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Are you a positive, dedicated person? Do you have basic computer and customer service skills, but you're looking for more?  And most importantly, do you love books, technology and helping others? Then, a job at the library may be for you!

T​he UCBA Library is always looking for enthusiastic people to join a welcoming work environment, focused on providing exceptional service. UCBA Library is the ideal place for students looking for part-time work to fit into their class schedule. Some benefits include:

  • ​Convenient hours
  • Friendly work environment
  • Comparable pay
  • Storage space for personal belongings
  • Acquire library skills to assist with your course research
  • Acquire customer service skills
  • Earn recommendations for future job applications

If you’re a ​positive, reliable and ​service-oriented person who shares our core values (below), we encourage you to consider joining our staff.​

To apply for student employment at UCBA Library, complete the online application.  


UCBA Library Student Assistant Core Values

What we believe & how we act: Achieving success requires great students who actively demonstrate the following values and behaviors.


·         Recognizing when you need help and asking.

·         Using your tools to answer questions.

·         Problem solving unique situations.


·         Being punctual, reliable, and following the Student Handbook.

·         Displaying expertise and care in your work, being efficient, and managing your time wisely.

·         Representing yourself and the library well by being polite, respectful, and honest.

User Focused

·         Offering proactive service by greeting users, making yourself available, and answering questions efficiently and completely.

·         Being focused and willing to help; remember users come first.

·         Providing factual and reliable information equally and without bias.

Open Communication

·         Promoting and participating in pro-active discourse across all positions.

·         Actively listens to and values the questions, concerns, and ideas of others.

·         Meeting face-to-face and fostering open discussions.

Team Oriented

·         Working together in a respectful manner.

·         Being accountable for what you do and say.

·         Learning from others and sharing feedback.


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