We, the information professionals of the University of Cincinnati Libraries, hold ourselves to the highest standards of work performance, research, quality service and respect for each other and for the diversity of our community. We practice the following in pursuit of our mission and vision.

  1. Lead - We are leaders on campus and in the library profession, guiding initiatives that advance the academic pursuits of students, faculty, researchers, scholars and library colleagues.
  2. Partner - We pursue and actively participate in partnerships that further our mission and that of the university.
  3. Collaborate - We liaise with and work collaboratively with colleagues, students, faculty, researchers and scholars both within and outside the organization in order to bring varying skill sets and mindsets to play in connecting and enabling all users to achieve their greatest potential in their academic pursuits.
  4. Build - We acquire and provide access to the published scholarly record for a broad range of disciplines with emphasis on the university’s areas of excellence.
  5. Learn - We are seekers of new knowledge and skills that empower us in changing the current and future library landscape.
  6. Teach - We impart knowledge. Every member of UC Libraries is a teacher, guiding the university community in utilizing library resources, increasing the information literacy of our users and advancing the skill sets of ourselves and our colleagues.
  7. Steward  - We collect, provide, protect and preserve the scholarly record and intellectual output of the university and community of scholars as we responsibly manage the data, information and resources of the university.
  8. Innovate - We seek new, creative and cutting-edge practices, workflows and technologies to deliver library services, collections and programs to users anytime and anywhere.
  9. Explore - We try new things, embrace change, take risks, and when necessary, change and modify course in pursuit of our mission.
  10. Thrive - We foster an engaged workforce that is encouraged and supported to strive for excellence, balance and work satisfaction.
  11. Transform - We embrace our mission, vision and tenets as our guideposts as we work to transform ourselves, the library landscape and the teaching, clinical and research endeavors of the university.

We adhere to the principles set forth by the American Library Association's Code of Ethics in our daily work and interactions with researchers and scholars and through compliance with all state, national and international laws that govern patron records, open access to information, copyright and licensing of information.