Former Schools and Colleges of Cincinnati

Click on the arrows below to see lists of Colleges and professional schools that existed in Cincinnati, primarily in the 19th century. Some of these schools later were incorporated into the University of Cincinnati

Compiled by Billie Broaddus, Director Emerita, Cincinnati Medical Heritage Center

Former Medical Schools
Medical College of Ohio - First class graduated in 1821. Merged with Miami Medical College and later on became the Department of Medicine of University of Cincinnati.
1834-1839 Medical Department of the Cincinnati College - The Cincinnati College became the University of Cincinnati
1836-1880 Physio-Medical College (Botanico- Physic) - Also known as the Cincinnati Literary and Scientific Institute.
1839-1857 American Medical College (Eclectic) - In 1857, merged with Eclectic Medical Institute.
1841-1850 Botanico-Medical College of Ohio
1843-1939 Eclectic Medical Institute - First class graduated in 1833 at Worthington, Ohio: Class graduated each year except 1839-43, last class graduated in 1929. Re-Opened in 1931, last class graduated in 1939.
1852-1902 Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery - First class graduated in 1854. (Considered University of Cincinnati graduates.)
Miami Medical College - First class graduated in 1853. Merged with the Medical College of Ohio and later to the University of Cincinnati, Department of Medicine.
1856-1859 Eclectic College of Medicine and Surgery - Formed by split from Eclectic Medical Institute and later merged with the same Institute in 1859.
1859-1885 Physio-Medical Institute - Transferred to Chicago, Illinois and became Physio- Medical Institute of Chicago.
1873-1910 Pulte medical College (Homeopathic) - Merged with the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College.
Woman’s Medical College of Cincinnati - First class graduated in 1888. Merged with Laura Memorial Woman’s Medical College. (Considered University of Cincinnati Graduates).
1891-1895 Presbyterian hospital and Woman’s Medical College - Merged with Laura Memorial Woman’s Medical College. (Considered University of Cincinnati Graduates).
Laura Memorial Woman’s Medical College - Organized in 1895 by the merger of the Woman’s medical College of Cincinnati with the Presbyterian Hospital and Woman’s Medical college. First class graduated in 1896 and last class in 1903. Merged with the Miami Medical College. Its graduates are considered as University of Cincinnati graduates.

The following schools were listed as "Medical Colleges of Cincinnati Not in Good Standing by the Ohio State Medical Board. Listed as Fraudulent Medical Colleges in the American Medical Directory, 1906"

Medical Colleges Not in Good Standing, 1906
Years of Operation
1871-1876 American Health College
1876 Physio-Eclectic Medical College
1883-1891 Medical University of Ohio
American Eclectic Medical College
1883 American Medical Eclectic College
Ohio College of Obstetrics, Medicine and Midwifery
1893-1899 The Hygeia Medical College
Music Schools in Cincinnati up to 1900
Name of Institution Founder/First Principal
Musical Academy James Hoffman
1815 Female Academy Mrs. Lee
1820 No Institution Name              
Mrs. Matthews
1822 Female Academy Mrs. Grace
1833 No Institution Name  
Henry Walsh
1834 Eclectic Academy of Music, First State Chartered school of Music Timothy B. Mason/ William Colburn
1842-1892 Wesleyan Female College, First College for Women granting degrees in U.S. Charles Elliot, Rev. L. L. Hamling, Rev. Perlee B. Wilbur
1845-1863 Herron’s Seminary, Had Music Department as part of College Joseph Herron
1854- Glendale Female College Rev. John Covert, Rev. J. G. Monfor, Rev. S. S. Potter, Rev. L. D. Potter, Caroline Rive
1854- Academy of Music  
1854- Berold –Seiler Music Studio  
1867 Cincinnati Normal Academy of Music Charles Hess
1867 Metropolitan College of Music  W.S. Sterling, Became the Dean, College of Music, around 1900
1867 Cincinnati Music School  
1867 New Music School of Cincinnati  
1867 Cincinnati Conservatory of Music * Clara Baur  
1878 Cincinnati Music Institute Hattie Evans
1878 College of Music of Cincinnati  Dora Nelson
1878 College of Music * Reuben Springer/ Theodore Thomas
circa 1900 Auditorium School of Music (Changed name in 1902 to Ohio Conservatory of Music) Charles A. Graninger
circa 1900 Oscar Ehrgott Vocal School Oscar Ehrgott
circa 1900 Walnut Hills Conservatory of Music  

* These two schools merged in 1955.
In 1962 the combined College-Conservatory of Music became part of the University of Cincinnati.

Former Business Schools in Cincinnati (up to 1900)
College Name
Dates (Up to 1900 Directory) Location Founder/Principal
Gundry & Bacon Commercial Institute 1839-1848 Vine and 5th

John Gundry & Richard Bacon

Gundry’s Mercantile Institute 1848-1875 Walnut & 5th (Apollo Building) John Gundry
Bacon’s Commercial College 1849-1865 East 6th & Walnut (Bacon’s Building) Richard Bacon
Bartlett’s Commercial College 1876-1900 Walnut & 3rd; Moves to 18 West 4th Robert Bartlett
Smith’s Mercantile College 1855 - ~1859 123 Main Ephraim Smith
Ohio Mercantile College 1860 - ~1864 51 West 4th  
Western Commercial College -> Nelson’s Business College 1856-1875 (changes names to Nelson’s) 1875-1900 4th and Vine; Moves to 4th and Walnut; Moves in 1900 to 7th and Elm Richard Nelson
Bryant, Stratton, & Dehan Commercial College 1865 - ~1874 Pike’s Opera House John C. Bryant, Henry B. Bryant, and Henry D. Stratton
Herold Business College 1865 - ~1878 4th and Main Michael Herold
Cincinnati School of Phonography 1875-1900 14 College Building Ben Pitman
Campbell A.R. ~1896 – 1900 461 Walnut  
Littleford’s Miss Shorthand School 1896-1900 521 Pike Building Mabel Littleford
Mann Business College 1896-1900

933 Central Ave

Traub’s Cincinnati Business College 1895-1900 13 & 15 East 5th Street (Fountain Square) Louis Traub
Watter’s Business College 1885-1900 715 Race J.M. Watter
Wright’s Business College 1896-1900 512 Race Henry C. Wright
McGee & Johnson -> Cincinnati Business College 1885-1890 (Changes names to Cincinnati) 1890-1895 5th and Elm C.W. McGee
Queen City Commercial College -> Martin Thos. & Son Business College 1860-1864 (changes names to Martin) 1864-1885 220 Main Martin Thomas