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Preserving and promoting the rich history of the health professions in Cincinnati

In early 2009, University of Cincinnati President Emeritus Henry R. Winkler received an extraordinary honor from the University’s Board of Trustees. The Board approved the naming of the Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions. As UC’s President from 1977 to 1984, Dr. Winkler led the University though its historic transition from a city to a state university. Dr. Winkler served as chairman of the Center  for 20 years. His visionary leadership has advanced the Center’s mission in countless ways.

From its early beginnings in 1974 as the Cincinnati Medical Heritage Center, the Winkler Center stands poised to be one of the premier medical and health history centers in the United States. The Winkler Center is a medical archive, library, and exhibit facility that encourages visitors and researchers to explore the Cincinnati area’s rich medical history and to discover the people who have contributed to important advances in medicine, nursing, and pharmaceutical sciences.

The Winkler Center began with the aggregation of the library collections of Dr. Daniel Drake (founder of the UC College of Medicine in 1819), and of UC faculty, area physicians, and medical researchers—people who had a vision of the importance of preserving medical history. These works form the core of the Winkler Center’s rare and classical works in the history of medicine. The collection has grown considerably to encompass books, journals, archives, photographs, medical artifacts, and an oral history series devoted to the history of the health professions in Cincinnati and the history of medicine in general.

The Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives, founded with a generous grant from the John Hauck Foundation in 1995, is one of the Winkler Center’s most significant collections, contributing to many publications and television productions about Dr. Sabin and the history of polio.


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