Kehoe Papers Finding Guide


This list of the contents of Dr. Robert A. Kehoe's papers was compiled in the Summer of 1994. Each number in a box represents a grouping of materials. Most numbers represent single files or envelopes. Whenever possible the listings were copied verbatim from headings on the files or envelopes. Other numbers represent groupings of materials created by the compiler. An example of a created grouping is Box #1 grouping #5. The certificates and awards were too numerous to list, and thus a generic grouping was created. When a file or envelope was not titled it is noted in the list as "Untitled File Folder" and a general description was created and included. The created descriptions are presented within brackets to distinguish them from original headings. In some cases loose papers were found in the boxes, and these entries begin with "Loose Papers..." and are usually followed by a created generic description. Please excuse any errors or oversights that survive in this document despite the great care with which it was created.


Box #1

1- Personal security Questionnaires, Biography and Publications Lists of Robert A. Kehoe, Finger Prints, Etc.

2- Aluminum - Work Sheets and Report on Experimental Study on Ingestion of Aluminum by a Normal Human Being.

3- Miscellaneous Lead Papers.

4- Art and Display.

5- Certificates of Memberships in Organizations, Honorary Memberships, Honorary Awards. [On bottom of File with a box of Photos]

Box #2

1- Graphs regarding Lead

2- Lead Data and Calculations.

3- Various reports and papers about Lead including a bound copy of the Harben Lectures.

Box #3

1- Dr. Kehoe’s Material (E. Mergard).

2- Lead Data and Calculations.

Box #4

1- Lead Data and Calculations.

Box #5

1- Investigation, Data, and Calculations regarding the ‘Donora Disaster.’

Box #6

1- Miscellaneous papers on various academic subjects. Not specifically scientific.

Box #7

1- Sundry Private Medical Records.

2- Box containing Information pertaining to the Vanadium project.

Box #8

1-Folder containing research for a memo to be titled ‘What Every Medical Student Should Know.’

2- B & L Instrument Bulletin.

3- Pan American Health organization, World Health Organization, Santiago,   Chile.         ­

4- Southern California Report (Air Pollution), 1-20-1965.

5- Various Reports and Correspondence regarding Air Pollution.

6- Miscellaneous Correspondence reo Publications and Editorials, etc.

7- Photos, Photos of Graphs, Diagrams, and Tables.

8- Dust Study Survey, 1941, 1947, 1949.

9- Data, Calculations, and Records.

Box #9

1- Dosage-Mortality Curve Data

2- Substitution of Tml for TEL. Correspondence and Investigative Work.

3- S. Colum Gilfillam, Ph.D. - Bone Samples.

4 - F12 Exposure

5- Annual Report on Beryllium Problem.

6- Absorption through Lead-containing Hair Dye.

7- Class Exercises.

8- Photographs...Kettering Addition and Equipment.

9- Methods

10- Methods

11- Methods

Box #10

1- Data on Cases of Aleged Injury from the Handling of Leaded Gasoline, to 1939.

2- A...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

3- Workmen’s Comp...Hearing Before the Industrial Board...Harrison Robinson.

4- B...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

5- C...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

6- D...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

7- E...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

8- F...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

9- Case...Matthew French vs. Olds Motor Works.

10- Florence V. Standard -oil Company, Warrior, Alabama.

11- G...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

12- H...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

13- Hubbard Case.

14- M...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

15- Robinson Case.

16- I...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

17- J...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

18- K...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

19- L...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

20­ N...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

21- O...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

22- P...Complaints regarding Ethyl Gasoline.

23- Richard Miller.

24­ Lonnie C. Norton – Savannah, Georgia.

25- Miscellaneous Inquiries and Complaints.

Box #11

1- Policies of Kettering Laboratory, Original Memoranda and Agreements with Corporations Sponsoring Investigative Work


2- Pending Agreements and Negotiations.

3- Organization and Policies of Kettering Laboratory.

4- Memos to Laboratory Staff.

5- Kettering Laboratory Fund for Unspecified Research.

6- Organization of Laboratory.

7- Proposal - Fuel oil versus Natural Gas (Los Angeles Investigation).

8- Coal Tar Contracts.

9- A.E.C Beryllium Project.

10- Various Forms of Agreements and Parts thereof...Kettering Lab.

11- Cornell Contract S-65-25.

12- policies of Kettering Laboratory - Original Memoranda and Agreements with Corporations Sponsoring Investigative Work


Box #12

1- B.S. Degree from UC.

2- Reserve Army Enlistment and Discharge Papers.

3- Other Miscellaneous certificates.

4- Court Case Virgin Islands (Workmen's Compensation).

5- Material on the Working Group on Lead contamination.

6- Harben Lectures.

7- INS etc.

8- Address and Phone Book.

Box #13

1- University Policies.

2- Dean - College of Medicine.

3- Health Division Program, 1931.

4- Medical Computing Center.

5- C. F. st John, M.D., Vice President of The Medical College

6- Highly Confidential Memos to Dr. st John (Re. Experimental Animals).

7- Department of Preventative Medicine and Industrial Health.

8- Faculty - Dr. Kehoe - Forum.

9- Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - Minutes, etc.

10- Fellows of the Graduate School.

11- Department of Environmental Health 1965 -.

12- Faculty Club, University of Cincinnati.

