Ten Initiatives

As the first step in the implementation of the Strategic Plan, below are 10 initiatives that were undertaken in the 2014/2015 academic year. Some initiatives were research endeavors that resulted in recommendations for innovative or expanded services, and others implemented new programs or created new ways of working in UC Libraries and beyond.

1. Scholar@UC: Creating the Next Generation Digital Repository

Purpose: Launch the digital repository that captures, organizes, makes accessible, enables reuse and reformatting, and preserves an institution's intellectual output, cultural and historic records, and research-significant library collections of unique materials. Scholar@UC is part of UC's Research Hub and is supported in partnership by the University of Cincinnati Libraries and UC Information Technologies.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Launch early adopter phase with 14 UC faculty members to self-submit their scholarly output such as white papers, analyses, data sets, presentation slides and posters, and small data sets. They will provide feedback for analysis and further development of Scholar@UC
  • Rollout faculty/researcher self-submission campus-wide
  • Increase the quantity and diversity of digital content being stored and preserved by the Libraries and delivered to our stakeholderProvide a digital home for born-digital scholarly output originating anywhere in the university
  • Replicate repository content in Academic Preservation Trust's dark archive for long-term preservation and disaster restoration if necessary

2. DigitizeUC

Purpose: Expand current digitization capabilities into a comprehensive program to meet the needs of UC Libraries and to provide unique resources for innovative digital scholarship.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Examine distributed digitization embedded in units with frequent but small scanning requests
  • Analyze options for leveraging external service providers and for creating a lab for large requests and big collections while integrating preservation treatments
  • Increase quantity and quality of digitized objects deposited in UC's digital repositories

3. Delivering Health Informatics

Purpose: Develop a niche role for the Health Sciences Library (HSL) in creating informatics programming that will advance discovery and innovation in medical care and knowledge through the collaborative development of resources, tools and services.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Research the opportunities and make recommendations for HSL informatics programming
  • Integrate library services into Center for Clinical and Transitional Science and Training suite of services
  • Teach informatics course in undergraduate medical science major
  • Open informatics lab in HSL

4. Exploring Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship

Purpose: Build engagement and awareness of digital humanities and digital scholarship within UC Libraries and the university.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Determine current state of digital humanities/digital scholarship endeavors, as well as future needs, partners and projects at UC
  • Create deeper learning and engagement opportunities for UC Libraries' staff and faculty through programming such as speaker series, THATCamp, etc.
  • Engage with library faculty to understand better the new role of the liaison in light of the changing research library landscape

5. eLearning and Digital Literacy

Purpose: Actively investigate resources and pedagogical approaches to advance UC Libraries learning practices and better support of eLearning at UC.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Identify and guide the implementation and provide initial training for newly adopted eLearning pedagogies, software and tools
  • Make recommendations on best practices in online instruction design and in embedded librarian support in Blackboard courses, promoting librarian/faculty collaboration on eLearning
  • Identify pedagogies of engagement and their potential impact to improve student learning and to promote library/faculty collaboration at UC

6. Support for the UC Researcher: Developing a Suite of Programs

Purpose: Define and develop a responsive, cohesive, scalable and sustainable suite of programs that support UC researchers at all levels and across all disciplines, and that integrate and complement the comprehensive scope of research programs in the evolving UC Research Hub.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Define the scope and resource needs for near-term and potential long-term UC Libraries programs supporting researchers in such areas as: data management and grants consultation, analytics, visualization, coding and statistical support, GIS and public dataset support, repository and digital scholarship services
  • Create œresearch-ready spaces and technology, including key software and hardware
  • Enhance the web presence, guides, online tools, classes and instruction for researchers concerning all potential components in the suite of programs

7. Langsam Library Digital Scholarship Area

Purpose: Create and foster digital scholarship, learning and faculty-engaged programming, eScience, digital humanities and digital scholarship through the development of state-of-the-art spaces, services and programs.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Create a Master Plan for the 400 level of Langsam Library that creates a digital space that provides powerful new tools and services that spark inquiry, support analysis and ignite discovery and scholarship as well as prepare generations for lives of ongoing discovery
  • Develop a construction plan and schedule for implementation

8. UCL Discovery

Purpose: Holistically examine current practices and environment for discovery of resources at UC Libraries.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Investigate current and innovative practices for access and discovery
  • Examine the potential to leverage new and/or existing technology to implement a next generation discovery interface and the resources such an endeavor would require
  • Recommend a long-term solution for integrated access to all resources

9. Collection Management Life Cycle

Purpose: Examine the full life cycle of collection management to identify emerging trends and innovative options for the management of print collections, eCollections and document supply delivery.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Provide a road-map for future collection management strategic initiatives and for niche-focused collection building
  • Research trends in management of collections from selection to managing preservation and access
  • Recommend pilot projects for new and innovative methods of document supply and delivery

10. Collection Budget Realignment

Purpose: Review current collections budget allocations and make recommendations on improvement and reallocation in order to have closer alignment with UC's strategic directions in teaching, learning and research, as well as to take a more holistic approach to financial planning across UC Libraries and across all disciplines and subject areas including all formats.

Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Develop an iterative project plan for the UC Libraries budget allocation for the next 24 months and beyond.