.
32.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid Available online.

Cincinnati Men's Chorus
Records, 1991-2008, including posters, programs, newsletters, clippings, correspondence, photographs, budget information, and membership data. VHS video tapes, cassette tapes, and photographs of chorus programs are contained in the collection, along with festival programs and membership information for the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses'€™ (GALA).
12.9 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-08-03, US-20-03

Cincinnati Printing Pressmen and Allied Workers Union. Locals #11 and #17.
Records, 1900-1937, including minutes and day books.
2.50 lin. ft.
Finding aid available in ARB for accession number: US-76-05.

Cincinnati Regional Joint Board and Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union. Local #1495.
Records, including minutes, grievance committee files, mutual aid claims, grievance awards, seniority lists, agreements, constitutions, and correspondence.
5.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid available in ARB for accession number: US-78-04.

Cincinnati Theater.
Scrapbooks, 1903-1926, of articles and playbills related to plays, playwrights, actors and actresses who appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio.
2.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-89-04.

Cincinnati Zoo - William A. Hopple papers
Records, 1960-1979, including correspondence, financial reports, minutes, publications and architectural drawings.
5.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid.: US-87-10.

Citizen's Forum on Self-government / National Municipal League
Proportional representation materials, ca.1893-1940.
6.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-86-03

Chase Bank of Ohio
Records, 1886-1973, of predecessor institutions of Chase Bank of Ohio.
20 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-86-04

Clifton Town Meeting.
Records, 1963-2007, including minutes, bulletins, neighborhood crime data, correspondence, financial records, slides, photographs and blueprints of a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood council organization.
26.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid Available in ARB: US-77-07, US-82-07, US-83-03, US-86-05, US-88-18, US-90-05, US-93-11, US-93-12, US-94-6, US-99-2 and US-01-30  

Coalition of Neighborhoods
Records of a non-profit coalition of 6 economically and racially integrated communities in Cincinnati.
82.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-07-02

Cobbe, Thomas. Composer Portrait Collection.
Black and white ink drawings of composers and musicians, created by Miami University professor Dr. Thomas Cobbe.
8.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-05-01

Contemporary Arts Center.
Records, 1939-2000, including correspondence, financial records, membership files, exhibition files and catalogs, artists information, photographs and slides of a Cincinnati, Ohio modern art gallery.
220.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-85-11, US-87-11, US-01-16
Additional finding aids available in ARB

Cooperative Fiscal Services of Cincinnati.
Records, 1987-1997, including photographs and booklets pertaining to the Cooperative Fiscal Services of Cincinnati.
2.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-98-12

Dale Warland Singers Archive
Records of the choral group, including correspondence, board minutes, biographical files, performance and repertoire records, grant applications and financial records, publicity and marketing materials, newsclippings, reviews, and concert programs, 1971-2004. Bank records from 1994-2005, recording and general records from 1982-2004, and photographs and slides from 1973-2004.
28.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aids:.US-04-06, US-09-03.
More information about the collection is available on our Dale Warland Singers page

Davidson, G. Methodist Hymnbook Collection

Hymnbooks, 1830-1965.
5.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid Available in ARB: US-07-08

Distillery, Rectifying and Wine Workers International Union of America. Local 32.
Records, 1941-1970, including minutes, financial reports, correspondence, contracts, negotiattions, and miscellaneous records.
8.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-80-17

Dolbey, Dorothy Nichols.
Papers, 1940-1973, including files on religious, civic and political committees, and speeches of a Cincinnati civic activist and politician.
7.00 lin.ft.
Finding Aids: US-75-15, US-76-4A, US-76-4B.

Dry Dredgers.

Records, 1985-1995, including newsletters, files and correspondence of a Cincinnati, Ohio amateur geology society.
2 .25 lin.ft.
Finding Aid: US-96-02, US-04-07, US-14-03

Enoch Carson Shakespeariana Collection
Illustrations from editions of Shakespeare's works, along with pamphlets, clippings, excerpts, criticism, almanacs, and various souvenirs on Shakespeare collected by Enoch T. Carson. A large portion of the collection concentrates on editions of Shakespeare edited by Charles Knight.
1.42 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-09-04.

Ford, Michael.
Papers, 1969-1979, including campaign working files, correspondence, reports, resumes and articles of a Cincinnati political consultant.
2.50 lin.ft.
Finding Aid.: US-79-14.

