Classics Library's "Book of the Month"

The “Book of the Month” is a feature of the Classics Library by which we highlight individual treasures among our extensive and world-renowned collections. Each month’s book is displayed physically in the Library’s main Reading Room and online via a Facebook post written by one of our graduate students, Ph.D. candidate Angelica Wisenbarger. The posts, in addition to displaying images of each book, narrate, with passion and considerable wit, its history, researched by Ms. Wisenbarger.  

To view the Facebook posts, please click on the book titles for each month below.

July 2018

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae. The monumental multi-volume Latin dictionary covering the origin of the language to Isidore of Seville (d. 636). 
CLASS Ref. Oversize  PA2361.T5

June 2018

Margarete Bieber's Griechische Kleidung. A first of its kind and a classic from 1928 by Columbia University professor Bieber.
Berlin; Leipzig: Walter de Gruyter.
CLASS Oversize GT550.B56

May 2018

Venetian Legal Manuscripts on Parchment in the Palaeography Cage. This particular document deals with property rights and is dated to 1566. Vicenza, Italy.

April 2018

Wild Flowers of Cyprus (drawings by Elektra Megaw; text by Desmond Meikle). London: Phillimore, 1973.
CLASS Elephants QK339.C92 M4

March 2018

Vol. 2 of Ovid’s Opera with the Metamorphoses. Daniel Heinsius ed.
Leiden: Elzevir, 1629.
CLASS Rare Books PA6519 .A2 1629 v.2

February 2018

Vol. 3 of Plato’s Opera Omnia with the Dialogues to Gorgias, Io, Philebus, Neno.
Leipzig: Carl Tauchnitz, 1850.
Annotated by one of the book’s previous owners, philologist Émile Thomas.
CLASS Stacks PA4279 .A2 1850 t.3

January 2018

Cato’s De agri cultura, and Varro’s Res rusticae.
Paris: Robert Estienne, 1543.
With commentary by Piero Vetteri.
CLASS Rare Books PA6271 .C7 1543  



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PA2361 .T5 
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