Historic Documents of the University of Cincinnati and its Colleges

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1819 - Incorporation Act for the Cincinnati College

1819 - Laws and Regulations of the Cincinnati College

1820 - Cincinnati College "Circular" on the college

1858 - Last Will and Testament of Charles McMicken

1858 - Charles McMicken's Will Notice translated by Dr. Richard E. Schade

1859 - Cincinnati City Council Action on McMicken Will

1872 - University of Cincinnati Organization Plan Report

1873 - University Classes to be held at Woodward High School

1878 - College of Music, Prospectus and Catalog

1878 - Announcement of College of Music Concert

1880 - Medical Surgery Exam given by Dr. William Mussey

1884 - Baccalaureate Address by Isaac M. Wise

1888 - University of Cincinnati, Special Report

ca. 1890 - Cincinnati Observatory - Rules for Observing the Weather

1894 - Instructions for Architects in Preparing Plans for the New University Buildings to be Erected in Burnet Woods Park in the City of Cincinnati

1898 - The College of Dental Surgery Book of Views

1898 - Athletic Entertainment given for the Benefit of Athletics at University of Cincinnati

1900 - Reminiscences of the Founding of the University

1905 - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Book of Views

1906 - Our University: Report of the Board of Visitors of the University of Cincinnati

1908 - Plea for Graduate Studies at University of Cincinnati

1909 - Pamphlet on the benefits of passing a bond for the University

1910 - President Charles Dabney's Commencement Speech

1911 - Industrial Education in Cincinnati  

1914 - Rules for the Guidance of the Faculty

1914 - University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the Cincinnati General Hospital Book of Views  

1919 - A Service in Memory of the Men of the University of Cincinnati Who Died in the Service of Their Country  

1921 - Greek Games  

1924 - Memorial Hall Building Booklet  

1926 - Cheer don't Jeer - fan education broadside  

1950 - The New Home of Pi Kappa Alpha

1957 - Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, 50th Anniversary  

1963 - Remarks of Walter M. Shohl at Cornerstone Ceremonies of the Robert S. Marx Library  

1970 - President Langsam's Letter to the Board regarding the 1970 Campus Closure  

1970 - Provost Bonner's Open Letter to the Faculty regarding the 1970 Campus Closure

1994 - A Celebration of the Campus Renaissance at the University of Cincinnati