13- President of the University of Cincinnati.

14- National Fund for Medical Education., 2 West 46th Street, N.Y. 36.

Box #14

1- Unfinished complaints 1943-1947.

2- Unfinished Complaints - 1948-1950.

3- Files A through XYZ...Records of Examinations or Correspondence with individuals complaining of Occupational Injury.

Box #15

1- Standard Alcohol Co. -(Mr. E. B. Hunn).

2- Shell Chemical corporation, 460 Park Avenue, New York 22, New York - Formerly - Julius Hyman & Co, Denver 1, Colorado.

3- Shell Development Company, P.O. Box 2171, Denver 1, Colorado.

4- Skin Physiology.

5- Secony Mobil - Lead Alkyls

6- Socony Mobil oil Company, Inc., 903 West GrandBoulevard, Detroit 32, Michigan.

7- Standard Oil Company (N.J.), (Standard Development Company), 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City20.

8- Standard oil Company - (N.J.), 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City 20.

9- Sterling-Winthrop Research Institute, Rennsselaer, New York.

10- Swift and Company, Chicago 9, Ill.

11- Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., 29 41st Avenue, Long Island, N.Y., Project Begun March 1, 1952.

12- Teflon-Coated Cooking Utensils.

13- Standard oil Company of. Indiana, Whiting, Indiana.

14- Tennessee Valley Authority, E. L. Bishop.

15- The Texas Company, 135 E. 42nd st., New York City 17.

16- Thompson Vita-Meter corporation, 23555 Euclid Av., Cleveland 17, Ohio, C.H. Van Hartesvelpt.

17- USPHS Grant C. 2973, Incidence of Neoplasia in Irradiated Children.

18- USPHS Grant H-2899, Toxicological Application of the Artificial Kidney.

19- USPHS Grant RG-5257 (C-1), "Influence of Exposure History on Mercury Excretion."

20- USPH Grant RG-6113, (An annotated reference file on laboratory animals).

21- USPH Grant RG-7560 - (Levels of Boron, Cadmium, Chronium, & Nickel).

22- USPH Grant RG 9880.

23- U.S. Army - DA-18-108-CML-6628, Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc., (Dr. Cleveland).

24- U.S. Army - Cincinnati Procurement District, Contract DA-33­008-AMC-97 (R).

25- USPH Grant - AID/afe-16 (originally - ICAc-1946).

26- US PH Grant OH-101, A Study of Biological Storage Systems.

27- USPH Grant OH-68 (originally RG-8111).                                                         .

28- Research Grant USPHS ITI-AP-I-OI, Training Program in Air Pollution.

29- USPHS - CA 07312-01, Analysis of factors in experimental Lung Cancer.

30- USPH-AP-114(C1), Air Pollution and Urban Morbidity (RG­7330).

31- USPH Grant D.1493 (Bibliography on Flouridation of Public Water.

32- Torch Laboratories, Inc.,- 110 Chestnut street, Philadelphia 6, Pennsylvania.

33- U.S. Borax Research Corporation.

34- N onr-2168 (0), Office of Naval Research, Washington D.C. (Monoethanolamine and Diethanolamine).

35- U.S. Navy - Bureau of Ships.

36- Universal Oil Products Company, Research and Development Labs., Riverside, Illinois.

37- AMC (A)-18-108-63-210 - U.S. Army Chemical Center  (Procurement Agency), Edgewood Arsenal.

38- Thompson Vita-Meter Corporation, 23555 Euclid Av., Cleveland 17, Ohio, C.H. Van Hartesveldt.

Box #16

1- Miscellaneous Tetraethyl Lead Cases or Complaints.

2- More Miscellaneous Tetraethyl Lead Cases or Complaints.

3- Savannah, Georgia (1936), Standard oil Company of Kentucky.

4- Analytical Data and Case Records on Pending Suits for Alleged Lead poisoning.

5- River Rouge, Michigan, Standard oil Company of Indiana.

6- Tampa, Florida, Texas Company (Terminal).

7- Hartford, Connecticut, Standard oil Company of New Jersey.

8- Miscellaneous Reports of Eposure to TEL - Indexed and Summarized (Front of File).

9- Complaints and Considerations arising from contamination of water supplies with leaded gasoline.

10- Lowell, Massachusetts, Socony, Vacuum oil Company.

11- Cleveland, Ohio, Gulf oil Company.

12- Mobile, Alabama, Arkansas Fuel oil Corporation (terminal).

13- Greenville, South Carolina, Goldsboro, North Carolina, Standard oil Company of N.J.

14- Youngstown, Ohio, Youngstown Tank and Boiler Co., (Construction for Gulf Oil Co.).

15- Newark, New Jersey, Brokol Company (Aniline Poisoning).

Box #17

1- Unfinished Complaints - 1951-.

2- Brgkamen - Germany, Chemische Werke Essener stein.

3- Castrop-Rauzel - Germany, Gewerkschaft victor.

4- Dusseldorf-Reisholz, Rhenania-Ossag Mineralolwerke.

5- Frankfurt - Germany, Deutsch-Amerikanische Petrol.

6- Frankfurt - Germany, Rhenania-Ossag Mineral olwerke.

7- Hamburg, Deutsch-Amerikanische Petrol.

8- Hamburg, "Olex" Deutsche Benzin and Petroleum Gessellschaft.

9- Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Rhenania-Ossag Mineralolfabrink.

10- Leuna Werke, Ammoniakwerk Merseburg.

11- Leuna (Leipzig), I.G. Farbenindustrie.

12- Ludwigschafen - Germany, Rhenania-ossag Mineral Olwerk.

13- Mannheim-Neckarspitz, Deutsch-Amerikanische Petrol.

14- Mannheim-Rheniau, Klockner & Co.

15- Mannheim - Germany, Olex Deutsche Benzin.

16- Nisburg - Germany (Hanover), Gewerkschaft Neue Erdol-Raf.

17- Oppau - Germany, I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G.

18- Rositz, Germany, Deutsche Pet. Aktien.

19- Salzbergen - Germany, wintershall Aktiengesellschaft.

20- Schwarzheide, Germany, Braunkohle-Benzin Aktiengesel.

21- Wanna-Eickel - Germany, Krupp Treibstoffwerk.

22- Wilhelmsburg, Rhenania-Ossag Mineraloelwerke.

23- Asiatic Petroleum Company (Shell).

24- Drapetzona - Athens (Shell Company).

25- Amsterdam, N.V. American Petroleum Co.

26- Rotterdam, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Mij. (Shell Asiatic).

27- Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning - Water Cole.

28- Carbon Tetrachloride poisoning - William A. Johnston.

29- Pentachlorophenol Poisoning Cases.

30- Standard-Vacuum Oil Company, Manila.

31- Manila - Standard Vacuum oil Company.

32- Drohobych, Panstwowa Fabryka Olejow, Mineralnych.

33- Libusza, Standard Nobel Co.

34- Lisbon, Shell Company.

35- Braz I Ploesti-Rournania Creditul Minier.

36- Ploesti, Asiatic Petroleum Co. Shell.

37- Ploesti, Unirea Company of Roumania.

38- Teleajen, Roman-Americana.

39- Vega Plbesti - Rournania, Concordia.

40- Xenia Ploesti - Roumania, Redeventza.

41- Bowling, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

42- Grangemouth, Scotland, Scottish oils (Anglo-Iranian).

43- Messina, Societa Italo-Arnericana pel Petrolio.

44- Asiatic Petroleum Co. (Shell).

45- Zurich, Standard Mineraloelprodukto, A.G. (Jersey).

46- Alexandretta - Syria, Socony-Vacuum oil Co.

47- Beyrouth, Syria, Socony-Vacuurn oil Co.

48- Tunis (La Goulette), Societe Tunislienne des Petroles (Jersey).

49- Istanbul, Standard Vacuum oil Co.

50- Montevideo, Urguay, Aministracion National de Combustibles y Portland.

51- La Selinas, Compania de Petrolio.

52- Riga - Latvia, Shell Company.

53- Birzebbugia, Shell Company.

54- Valetta, Shell Co. of Malta.

55- Fedala (Casablanca), Cie. Marocaine des Carburants.

56- Balik Papan, Asiatic Petroleum Co.

57- Java - Dutch East Indies, N.V. Basafsche Petroleum.

58- Preck - Batavia, N.V. Batsafrsche.

59- Soengei Gerong N.E.I. N.V. Nederlandische KolonialePetroleum Maatschappij.

60- Auckland, New Zealand, Caltex (N.Z.) Limited.

61- Auckland, New Zealand, Shell Co. (N.Z.) Limited.

62- Auckland, The Texas Company.

63- Dunedin, N.Z., Caltex Limited.

64- Dunedin, The Texas Company.

65- Lyttleton, N.Z., Caltex Limited.

66- Lyttleton, The Texas Company.

67- Lyttleton, N.Z., Vacuum oil Co. pty. Ltd.

68- Nelson, New Zealand, Caltex, Ltd.

69- Nelson New Zealand, The Shell Co. of N.Z., Limited. New PlYmouth – 70- New Zealand, Texas Company.

71- Picton, New Zealand, Shell Co. (N.Z.) Ltd.

72- Special Plant #8, New Zealand, Vacuum oil Company.

73- Wellington, New Zealand, Caltex Ltd.

74- Wellington, New Zealand, Shell Company.

75- Wellington, The Texas Company.

76- Wellington, Vacuum oil Co. pty., Ltd.

77- Whenaupai, Royal New Zealand Air Force.

78- Oslo (Fagerstrand), Norsk Braendselobje (Anglo-Iranian) Oslo,

79- Ostlandske Petroleum Co.

80- Haifa, Palestine, Socony-Vacuum oil Co.

81- Haifa, Palestine, Shell Company.

82- Bahrein Island.

83- Lima, Peru.

84- Talara, Tropical oil Co.

84- Almas Fuezitoe, Vacuum oil Company.

85- Budapest - Csepel - Hungary, Shell Mineraloel A.G.

86- Calcutta, Burmah-Shell Co.

87- Keamari (Karachi), Burmah-Shell oil Co. (Shell Asiatic)

88- Digboi, Burmah-Assam oil Company (Shell Asiatic).

89- Dunnedaw (Rangoon), Burmah-Assam oil Co. Ltd.

90- Singapore, Asiatic Petroleum Co.

91- Abadan, Anglo-Iranian oil Co.

92- Kermanshah, Kermanshah Petroleum Company.