Fleischman, John
Papers, 1942-2006, includes books and papers of John Fleischman, a writer for various maganizines. It contains his own personal notes on Troy, as well as various books related to the subject. The collection also holds his pictures, both printed photographs and color slides.
1.1 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-13-03

Friends of Findlay Market.
Records, 1974-1986, including by-laws, committee lists, correspondence, flyers and pamphlets of a Cincinnati, Ohio public produce market.
.5 lin. ft.
Finding aid avaiilable in ARB for accession number: US-88-4.

Gerhardstein, Al
Papers, 1973-2013
Material produced during Al Gerhardstein's career in civil rights litigation and advocacy, with focuses in reproductive rights, prisoner's rights, policing, employment discrimination, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights.
235 linear feet
Finding Aid:  US-21-02

Glaziers and Glass Workers Union. Local #387.
Records, 1913-1971, including minutes, dues books, agreements, and wage rates.
0.50 lin. ft.
Finding aid available in ARB for accession number: US-79-11.

Glenn, Jerry. Collection of Paul Celan Material.
The research collection of Professor Jerry Glenn, Dept. of German Studies, on Paul Celan, 20th Century German Poet. Articles, rare dissertations, translations into English and a few other languages.
12.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-03-02

Gleser, Goldine C.
Papers, notes, and correspondence, 1950-1980
3.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-99-23.

Goldman, Robert
Proportional Representation Collection, 1925-1964, including correspondence, newspaper clippings and assorted printed matter dealing with the activities of Robert P. Goldman, Cincinnati attorney for proportional represenation, on behalf of the Cincinnati Charter Committee.
4.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-72-02

Gong, Alfred
The literary estate of the German-American author, Alfred Gong.
10 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-90-03.

Hamilton County, Ohio. Courthouse.
Architectural plans, 1914-1918, of the construction of the courthouse.
3.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid available by contacting ARB: US-00-11.

Harline, Leigh. Papers.
Papers, including conductor's scores for various films, radio and compositions, 1938-1958.
9 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-86-22

Historic American Buildings Survey.
Survey of Philip Munrath House, Sedamsville River Road Historic District, and William Dornbusch Property. Text and photographs for each location in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid Available in ARB: US-03-03

Hoffmann, Nelson and Florence Cincinnati Postcard Collection
The collection consists of research folders of Nelson Hoffman and over 1,600 postcards aquired by Nelson Hoffmann over several decades, documenting Cincinnati's history and culture from the late 1800s through the late 1900s.
8.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-12-03
Detailed pdf finding aid available in ARB

Housing Opportunities Made Equal.
Records, 1960-1990, including correspondence, reports, studies and files, of a Cincinnati, Ohio fair housing advocacy organization.
180.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-04-01, US-10-04
Finding Aids available in ARB for the following accession numbers: US-82-05, US-87-2, US-87-3, US-87-15, US-88-3, US-88-5, US-92-07, US-92-08, US-92-09, US-99-21, US-99-25, US-01-10.

Independent Voters of Ohio/Americans for Democratic Action. Cincinnati Chapter.
Records, 1968-1983, including files, minutes, correspondence, membership records, and material on political candidates.
5.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-77-01, US-88-01

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union. District #34.
Records, 1930s-1970s, of Lodge #729, including minutes, dues books, cash books, correspondence, and company folders.
55.00 lin. ft.
Finding aid available in ARB

International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers Union. Local #49.
Records, 1929-1969, including minute books and membership book.
.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid available in ARB for accession number: US-78-10.

International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades Union. Local #308.
Records, 1902-1967, including minutes, quarterly financial reports, roll call books, a defense fund ledger, and miscellaneous material from Local #308. The collection also includes records of District Council #12 including minutes, by-laws, reports, and a Strike Assessment Fund Report (1940).
4 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-78-09.

International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers. Local #757.
Records, 1947-1979, including minutes, agreements, resolutions, constitutions, shop committee records, and IUE Local 757 News.
1.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid available in ARB for accession number: US-79-12.

Judd, Charles M.
Papers, 1950-1989, including articles, files, reports and studies of a Cincinnati, Ohio political and social activist.
2.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-90-01.

