Architectural Drawings & Archives: Greater Cincinnati

Collections at UC Libraries and DAAP:

John A. Bentley Papers
University of Cincinnati, School of Architecture and Interior Design. Excel File. Contact

Benjamin Dombar Drawings (inventory in process)
University of Cincinnati, DAAP Library

Fellheimer & Wagner, Union Terminal
University of Cincinnati, School of Architecture and Interior Design. Excel File. Contact

Woodie Garber Papers
Finding Aid at the University of Cincinnati, Archives and Rare Books Library. Christ Church Glendale

Procter Hall
Digital plans and photographs of Procter Hall from design plan, to   construction, to recladding, University of Cincinnati Libraries

Mitchell Residence, Digital plans and photographs of Mitchell House (demolished). University of Cincinnati Libraries

Moore Residence, Digital plans and photographs of Moore House (demolished).  University of Cincinnati Libraries.

Woodie Garber & Associates Prospectus, Digital files of prospectus. University of Cincinnati Libraries.

Hans Nuetzel Drawings
Excel file. In process--digitized drawings. Access to collection: contact Elizabeth Meyer,

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Terrace Plaza Hotel
Digital plans. University of Cincinnati Libraries: architectural drawings, many of these original drawings with pencil on linen

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1867-1959
Frank Lloyd Wright and Ben Dombar, University of Cincinnati, School of Architecture and Interior Design, Boulter House

Access to Plans of University of Cincinnati Buildings

Collection at Miami University:

Woodie Garber Drawings
Miami University Finding Aid and Overview

Collections at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County:

Hannaford, Samuel, 1835-1911
Architectual drawings from 1873-1884 at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

L.P. Cotter & Associates
Architectural drawings for the Northern Hills Branch Library, 1965

Collections at the Cincinnati History Library and Archives:

Allen, A.M. & Co.

Baldwin, Bert L., 1858-1942

Baldwin, Bert L., Mechanical Engineer, 1858-1942

Baxter, Hodell, Donnelly & Preston

Becker, M. J.

Beman, Solon, 1853-1914

Bevis, Henry, 1834-1884

Bowen, Richard L. & Associates

Britt, F.P.

Brown, John J.

Carlisle, J.W.

Carlton, Frankenberger & Baston

Cellarius, Charles F., 1891-1973

Cooper, James G.,  

Coquard, Leon, 1860-1923

Cowan, Jos. W.

Cram & Ferguson

Crowe & Schulte, 1921-1944

Drach, Gustave W., 1861-1940

Elzner & Anderson, 1887-1942

Eranshaw, Joseph, active mid-1850s

Fellheimer & Wagner, established firm 1923

Firth, Wilbur M.

Frankenberger. Junker & Lensky

Franklin, W.W. & Son, 1848-1918

Garber, Tweddell & Wheeler

Garriott & Becker, 1932-197?

Gilmore, James, 1875-1962

Hake, Harry & Partners, Inc. (complete records), 1897-1979

Hall & Burroughs, active 1907-1913

Hannford, Samuel & Sons, 1878-1915

Hayes, Robert Ehmet

Heun, Arthur

Kessler, Geo. E. & Co., 1862-1923

Kenney, Henry Flecther (unprocessed), active mid 20th century

Koch, H. C. & Co.,

Kruckemeyer & Strong, 1886-1965

Kunz, Anthony1872-1954

Lamb, Thomas, 1871-1942

Love, R. A., active mid 19th century

Matthews, Stanley, 1892-1942

McClorey, Howard, active early 20th century

McElfatrick, J.B. & Son

Mclaughlin, James W., 1855-1923

Moore, F. M. (Francis) active mid/late 19th century

Nardini, J. A. (Joseph), active early 20th century

Pepinsky, Bernard

Potter, Tyler & Martin, 1933-

Richter, Theo. A., Jr., 1853-ca. 1883

Rueckert, Emil G., 1861-after 1911

RuecKert, Jacob J.

Saarinen & Saarinen, active in Cincinnati 1948

Sanderson & Porter 

Sax, Moritz, 1873- ca. 1942

Schatz, George & Associated Architects

Scofield, Levi T.

Sloctemyer, Edw.

Spielman, Herbert, 1872-after 1931

Steinkamp, Joseph G. & Bro., 1863-ca. 1910

Stevens, Walter, 1856-1937

Suter, Charles & Raynolds, W. F.

Taylor, A.D., 1883-1951

Tietig & Lee, active early 20th century

Tinsly, William, 1804-1885

Treat & Foltz

Tweddel, Wheeler, Strickland & Beumer, active mid 20th century

Werner & Adkins, active early 20th century

Wilson, R. E.

Zettle & Rapp, 1913-1930 


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