Physical Exhibitions

Physical exhibitions are a traditional and important part of special collections. It offers UC Libraries the chance to highlight our more interesting and important collections to our users and guests.

Archives and Rare Books Library

College-Conservatory of Music Library

  • The Spanish Antiphoner -- This 16th century choirbook contains Gregorian chant handwritten on vellum pages approximately 16 by 23.6 inches in neumatic notation with illuminated text capitals.

Winkler Center for the History of Health Professions

Stanley J. Lucas, MD Board Room:

  • John Shaw Billings and the Medical College of Ohio: Shaping Twentieth Century Medicine  (April 10 - July 1, 2014)
  • The Cantagalli Aporthecary Collection -  A 109-piece set of ceramic jars, replicating a 15th-century apothecary shop, produced by the Cantagalli kiln in Florence, Italy, for the 1899 Paris International Exposition. These jars were on display in the classroom of physiology professor Dr. Martin Fischer. He donated his collection to the College of Medicine upon his retirement.
  • Mascagni plates from the "Most Splendid Anatomy Ever Published."  -   Mascagni's exquisite anatomy, said to be the largest medical hook ever produced, depicts the dissection from skin to skeleton of a human male about 6 feet tall. The entire body can be illustrated by placing three plates end-to-end.

Hauck Gallery:

  • University of Cincinnati's Lasker Award Winners: Elwood V. Jensen, Albert B. Sabin and Henry J. Hemilich