93- Khanaqin (Alwand) , Rafidain oil Company (Anglo-Iranian)

94- Belfast, Anglo-Persian oil Co. Ltd. (Shell-Mex).

95- Dublin, Irish American Oil Co.

96- Dublin, Texas Company of Ireland.

97- Genoa, Nafta Societa Italiana pel Petrolio ed Affina.

98- La Spezia, Nafta (Shell).

99- Leghorn, Societa Italo-Americana.

100- Livorno, Societa Italo Americana Pel Petrolio.

101- Monopoli, Societa Italo-Americana.

102- Naples, Nafta (Shell).

103- Napoli, Societa Italo-Americana.

104- Savona Vade, Societa Italo Americana Pel Petralia.

105- Spezia, Asiatic Petroleum Co.

106- Trento Plant, Italy.

107- Trieste, Societa Italo-Americana.

108- Turin, Societa Italo-Americana.

109- Venezia, Societa Italo-Americana.

110- Venice, Nafta (Shell).

111- Kobe, Asano Bussan Co.

112- Yokohama, Asano Bussan Co.

113- Yokohama, Standard Vacuum oil Company.

114- Brod, Standard Vacuum oil Co.

115- Caprag, Anglo-Jugoslav Petroleum.

116- Lyon-Collonges, Desmarais Freres.

117- Marselle, Compagnie Generale Des Petrol.

118- Marseille, Desmarais Freres.

119- Marseille, Standard Franciase des Petroles.

120- Nantes, France, Desmarais, Freres.

121- Nevers (Nievre) France, Societe Generale des Huiles de Petrole.

122- Notre Dame de Gravenchon Vacuum.

123- Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Basses-pyr.) Etablissements F. Cassagne.

124- pantin, St. Denis (Paris), Societe Anonyme des Petrole Jupiter (Shell Asiatic).                              .

125- Pauilliac, Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

126- pauilliac (Gironde), France, Societe Anonyme des Petroles- Jup.

127- Petit-Couronne (Seine-Infre), Societe Anonyme des Petroles ­Jup.

128- Petit-Quevilly near Rouen, Societe Francaise des Carburants.

129- Port Jerome, France, Raffineries de la VacuumOil.

130- Port Jerome, Standard Francaise des Petroles.

131- Port St. Louis-duRhone, Lille Bonnieres et Colombes.

132- Port St. Louis-du-Rhone, Societe Anonyme des Petroles Jupiter (Shell Asiatic).

133- Port St. Louis-du-Rhone, Standard Francaise des Petroles.

134- Rouen, Desmarais Freres.

135- St. Denis (Paris), Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

136- Saint-Jean-de-Losne (Cote dor , Ebablissemenents Thevenin.

137- St, Ouen, Standard Francaise des Petroles.

138- Saint-Pol sur Mer (Nord), Raffinerie de petrole du Nord.

139- St. Priest, Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

140- Strasbourg, France, Propetrol, S.A.

141- Stasbourg, France, Societe Asacienne des Carbo

142- Strasbourg, France, Societe des Petroles de L’est.

143- Toulouse, Lille Bonnieres et Colombes.

144- Vitry - France, Societe Generale Des Huiles de Petrole.

145- Woippy (Moselle) - France Centrede Ravitaillement en Essence de Metz.

Box #18

1- Precautions for men entering tanks that have contained Leaded Gasoline - French.

2- 1939 Ethyl corp. Publication on the Use of Ethyl.

3- Ethyl Publication on Use.

4- Copies of a 1944 Dr. Kehoe report to Ethyl Corp. on the handling of Ethyl.

5- Precautions placard.

Box #19

1- Distribution - Children, Tissues, Blood and Spinal Fluid. 2- Lead in Teeth of Children.

3- Lead in Urine and Blood of Children.

4- American Conference - Governmental Industrial Hygienists, 1967.

5- Conference - National Health Forum 1959, Of National Health Council.

6- Miscellaneous Conferences 1960-.

7- Conference in Argentina, June, 1966.

8- Miscellaneous Conferences 1947-52.

9- Personnel - Employment, Deferment, Annuities, Compensation for injury, etc.

10- Miscellaneous Conferences 1953 - 59.

11- Standards Developedby the Kettering Laboratory for American Standards Association.

12- Material from Carpenter Relative to Ethyl Corp. at Time of Federal Suit reo Restraint of Trade Petroleum Conference at Ethyl.

13- Distribution - Men, -Tissues, Blood and Spinal Fluid.

14- Distribution - Men, Tissues, Blood and Spinal Fluid.

15- Miscellaneous Cases involving Lead with analytical results.

16- Miscellaneous Data, Lead.

Box #20

1- Various instruction booklets on handling and transporting Ethyl from cans.

2- A few Ethyl corporation meeting minutes.

3- Reports of Dr. Kehoe...Including some on Lead in the atmosphere.

4- Reprinted Newspaper stories pertaining to the oil Industry as published by The Associated Octel Company Limited.

5- Typed Tables regardig men in various positions in the Ethyl Corp.

6- World Wide Gasoline Quality Studies as OCTEL.

7- Ethyl and OCTEL bound reports on issues relation to Ethyl.

8- Civilian Defense Conference Papers and Information...Handouts and Schedules Cincinnati Conference.