Kennedy Heights Community Council
Records, 1951-2007, that document the activities of the Kennedy Heights Community Council and its affiliated organizations.
Finding Aid: US-14-01

Lach, D. Gerald
Papers, 1923-1978, on ministry and community activism including newsclippings, resumes, and information on programs and services with which he was involved.
0.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-92-09

Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati
Records, 1966-1979, budgets, contracts, statistics, reports, and correspondence of the Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati.
2.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-84-03.

Lincoln Heights Community Facilities Records
Documents relating to and plans for the community facilities building in Lincoln Heights, Ohio, 1965-2007
0.4 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-12-01

Luken, Thomas.
Papers, 1971-1972, of a Cincinnati mayor and politician.
5.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-75-13, US-75-20.

McLain, David and David Blackburn Dance Collection
Collection, 1940-1984, relating to the careers of David McLain and David Blackburn, especially their connection with the Cincinnati Ballet Company and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory and including photographs, scrapbooks, sllides and films, programs and other printed material, scores and notes, and records of the Cincinnati Ballet Company.
32 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-93-18, US-94-13

McNamara, James B. and John J. Papers.
Papers, 1905-1961, of James B. and John J. McNamara, early 20th century labor activists. Includes correspondence, articles, etc.
20 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-80-09.
Online Exhibit

Martin, Noel. Papers.
This collection traces the professional development of graphic designer Noel Martin from 1948-2008. Noel Martin, a Cincinnatian, worked with a number of institutions, most notably the Cincinnati Art Museum, and with a variety of mediums.
11 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-11-05

Martinelli, Joseph. Papers.
Manuscript. "Little Italy - May, Burbans, and Boone" (1933-1946). Intended for use as a book, play, or musical about 1940s era Cincinnati.
.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-02-03.

Matthews, Charles W.
Papers, 1912-1970, Development plans and reports created by Charles W. Matthews while working at Ladislas Segoe & Associates
6 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-85-01, US-85-09

Meier, Paulette.
Papers, 1987-2001, collected by Paulette Meier, a peace advocate and educator.
1.6 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-12-06

Memorial Hall
Renovation Records, 1972-1980, includes correspondence, clippings, proposals, studies, photographs, etc. related to the renovation of Memorial Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-86-11

Merkel, Jayne.
Papers, 1960s-1990, including files, publications and articles on architecture and urban planning of Cincinnati, Ohio by an architectural critic and journalist.
16.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-91-07.

Middletown Typographical Union. Local #487.
Records, 1905-1973, including minutes, financial and statistical reports, membership files, apprentice and pension records, contracts, and correspondence.
4.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid available in ARB for accession number: US-78-5.

Miriam Irwin Collection of Margaret Armstrong Book Design.
1890-1940, consists of books for which Margaret Neilson Armstrong completed the book design.
11 linear feet.
Finding Aid: US-13-02.
Online Exhibit.

Municipal Reference Library. Vertical Files.
Vertical reference and subject files from the City of Cincinnati Municipal Reference Library.
7 4-drawer filing cabinets.
Finding Aid: US-04-09.

Music Teachers National Association.
Records, 1876-2007, including programs, convention proceedings, publications, reports, minutes, business files, and audio tapes.
40.25 linear feet.
Finding Aids Available in ARB.: US-99-24, US-02-05 and US-06-04
Finding Aids Available online: US-14-07, US-15-05

Napolitano Monument Company
Records, 1908-1984, including photographs, papers, ledger books, sketches, blueprints, and pamphlets of the Napolitano Monument Company. The collection also contains record books from the Lick Run Road Jewish Cemetery.
5.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-86-07.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Cincinnati Branch.
Records, 1870-1983, including case files, exhibits and other materials related to the Cincinnati, Ohio public school desegregation case, Bronson vs. Board of Education.
202.50 lin. ft.
Finding aid available for accession number: US-86-12.

National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 43
Records, 1878-1975,including material relating to the planning of the 1960 National Convention of the NationalAssociation of Letter Carriers which was held in Cincinnati, photographs, grievance files, meeting minutes, newsletters, various handbooks, membership lists, a list ofletter carriers in Cincinnati, and by-laws.
9.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aids: US-80-03, US-80-01, US-84-05.

National Municipal League.
Records, 1930s, including materials relating to the history of proportional representation.
3.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-71-06.

National Sculpture Conference: Works by Women
Documentation of the National Sculpture Conference: Works by Women, held May 1987. The records include correspondence, handouts, catalogues, invitations, press releases, gallery works & prices, slides, lists of lectures, tapes of lectures and radio interviews, and the final grant report.
3.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-87-13.

