Cecil Striker Society

Originally formed in 1976, the Cecil Striker Society for the History of Medicine was called the Medical History Society.  One month after its first meeting Dr. Striker died, prompting members to rename the organization the Cecil Striker Society. 

Its purpose was straightforward:  to promote and perpetuate an interest in the history of medicine and all related disciplines in the health care field. The Society met every other month, each meeting featuring a presentation.  Records indicate many of the presentations were by UC’s medical historian at the time, Dr. Saul Benison.  The Society also started the Cecil Striker Medical History Fund with a purpose to enhance the Winkler Center’s history of medicine collections.

The move of the Winkler Center into its new facility in 2008 generated a renewed interest in the Society and in 2010 the Cecil Striker Society convened for the first time in many years.

The purposes of the revived Society are: 

  • to engage the community in topics related to the history of medicine and the health professions;
  • to bring people together who have a common interest in the history of medicine;
  • to bring positive attention to the Winkler Center through publicity and scholarly activities; and
  • to provide recognition to Winkler Center donors and benefactors who contribute $1,000 or more during a calendar year.

Topics of Previous Meetings

May 3, 2018        Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Impacting the Health of Children in      Our Community and the World: The Past, Present and Future. Presenters: Michael Farrell, MD and Beatrice Katz, PhD

May 4, 2017       African American Physicians in Cincinnati: Past, Present & Future. Presenters: Dr. Elbert Nelson, Moderator; Dr. Chester Pryor, Panelist; Dr. Charles Dillard, Panelist; Dr. Camille C. Graham, Panelist; Dr. Christopher Lewis, Panelist

April 14, 2016    Making History: From the University of Cincinnati to the Future of Nursing. Presenter: Julie Fairman, PhD, RN, FAAN

May 19, 2015     The History of Public Hospitals: Cornerstone of American Healthcare. Presenter: Dr. Dale C. Smith

April 10, 2014    John Shaw Billings and the Medical College of Ohio: Shaping Twentieth Century Medicine. Presenter: Dr. Dale C. Smith.

April 11, 2013     Civil War Medicine   

May 17, 2012      A Tradition to Help the Sick and Needy – Jews and Medicine in Cincinnati, 1850 to 1970.

May 5, 2011        Cincinnati's 25th General Hospital: Courage and Skill in World War II.   

May 26, 2010      Healing Cincinnati: A Winding Path Towards "Pursuing Perfection.   

The Cecil Striker Society serves as the Center’s chapter of the University’s Charles McMicken Society.  Members who contribute an annual gift of $1,000 or more enjoy McMicken Society benefits, including free on-campus parking, UC library privileges, and UC bookstore discounts.  While the Winkler Center encourages those interested to make gifts to become full members of the Cecil Striker Society, anyone with an interest in medical history may become an affiliate member.  Affiliate members will receive the Society’s newsletter and invitations to Society events.