9- Folder from the Eigth Annual National Medical civil Defense Conference, 11 of June 1960.

10- Reports on Chemical Warfare and the Atom Bomb etc.

11- Materials relating to the Committee on Emergency Medical Service of the Cincinnati Academy of Medicine...Hamilton County civil Defense Organization.

12- Assorted Public Health Pamphlets and Materials regarding the Medical Response to the National Security threat provided by the "Chinese Reds," and civil Defense in response to a Nuclear Attack.

Box #21

1- Loose Papers...Various Speeches, Talks, Papers, and Reports both Heard and Given. Teaching materials (including exams).

2- Exams  .... Theses...Correspondence with students.

Box #22

1- Academy of Kettering Fellows.

2- Students - Institute of Environmental Health.

3- Institute of Industrial Health.

4- Institute of Industrial Health.

5- Historical Data - The Kettering Lab...Correspondence Concerning Financial Matters and contributions to Building.

6- Institute of Industrial Health.

7- Policies of Kettering Laboratory - Original Memoranda and Agreements with Corporations Sponsoring Investigative Work (Active).

8- The Carl M. Peterson Memorial Fund.

9- Geier Trust.

10- Building - Cornell Road...Correspondence and other pertinen' Information. '

11- Sheet of paper reading: "File marked 1941 addition to Kettering Laboratory - Correspondence, Contracts, Including High Altitude Chamber and disposition of chamber Accessories. File Given to Bill McGovern, Bus. Office. He wants all Material on the building of Kettering together."

12- Sheet of paper reading: "File makerd Completion of South Wing - Correspondence, agreements, Notes on building and Equipment - all matters Relating to actual Progress of Construction and Equipping. File Given to Bill McGovern, Bus. Office. He wants all Material on the building of Kettering together."

Box #23

1- Various reports by Dr. Kehoe from the late 1920s on Lead.

2- England’s Committee on Lead Tetra-Ethyl notes of evidence

(with a French Translation).

3- Reports of the Committee upon the Medical Aspects of Tetraethyl Lead Poisoning.

4- Bulletins - 1961 - Council on Occupational Health, American Medical Association.

5- Bulletins - 1960 - Council on Occupational Health, American Medical Association.

6- Early Information gathered on Lead Tetra-Ethyl.

7- Data Tables on Lead at the Ethyl Corp.

Box #24

1- Photographs.

Box #25

1- Lab Data and Calculations...Lead.

Box #26

1- Lab Data and Calculations...Lead.

Box #27

1- Lab Data and Calculations...Lead.

Box #28

1- Analytical Data - Sweat - Lead.

2- Normal Data on Lead Excretion Outside of the United States.

3- Curriculum vitae of Faculty.

4- History of Ethyl Corp.

5- Lead in Human Teeth (Adults).

6- Individual Experimental Subjects - Josef J. Svetlik.

7- Curriculum vitae of Various Professional Persons.

8- Insurance on Kettering Laboratory Property - policies and Correspondence.

9- Correspondence Regarding Kettering Building Activities.

10- Newspaper Publicity.

11- Original Mexican Data and Pictures (See later in other folder on Normal Lead outside the U.S.A.).

12- Lead Analyses on Foods and Materials other than Tissues and Excreta.

13- Dedication of New Wing and Kettering Laboratory.

Box #29                                                                                                                            _

1- 1941 Addition to Kettering Lab., correspondence, Contracts, Including High Altitude Chamber and Disposition of Chamber, and Accessories.

2- The Kettering Laboratory, Completion of South Wing 1949 ­Correspondence, Agreements, Notes on Building and Equipment - All Matters Relating to Actual Progress of Construction and Equipping.

3- Facility Records - Correspondence, Bldg Fund. - Change Orders.

4- Kettering Laboratory, New Building - Hannaford Corresp.

5- Kettering Laboratory - New Building - Fosdick and Hilmer Corresp.

6- Application for Funds from U.S.P.H.S.

Box #30

1- Diaries of Study Subjects including Food intake and Excretion.

Box #31

1- Lead Study Data and Calculations.

Box #32

1- Pictures commemorating the dedication of Robert A. Kehoe Hall.

2- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1952.

3- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1951.

4- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1950.

5- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1948.

6- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1955.

7- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1953.

8- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1947.

9- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1954.

10- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1959.

11- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1957.

12- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1958.

13- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1956.

14- Bulletins - Council on Industrial Health, 1949.

15- Report..."The Ocurrence and Significance of Lead in the Paint used on Toys."

16- Early Lab Notebook circa 1923 on...Ethyl.

17- In Box...Poems written by his father and compiled in a memorandum at his death (with a letter he wrote but never sent to an aunt).

18- Photographs.

Box #33

1- Photo Album containing Pictures of the luncheon thrown by the Ethyl Corporation to Commemorate Dr. Kehoe's 30th Anniversary of service.

2- Lead Data File on Julius Svetlik.

3- Lead Study Data and Calculations.

Box #34

1- J. Foster - and other observations on Eagle-Picher Men.

2- Investigation of Cancer-producing Properties of Coal Tars. January 1958 - .

3- The Influence of Non_carcinogenic Hydrocarbons on the Rate of Induction of Carcinoma by Typical Polycyclic carcinogens.

4- Off Shore Shipments of TML.

