Why Give?

Your monetary gift to the DAAP Library is a lasting, far-reaching gift to the DAAP and greater arts community of Cincinnati, Ohio, and beyond. The DAAP Library brings art & design information and culture within everyone’s reach, creating a more informed, engaged, and creative community and collection that reaches and serves the generations. Together, we can do so much:

~Host lectures, symposia, and learning events that encourage and foster cultural sensitivity and mutual understanding of art & design issues and topics relevant to the time in which we live;

~Design experience-based programs and online tools that teach skills and foster knowledge acquisition and production in-person and in the "e-nvrionment";

~Create open access digital collections that educate, inspire, and stimulates global engagement & discourse;

~Invest in collections & materials that will enlighten the art & scholarly community for generations;

~Curate exhibitions that inspire, inform, and celebrate art & design and that reflect the developments and movements throughout time;

~Renovate and update the DAAP Library and our technology resources (that are freely available to anyone in the community to use for business or pleasure) which in turn helps us maintain award-winning campus facilities.

If you wish to make a monetary gift to the DAAP Library, please contact the Head of the DAAP Library, Elizabeth Meyer (ph: 513.556.0279) or Christa Anne Flueck, Director of UCL Development (ph: 513-556-0055), and visit the UC Foundation web page to learn more.

Giving books & library materials

The DAAP Library is highly selective when considering donations of books and other library materials for inclusion in the collection. Major gifts of libraries/archives require a monetary gift (equal in measure or extent) to defray costs associated with handling, processing, storage, cataloging, digitization, exhibition, and related programming (lectures, symposia, opening receptions) that raise awareness, celebrate, and stimulate dialog about significant gifts & acquisitions.

Donated materials become property of the DAAP Library upon receipt. The DAAP Library reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to use, maintenance, or removal of gift materials. You may ask the Head of the DAAP Library to compose a letter of acknowledgement to be sent to you either via email or mail.


Donors may be able to claim a tax deduction for gifts of books and other library materials. However, UC Librarians are legally restricted from placing a value on donated materials. Therefore, a donor must make arrangements for appraisals of the gift (for personal and/or income tax purposes) in advance.

Thank you for considering a gift to the DAAP Library!