Robert E. Cazden Collection

Dr Robert E. Cazden (1930-2002), Professor Emeritus of Library Science, College of Library Science, University of Kentucky, specialized in the history of printing and publishing, and his research focused on the history of the German-American book trade, with his two major books being: Social History of the German Book Trade in America to the Civil War (Columbia, South Carolina: Camden Books, 1984), and German Exile Literature in America, 1933-1950: A History of the Free German Press and Book Trade (Chicago: American Library Association, 1970).

In the course of his research, he assembled a sizable collection of books, pamphlets, newspapers, and journals, which he then donated to the University Libraries of the University of Cincinnati. His collection is housed in several locations, with the German-Americana located in the German-Americana Collection, Archives & Rare Books Library. To locate titles in the collection and their location, go to the link to: Robert E. Cazden Collection.

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