Fines & Payment

Overdues and Fines

   Type of Fine      Rate of Fine   Maximum Amount 
OhioLINK $0.50 per day for the first 29 days $50 per item
SearchOhio $0.50 per day $50 per item
Recalls $1.00 per day No max.
Reserves $1.00 per hour
$8.00 per day
Videos $4.00 per day $60
Equipment $10.00 per day No max.
Reading List books $8.00 per day $30
 Journals from storage (SWORD) $4.00 per day $30

To appeal a fine, request the Fine Appeal Form from the UCBA Library Information desk.  Return the completed form to the UCBA Library Information Desk.

Please verify your total fine amount prior to paying by logging in to your Library Record.

Payments of library fines may be made by credit card or ACH (electronic check) via our secure payment portal.