5- Firmenich and Company, 250 W. 18th st., New York City 11. Mr. Edward P. Morrish.

6- Experimental Subjects - Inhalation of Lead.

7- Mixed Lead Alkyl Production.

8- Proctor and Gamble Company Grant for the Investigation of Flourides.

9- Eastman Chemical Corporation.

10- Lead Alkyls - Experimental.

11- Ethyl Corporation - Absorption and Metabolism of Tetraethyl Lead - Stevens - Later - Horton et ale

12- Iron Analyses and Iron Carbonyl.

13- Engineer Research and Development Laboratories, The Engineer Center and Fort Belvoir, Ft. Belvoir, Va.

14- "Electra puritron Range Hood."

15- Eaton Laboratories.

16- The Drackett Company.

17- Animal Care Panel.

18- Armour Research Laboratory, Armour Foundation 10 W.35th Street, Chicago, Illinois.

19- Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, Exposure to Lead - Ethyl Corp. Research.

20- Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio. - Dr. H. A. Pray.

21- Beckett Bronze Company, 106 East 20th Street, Muncie, Indiana.

22- Armour and Co., 1355 West 31st st., Chicago, Illinois - M. R. McCorkle.

23- E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Du Pont Bldg., Wilmington98. Del.

24- Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Rochester New York (aliphatic epoxy compound).

25- Bristol Laboratories, Inc., 630 Fifth Av., New York City 20, Physiology of the Skin.

26- Brush Instrument Comapny, Cleveland, Ohio.

27- The Bunting Brass and Bronze Co.

28- The Carbonundum Company, Niagara Falls, New York.

29- Carcinogenic Potentialities of certain Metals, with Particular Reference to Cancer of the Lung.

30- Investigation of the Cancer-producing Properties of American Shale oil.

31- Cary Maple Sugar Company, st. Johnsbury.

32- Castex Laboratories, Inc., Watertown 72, Mass.

33- Chesebrough-Ponds, Inc., Clinton, Connecticut.

34- California Research Corporation, 200 Bush street, San Francisco 20, California. - Mr. H. G. Vesper.

35- City of Cincinnati - Bloody Run Sewer Investigation.

36- Cadmium and Hypertension.

37- U. S. Public Health Service Grant, Investigation of the Storage of Flourine in Drinking Water, Contract No. 570-3918 G 3363.

39- DOW Chemical Company.

40- Commercial Solvents .Corporation, Terre Haute, Indiana.

41- The Cromwell Paper Company, 4801-4833 South Whipple Street, Chicago 32, Illinois.

42- Dameron Enterprises, 427 South 20th st., Louisville 3, Kentucky.

43- Devoe and Reynolds Co., Inc., P.O. Box 328, Louisville, (1) Ky.

44- Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Santa Monica, California.

45- Tri-cities Aerometric and Population Survey - Lead in Atmosphere.

46- Increase in TEL in Gasoline to4 ML.per GallonCorrespondencs and Investigative Work.

Box #35

1- Lab Test Data and Calculations.

Box #36

1- R...Coorespondence.

2- Harrison Radiator Division, Lockport, N.Y.

3- 1941 - Baton Rouge Active File.

4- 1942 - Baton Rouge Active File.

5- 1943 - Baton Rouge Active File.

6- 1944 - Baton Rouge Active File.

7- 1945 - Baton Rouge Active File.

8- Baton Rouge Specials - 1946.

9- 1937 - 1940 - Baton Rouge Active File.

10- Baton Rouge - Quarterly, 1937 - 1950.

11- Routine Quarterly Specimen Group for Excretion Analysis ­Baton Rouge.

12- Hercules Powder Company, Inc., Sunflower Ordnace Works,L awrence, Kansas, 10-19-53 to 6-16-55 - 12-17-56.

Box #37

1- Owens-Illinois Glass Company or Kimble Glass Division, 1953 -1956.

2- Ethylene Glycol, Cellosolve, Me Cellosolve - Dioxane.

3- Flourine Derivatives of Acetylidene tetrachloride - Hubbard Thesis.

4- Typhoid Vaccination Work - Flood ’37.

5- Miscellaneous Information and Data on Amines

6- The Diagnosis of Lead Poisoning in the Light of Recent Information.

7- Owens-Illinois Glass Company or Kimble Glass Division, Augus 1949 to December 1952.

8- National Zinc Company, Bartletsville, Oklahoma, 7/10/53 to 10/16/56.

9- The Lowe Brothers Company, Dayton, Ohio (Correspondence, Analytical Data and Reports), August 15, 1940 to April 1, 1947.

10- Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, Second and Mallinckrodt Streets, st. Louis 7, Missouri (1953-1956).

11- Dosage-Mortality - Methods and Tables.

12- Methods of Calculation, Factors for Conversion, Type Formulae, Etc.                                                   .

13- Industrial Examination Procedures, Placement - Special Methods.

14- Equipment for Skin Application and Exposing Animals by Inhalation - Materials of Low Volatility.

15- The Toxicity of Acetone.

16- Material on Heavy Metals other than Lead - Bismuth - Nickel. 17- Furfuryl Alcohol.

18- Germacidal Powers of F 118 - Toxicity of

Cyclohexyldietthylamine and Its "Lorol" Sulfates (Du Pont).

