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Poster Printing Machine

CECH Library Specifications and Process

General Tips for Poster Design and Presentation

Poster Printing Costs

Lamination Costs

The CECH Library has a large-format poster printer for your use.

CECH Library Specifications and Process:

In order for a poster to print correctly, follow these specifications and guidelines:

  1. Files must be created in PowerPoint.
  2. Always set your PowerPoint page size before designing the poster. If the poster will be 36" x 48," enter the dimensions 36" x 48." This is the largest size poster we can print. The maximum length is 48".
  3. Use an all-white background (small graphics may be in color). See Costs Table below for the price differential for color.
  4. Save the document as a PDF and to a flash drive.
  5. Bring the flash Drive to the Library (room 310 or Circ Desk) for a print preview approval, with a staff member. Allow 48 hours for printing.


General Tips for Poster Design and Presentation


Poster Printing Costs:

See the Printing Costs Table below for costs. The average research poster is 3' x 4', costing $48.00. All sales are final.

Please note that we cannot accept grant based account numbers for payment.

We accept only Bearcat cards or NIU numbers (non-grant based) for payment.

The CECH Library is not responsible for user errors in page design, page set up or omission of text.  If there is an equipment error, malfunction, or an input error, entered by the CECH Library staff, the patron will NOT be responsible for the cost.  

Once the page is printed and there are no mechanical errors or defects caused by CECH staff, prompt payment is expected and there are no refunds. All sales are final.

If you would like to have your poster laminated, please review the Lamination Costs Table below.


Poster Printing Costs:

Amount of Color in Poster Price

Posters that use less than 25% color

$12.00/ft. or $1.00/in.

Posters that use more than 25% color $15.00/ft. or $1.25/in.


Lamination Costs

Poster Width Price
Width up to 40 inches $5.46/ft or $.45/in.