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The McNamara Brothers


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• 1911-1921

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Photographs and Images from 1911-1921

Telegram A telegram from John J. McNamara, to his mother, Mary T. McNamara, following the brothers’ arrests.

April 27, 1911.

Ribbon Labor supporters created many pins, ribbons, and stamps in support of the McNamara brothers.


Otis Advertisement An advertisement against Harrison Gray Otis, owner of the Los Angeles Times.


Darrow Note A note Clarence Darrow scribbled to John J. McNamara, when Darrow’s friend Erskine Wood came to visit. It says,

“Dear Joe,
This will introduce Mr. C.E.S. Wood of Portland, Oregon. Mr. Wood is an old friend of mine, and a friend of yours, and everybody’s. You can talk with him in perfect confidence.
Clarence Darrow”


Support Telegram A telegram of support from a meeting of Boston labor activists, at the beginning of the trial.

October 12, 1911.

California Women's Union Lable League A statement of support from the California Women's Union Label League.

October 18. 1911.

Gompers Letter A statement sent from the McNamara brothers to Samuel Gompers and the AFL conference in Atlanta.


News Clipping 1911 Around the country, people were shocked to find out that the McNamara brothers had pled guilty.

December 1, 1911.

Telegram A telegram expressing shock at the outcome of the trial.

December 1, 1911.


A three page letter from Mother (Mary Harris) Jones after she had visited San Quentin and then their mother in Cincinnati.

March 11, 1912.

Order of Prison Release John J. McNamara’s Order of Release from prison.

Written April 13, 1921.

Quarry Street A 1922 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Cumminsville, Cincinnati. The star indicates the McNamara’s family residence (4306 Quarry Street). Quarry Street no longer exists

Source: Sanborn Fire Insurance Company. 1922. Cincinnati, Ohio. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Ohio Public Library Information Network. Reel 11-6645-01544.jpg. (29 August 2007).