Nature Conservancy - Ray M. Culter Papers.
Records of the Nature Conservancy including reports, audio/video media, meeting notes, miscellaneous publications, and correspondence.
32.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aids

New School.
Records, 1970-1990, including administrative files, correspondence, curricula, minutes, newsletters, articles, and photographs of a Cincinnati, Ohio, private school.
4.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-91-04.

OKI Regional Planning Authority and Regional Council of Governments.
Records, 1969-1977, including minutes, reports, and reviews.
6.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aids available in ARB for accession numbers: US-77-6, US-78-3.

Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children.
Records, 1973-1995, including newsletters and conference materials.
12.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-96-03.

Ohio Gravestone Art.
Records, ca. 1800s, 79 rubbings of Ohio gravestones and brass reliefs in Blegen Library Building Lobby.
Finding aid available: US-03-01.

Ohio River Dam Project.
Records, 1921-1950, including correspondence and photographs of engineering projects on the Ohio, Kentucky, and Monongahela Rivers.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-86-14.

Over the Rhine Planning Task Force.
Records, 1980-1984, including maps, reports, meeting minutes, and conservation plans.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid.: US-01-35.

Paoletta Opera Collection.
Records, 1910 fl., including costume drawings, musical scores, correspondence, and ephemera.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid Available in ARB: US-04-05
Online Exhibit

Paradise, James
Papers, 1950-1979, centering on Paradise’s work with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The collection primarily contains newspaper clippings and correspondence covering issues such as McCarthyism and fear of communists in the 1950s and 1960s, controversy over the book Lolita, an attempt to disbar James Paradise, attacks on the ACLU, and school desegregation.
0.4 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-85-10.

Peacemaker Collection
This collection consists of The Peacemaker newspaper and miscellaneous pamphlets and newspapers focusing on nonviolence, women's liberation, resisting the draft, and refusing to pay taxes that support war.
3.75 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-06-03

Pratt, Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Jimmie Cochran Pratt MPA Cooperative Education Library Collection
Collection, 1964-1997, consists of publications relating to cooperative education including the Journal of Cooperative Education (1964-2001), conference programs, and information from cooperative education programs from around the United States.
10 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-11-02

Project Snap
Records, 1978-1980, consisting of project files for Project SNAP including grant paperwork, receipts, and descriptions and evaluations of projects.
6 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: ON-85-01.

Queensgate II Development Program.
Records, 1968-1970, including historical and sociological data, policy statements, memos, and proposals on the housing and history of a Cincinnati neighborhood.
.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-72-01.

Richardson Stones/ Burnett Woods Collection
Photographs, correspondence, documents and slides relating to the Richardson Stones and Operation Resurrection, 1911-1972
0.4 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-12-02.

Ruehlmann, Eugene.
Papers, 1956-1969, including professional papers, campaign records, Cincinnati City Council materials, correspondence, and files on a Cincinnati ballpark (Riverfront Stadium).
39.00 lin. ft.
Finding Aids

Schippers, Thomas.
Scrapbooks, 1952-1969, of materials collected by Thomas Schippers, a prominent orchestral conductor who worked with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in the 1970s.
9.5 lin. ft.
Finding aid available.
Finding Aids Available in ARB: US-04-10 and US-05-07  

Schmidlapp, Jacob G.
Papers, 1895-1919, including speeches, letters and other materials of a Cincinnati philanthropist involved with Cincinnati housing, banking and social issues.
1.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-71-07.

Segoe, Ladislas
Papers, 1923-1980, of an Urban Planner including information on the Cincinnati Master Plan, urban research, newsclippings, reports, journals, and contracts.
Finding Aids Available in ARB.
Online Exhibition

Settlement Houses.
Materials, 1900s-1970s, including informational booklets and reports on Cincinnati settlement house and neighborhood centers, including the Santa Maria Institute and the Emanuel Community Center.
.50 lin. ft.
Finding aid available in ARB for accession number: US-76-1.

Seven Hills School.
Records, ~1908-1999, including materials pertaining to the history of the school, photographs, yearbooks, and other memorabilia.
61+ lin. ft.
Online Finding Aids
Finding Aids available in ARB for the following accession numbers: US-94-01, US-02-10, US-11-03.

