Ted Baldwin
Director, Science and Engineering Libraries
Office: 850G Baldwin Hall
Voice: 513-556-4211

  • Administrative questions
  • Orders books for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy
  • Manages and orders journals and databases for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy
  • Specialized reference assistance for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

Holly Prochaska

Subject Liaison for Geography, Geology, Environmental Science
Voice: 556-1389

  • Orders books, journals, and databases for Geology, Geography, Environmental Science
  • Specialized reference assistance for Geology, Geography, Environmental Science
  • Manages guidebook collection and the Meyer map collection

Amy Koshoffer

Science Informationist
Voice: 513-556-1310

  • Data Management and Digital Scholarship Support
  • Coordinator of GIS services and Data & GIS Collab computing space

Richard Johansen

Data Visualization Specialist
Voice: 513-558-0381

June Taylor-Slaughter

Public and Technical Services Supervisor
Voice: 556-1587

  • Manages course reserves
  • Inter-library Loan (ILL) request processing
  • Basic assistance to users
  • Maintain facility, collections, technology (scanners, workstations)
  • Editing and maintenance of catalog records

Hyacinth Tucker
Library Assistant

  • Assists users at service desk
  • Processing of bound journals and new books