Course Reserve Guidelines

Faculty Course Reserve Guidelines

Faculty may request course materials to be placed on Traditional Reserve. Loan periods for Traditional Reserve materials are generally at the discretion of the faculty member and range from Two Hour (Campus Use Only), Overnight, and Three Day loans. Students are required to have a valid photo ID to check-out Traditional Reserve materials (UC ID or driver's license).

The Traditional Reserve collection is located behind the front Information Desk in the UC Blue Ash College Library on the first floor of Muntz Hall. If you have any questions, you may reach us by phone at 513-558-9452 or visit our library homepage at

Complete an online Reserve Request form or request a paper form at the UCBA Library Information Desk. Please allow 3 business days to process Reserve requests once they are received in the library. All Reserve requests are processed in the order they are received.

Please visit our Reserves search page to start your search at If you have difficulty finding what you are looking for, please contact us at 513-558-9452 or

Faculty and Staff may borrow library/personally owned items they have placed on Reserve for classroom use. The item(s) must be checked-out in person by the faculty member or an administrative assistant authorized to check-out items on the faculty person's record.

To authorize an administrative assistant to pick-up and check-out items on your record, please send an authorization request email to the Library Director, Heather Maloney. The request will be kept on file and an authorization message will be added to the faculty person's record. The administrative assistant must bring their own UC ID to the library.

Traditional Reserves

Books and Multimedia

Circulating books and multimedia material from the UCBA Library or other UC libraries may be placed on Reserve. Materials from other UC libraries should be requested by the Public Services Coordinator, Pamela Adler (513-558-8738 or via email), and NOT requested or checked-out by the instructor.

Personal copies of textbooks can be placed on Reserve with the understanding that the UCBA Library assumes no responsibility for replacing them should they become lost, damaged or destroyed. If this happens, faculty will be notified to either replace the copy or to withdraw it from Reserve. If you submit a personal copy to be placed on Reserve and the Library owns that same book, the library copy will be placed on Reserve and we will return your copy to you.

New material requests should be submitted to your Library Liaison. Some new materials can take up to four weeks to receive.

Traditional Reserves

Periodicals, reference books, OhioLINK items, Interlibrary Loan, or Public Library materials.

The Library is unable to place videos and DVDs from commercial rental establishments (Redbox, etc.) on Reserve due to copyright restrictions.

Traditional Reserve materials are removed at the end of the term designated on the Reserve form. The maximum request period is one academic year. Library copies are returned to the stacks. All personal copies are returned to the instructor.

Permanent Reserve Policy: The UCBA Library does not maintain Permanent Reserves except where materials have a consistent pattern of high demand. All materials placed on Permanent Reserve will be reviewed for circulation activity. Faculty members will be contacted regarding the removal of Permanent Reserve items with minimal to no use. All requests for a Permanent Reserve should be directed to the Public Services Coordinator, Pamela Adler, at 513-558-8738 or via email.

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