Shepherd, Gaylord Oscar Collection of Strobridge Lithography Company Calendar Cards
Monthly calendar cards produced by the Strobridge Lithography Company, 1896-1912
0.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-12-04
Online Exhibit

Shropshire, Louise family
Papers, 1921-2002, documenting the life of Louise Shropshire and her family. The collection contains copies of Shropshire's original choral compositions including, If Jesus Wills, along with correspondence, family photographs, certificates, and booklets.
3 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-14-02
Online Exhibit

Southern Ohio Chapter American Society for Information Science (SOASIS).
Records, 1961-1994, including meeting minutes, financial reports, correspondence, newsletters, committee reports, and other materials.
9.5 lin. ft.
Finding Aids

Southwest Ohio Folklore Collection

The Southwest Ohio Folklore Collection, 1974-2010, consists of several hundred small research projects of written and illustrated folklore collected by the students of UC professor emeritus Edgar Slotkin.
6.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-13-01
Online Exhibit

Spencer, Donald
Papers, 1935-1942, of Donald Spencer during his years as a student at the University of Cincinnati including materials related to the Quadres, Fresh Painters, and Kappa Alpha Psi.
1.08 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-01-34

Spencer, Marian and Donald
Papers, 1935-2016, including correspondence, articles and materials of a Cincinnati, Ohio civil rights activist, educator and politician.
7.50 lin. ft.
Finding Aid

Springer, Jerry.
Papers, 1970-1979, including material from Jerry Springer's campaigns for Congress and Cincinnati City Council including campaign flyers, press releases, campaign research, and speeches.
Finding Aids Available: US-71-07, US-87-06.

Stamm, Charles
Personal and professional papers of Charles Stamm, 1923-1974.
17 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-79-13

Staples, Hugh Papers: The Teaching of James Joyce
Collection, undated, of Dr. Hugh B. Staples's notebooks for the teaching of James Joyce's Ulysses. The notebooks hold each page of the novel with his personal annotations and insertions of outside material.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: UA-14-08

Stephen H. Wilder Foundation
Records including studies, reports, correspondence, 1940-1998
2 lin. ft.
Finding Aid: US-06-05

Sterne, Bobbie.
Papers, 1969-2007, of the Cincinnati City Council woman and first woman mayor of Cincinnati. Includes studies, reports, minutes of meetings, news articles, correspondence, legislation, programs & brochures, and campaign materials.
142.5 lin.ft.
Finding Aids

Stevens, Herbert.
Papers, 1964-1982. Tapes and transcripts of interviews with Herbert Stevens conducted by Steven Kottsy, along with newspaper articles, publications, and city ordinances dealing with historic preservation and historic conservation in Cincinnati.
Finding Aids: US-88-17, US-95-04.

Taft, Robert A.
Papers, 1950, concerning Taft's run for the US Senate.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid

United Paperworkers International Union. Local #1009.
Records, 1949-1976, including articles of agreement and constitutions.
.50 lin. ft.
Finding aid available in ARB for accession number: US-79-7.

United States Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio River Division Records.
Records, 1923-1939, including photographs and papers detailing the construction and repair of dams along the Ohio, Kentucky, and Kanawha Rivers. Includes pamphlets, clippings, correspondence, pay information, equipment information, river charts/logs, daily reports of dredging operations, and material about the 1937 flood
1 lin ft.
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Unquotes Club.
Records, 1947-1997, including minutes, agendas, rosters, correspondence, and members' writings of a Cincinnati, Ohio women's literary organization.
1.25 lin. ft.
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Urban Appalachian Council
Records, 1968-1980, including minutes, reports, correspondence, newsclippings and other miscellaneous material related to the council and its activities.
1.25 lin. ft.
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Whistleblower, The.
Copies, 1991-2000 of a Cincinnati, Ohio satirical/political fax newsletter.
3 lin. ft.
Finding Aids Available in ARB: US-04-08, US-04-12, US-96-1, US-00-12.

Women Helping Women, Inc.
Records, 1975-1980, including minutes, newsletters, and manuals of a Cincinnati, Ohio women's rights and crises advocacy group.
0.5 lin. ft.
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Yeiser, Frederick.
Papers, 1914-1961, including photographs, postcards, articles and correspondence.
1.25 lin. ft.
Finding Aid available in ARB for accession number: US-99-21.