Approved Unique Records Schedules

What are unique schedules?

Most areas will use the General Records Schedule for the vast majority of typical records created, received or maintained within the university. However, some areas need their own unique schedules to use in conjunction with the General Schedule because they are responsible for records not found elsewhere on campus (for example, the Registrar's Office or Public Safety).

The following table contains a list of currently approved unique (local) schedules that will continue to be used in conjunction with the General Schedule. If you need a copy of any of the following schedules or have any questions, please contact Records Management.

List of unique records schedules
Schedule Number
Area of the University
Board of Trustees
03B Alumni Affairs
03C/1 Athletics -- Business Office
03C/10 Athletics -- Compliance & Student Services
03C/2 Athletics -- Athletic Training
03C/3 Athletics -- Athletic Ticket Office
03C/4 Athletics -- Deputy Director
03C/6 Athletics -- Sports Information
03C/7 Athletics -- Sports Medicine
03E Office of General Counsel
03F Internal Audit
04 Sr. VP & Provost for Academic Affairs
06H UC Blue Ash -- Enrollment Services
11E Arlitt Center
14K Law School -- Registrar
14U Ohio Innocence Project
17F CEAS -- Chemical Technology
19-1 University of Cincinnati Libraries -- Assistant to the Dean
19E/1 University of Cincinnati Libraries -- University Records Management
22I College of Medicine -- Student Affairs & Admissions
22K College of Medicine -- Physical Medicine & Rehab
22R College of Medicine -- Neurology
22U College of Medicine -- Department of Anesthesia
22X College of Medicine -- Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology
22Y College of Medicine -- Molecular and Cellular Physiology
22Z College of Medicine -- Pathology
23F College of Nursing -- Community/Administration/Psychiatric
24E CAHS -- Communication Sciences & Disorders
26J Radiation Safety
26O University Health Services
26S Biosafety/IBC
26T BSL3
26U Director and Research Compliance Officer
27 Hoxworth Blood Center
29A/1 Construction Management -- Budget and Personnel Files
29A/2 Construction Management -- Director's Office
29A/3 Construction Management -- Senior Financial Analyst
29A/4 Construction Management -- General Project Files
29A-1 Construction Management -- Construction Project Files
29B Campus Planning & Design
29C Capital Finance
29D Renovations
31A/1 Bursar -- University Cashier
31A/2 Bursar -- Student Accounts
31A/3 Bursar -- Accounts Receivable
31A/4 Bursar -- Collections Office
31C Sponsored Research -- Sponsored Program Accounting
31F Treasurer -- Accounts Payable
32B Space Management
33B Facilities Management -- Maintenance & Operations - East
33D Facilities Management -- Utilities & Tech Support
33J Facilities Management -- Structural
36 VP Student Affairs & Services
37 Public Safety
38 Human Resources
38A Human Resources -- Total Compensation & Wellness
38C Human Resources -- Labor Relations & Policy Development
38E Treasurer -- Payroll
39C Enrollment Management -- Admissions
39D Enrollment Management -- Registrar
39E Enrollment Management -- Student Financial Aid
39H Disability Services
40H Campus Services -- Housing and Food Services
41C Office of Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization
41E Sponsored Research Services
41G UC International
41J Research Compliance -- Post Approval Monitoring Program
41K Laboratory Animal Medical Services
44 VP Governmental Relations & University Communications

Information in table current as of 2016-10-20. Names may reflect a previous designation in use at the time of retention scheduling.