Checking out books and other resources
At the DAAP Library, you can check out books and media. For UC Libraries circulation info and policies, please click here.

Research help
Students and faculty may walk in and ask for help or call or email Jen or Elizabeth to schedule a one-on-one or group research consultation. We encourage all of our users to also consult with us. We can to help you!

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Mac lab
The DAAP Library has a Mac lab equipped with 18 machines. Eight of the Macs have 11x17 Epson scanners, two of these have transparency capability; One Mac has a high-resolution Nikon slide and negative scanner.  All of the DAAP Library Macs are equipped with software: Full MS Office and Adobe suites for research, writing, and high-level art + design work.

Our Mac lab has a black and white printer accessible via Pharos card swipe and we're networked to the Daap CGC for plotter and color printing. Free prints: UC Libraries/Bearcat/Pharos offers full-time students 150 free prints per semester. Contact Bearcat at 556-2000 with questions or concerns regarding your free prints.


The DAAP Library has one black and white photocopier which accepts coins, and dollar bills and the cost for p/copy is .10 cents for standard (8.5 x 11) and legal (8.5 x 14) sized copies, and .20 cents per 11 x 17.