19- Various Laboratory Methods - Bact-Pathological, Clinical, Etc.

20­- Reagents, Equipment, etc. used in Lead Analyses Methods.

Box #38

1- National Lead Co., Granite City, Ill. (Re. Andrew Latchison),

2- Lead Industries Association, 420 Lexington Avenue, New York City 17, Mr. Manfred Bowditch.

3- Republic Steel Company.

4- Purdue Research Foundation, Lafayette, Indiana - Prof. E.T. McBee, Organic Chemist.

5- Professional Cold Wave Manufacturers Group, 142 Fifth Av., New York City 11.

6- provico Feeds, Botkins, Ohio.

7- Reynolds Metals Company, Louisville, Kentucky.

8- Rheem Research Products, Inc., 1400 Standard oil Bldg., Baltimore 2, Md. - Mr. W.F. Peterson.

9- The Proctor and Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

10- The Pepsodent Company.

11- Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical Co. Neville Island, Pittsburgh 25, Pennsylvania.

12- Proctor and Gamble Company, cincinati, Ohio.

13- Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co. 1000 Widener Bldg., Philadelphia 7.

14- Navy Contract - N70nr47903, Experimental Work on Desert Mammals.

15- Nox-Rust Chemical corporation, 2429 South Halsted Street, Chicago 8, Illinois.

16- Ohio, Apex, Incorporated, Nitro, West Virginia.

17- Pan American Refining corporation, Texas City, Texas.

18- Shell Chemical Corporation, 460 Park Avenue, New York 22, New York, -formerly- Juluis Hyman and Co., Denver 1, Colorado.

19- Parke, Davis and Company, Joseph Campau Avenue at the River, Detroit 32, Michigan.

20- The Mead corporation, Chilicothe, Ohio - Dr. E.B. Brookbank.

21- Mead Johnson and Company, Mr. Warren M. Cox.

22- The Wm S. Merrell Company, Cincinnati 15, Ohio.

23- Merry Manufacturing Company.

24- Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. (3M).

25- Monsanto Chem. Co., Dayton 7, Ohio, Dr. N. Samaras, Ass't Central Research Director (Hochwalt Laboratories).

26- Monsanto Chemical Company, St.. Louis, Missouri, (See previous material 12/8/36 - 12/16/52 in safe). .

27- National Distillers and Chemical corporation.

28- Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. Chalmette Works, Chalmette, Louisiana.

29- Kenton Pharmacal Company, Covington Kentucky.

30- The Kettering Institute for Medical Research.

31- Koppers Company, Inc. Pittsburgh 19, Pennsylvania.

32- Lazarus, Columbus, Ohio.

33- Investigation of Extraction of Lead from Glazed Ceramic Surfaces.

34- LeYman Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio.

35- Lithographic Research - U of C Investigation.

36- Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, St. Louis 7, Mo.

37- Marathon Corporation, Menasha, Wisconsin.

38- Mathieson Chemical corporation, Mathieson Building, Baltimore 3, Md.

39- O.M. Scott and Sons Company, Marysville, Ohio.

40- Scott Paper Company, Chester, Pa.

41- Schenley Laboratories, Inc., Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Box #39

1- Socony Mobile oil Company Inc., Paulsboro, New Jersey.

2- National Lead Company, St. Louis.

3- St. Joseph Lead Company, Josephville (Monaco), Pa.

4- Standard Oil Co. of California, El Segundo, California.

5- Staples Tool Company, Glendale-Milford Road, Evendale, Ohio.

6- Sun oil Company, Marcus Hook, Pa.

7- Superior Coach Corporation, Lima, Ohio.

8- Southwestern Ohio Steel Company, Hamilton, Ohio.

9- Sperry Rubber and Plastics Company, Brookville Indiana.

10- Stackpole Carbon Company, ST. Marys, Pennsylvania.

11- Standard oil Company of New Jersey, 26 Broadway, New York City 4.

12- Shell Development

13- Shell oil Company

14- Shepherd Chemical Mr. Lee Shepherd.

15- National Lead Company, Philadelphia 25, Pennsylvania.

16- Remington Arms Co., Kings Mill, Ohio.

17 - Remington Arms Company, Bridgeport, - Connecticut - #2.

18- Universal oil Products Company, Inc. Chicago, Illinois.

19- Saginaw Bearing Company, Saginaw, Michigan.

20- The Schaible Company, Mariemont, Ohio.

21- Rookwood Pottery - Cincinnati, Ohio.

22- The Texas Company, 135 E. 42nd St., New York City 17.

23- The Tool Steel Gear and pinion Company.

24- Truck Cab Manufacturers, Inc. 1202 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

25- Union Carbide and Carbon Co., Niacet Chemicals Division, U.s. Vanadium Corp., Niagara Falls, N.Y.

26- Union Carbide Nuclear Company, Post Office Box E, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

27- U.S. Playing Card Company, Norwood, Ohio.

28- U.S.S. Lead Refinery, Inc. E. Chicago, Illinois.

29- Ohio Ferro-alloys Corporation, Duncan Falls, Ohio.

30- Orrville Metal Specialty Company, South Elm and Penn Avenue, Orrville, Ohio. - Dr. J.P. Miller.

31- Republic Steel Company.

32- The Randall Company, 5000 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

33- Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co., Wyandotte, Michigan.

