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October 2019

Boris Johnson vs. Mary Beard

October is Halloween month. Some of the most popular and scariest disguises this year will no doubt be those of Donald Trump, the U.S. President, and Boris Johnson, the U.K. Prime Minister.  The latter declared Halloween Day, October 31, the day of Brexit, come what may. However, Britain has checks and balances, so leaving the EU without a deal is now unlawful. Johnson may not(?) have won this showdown, but before Brexit and before he became Prime Minister, he fought another battle; that time against another formidable opponent -- Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at the U. of Cambridge. Watch this entertaining debate to see if Johnson at least wins here. After all, rather ironically, he represents the refined and sophisticated ancient Greeks who gave us democracy against the uncivilized and brutish ancient Romans, represented by Beard, who ended the rule of the people in favor of a dictatorship. Johnson may be a nationalist from New York and look like Trump, but can you imagine Trump in a debate about ancient Greece and Rome? 

September 2019  

Latin Personal Pronoun Song

For all who struggle with Latin (and Ancient Greek) declinations and conjugations, here is an easy and fun, in this case also delightfully cheesy, way to learn how to decline personal pronouns in Latin. The same team has also recorded didactic songs for all five declinations.