34- Peters Cartridge Co., Kings Mills, Ohio. - Industrial Consultation Services and Investigation.

35- Pollack Paper corporation, Middletown, Ohio.

36- Porcelain Products Company, Parkersburg, West Virginia.

37- Progress Lithographing Company, section Rd. and Pennsylvania R. R., Cincinnati, Ohio - Mr. C.H. Klein, President.

38- William Powell Valve Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

39- Prestolite (Division of the Electric Autolite Co.), Vincennes, . Indiana.

40- Price Battery corporation, Hamburg, Pennsylvannia.

41- Nassau Smelting and Refining Company.

42- National Marking Machine Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

43- McCord corporation, Detroit, Mich.

44- The Markey Bronze Bushing Co., Delta, Ohio - Mancuso (State Health Department Survey).

45- Metal and Thermit Corporation, Rahway, New Jersey.

46- The Meyer-Hecht Company, 2824 Stanton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

47- Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company [3M], 900 Fauquier Avenue, St. Paul 6, Minnesota. .

48- Nibco of Texas.

49- Newmont Mining Corporation, New York, New York.

50- Norfolk and Western Railway Company, Williamson, West Virginia.

51- NuTone, Inc., Madison and Red Bank Roads, Cincinnati, Ohio.

52- Palmer Co., St. Bernard - Art Glass MFG. Industrial Consultation Service and Investigation.

53- Vanadium corporation.

54- Vitro Chemical Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

55- The Vulcan Copper and Supply Co., 120 Sycamore st., Cincinnati, Ohio.

56- The Waterproof Paper and Board Co., 427 East sixth st., Cincinnati. Plant at Loveland, Ohio.

57- Willard Lead Products Company.

58- Willard Storage Battery Company, 246 E. 131st st., Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. W. B. Hutchinson.

59- The Williamson Company

60- The Wilson Rubber Company, 1117 Marion Avenue, S. W. Canton, Ohio.

61- The Witt Cornice Company, 2118 Winchell Avenue, Cincinnati 14, Ohio.

62- Wright Aeronautical Corporation, Dr. John R. Meek.

63- Maumee Chemical Company.

64- Lead in Paint on Childrens Toys.

Box #40.

1- Two Framed Graphs Regarding Lead.

Box #41

1- Three Framed Graphs Regarding Lead.

2- Photographs.

Box #42

1- National Petro-Chemical Corp., Tuscola, Illinois, Industrial Wastes-Shelbyvile, Illinois.

2- Inland Steel Company.

3- Institute of Paper Chemistry, Appleton, Wisconsin.

4- International printing Ink Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

5- The Goodyear Tire and Rubb_r Co., Akron 16, Ohio.

6- Granite City Steel Company.

7- Greeno Company of Cincinnati.

8- Gulf oil Company, Gulf Building, Pittsburgh 30, Pennsylvania Gulf Motor Flush.

9- C. P. Hall Company, 2510 First-central Tower, Akron 8, Ohio.

10- Hercules Powder Company, Inc., Wilmington, Deleware. Dr. Lemuel C. McGee.

11- Industrial Wastes (Stream Pollution), American Iron and Steel Institute - New York City.

12- Hooker Electrochemical Company, Niagara Falls, New York.

13- General Electric Company.

14- General Motors Corporation Proposed Investigation of Automobile Exhaust (correspondence with Mr. John M. Cambell and Mr. Frank A_ Patty).

15- Geigy Company, Inc., 89 Barclay st., New York City 8.

16- Flourine Project, January 1956 - December 1957.

17- Various Reports on Flourides for the 1957 SYmposium.

18- Initial Investigation - Use of TML, Yellow Cab - San Francisco.

19- The B. F. Goodrich Company.

20- Flouride Project.

21- 4 loose papers regarding ORSANCO.

Box #43

1- Wynn Oil Company, Azusa, California.

2- Wyandotte Chemicals Corp.

3- Rantanen, Walter. Ethyl Gasoline Lab, San Bernadino.

4- E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc., Wilmington 98, Deleware.

5- E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. P.O. Drawer 3471, st. Paul, Minn.

6- E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Towanda, Pennsylvania - Dr. G. E. Richardson, Plant Physician.

7- E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Richmond 12, Virginia.

8- E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Kankakee Ordnance Works, Joliet, Illinois - P.O. Box 955.

9- E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Edge Moor, Del. - Dr. F.G. Lockwood.

10- E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., 35th st. and Gray's Ferry Ave., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Bradford C. Scudder.

11- Du Pont (Lockland) Cincinnati, Ohio.

12-. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., P.O. Box 100, Richland, Washington. Dr. J.A. Quigley.

13- Du Pont Company - Jos. Agresta.

14- E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Waynesboro, VA. - Dr. C. L. Savage.

15- Ford Motor Company, -Norfolk, Virginia.

16- Ford Motor Company, Automatic Transmission Division, P.O. Box 1939.

17- Fisher Body Division, General Motors Corporation, Norwood, Ohio. Dr. R. D. Maddox.

18- Private Patient Files - Lead

19- Industrial Organizations Seeking Physicians, Directors of Laboratories, Etc.

20- Loose Papers, letters of interest, resumes, and letters seeking qualified individuals.

21- Mr. Robert M. Lynn, Standard Oil Company, Louisville, Kentucky.

22- Mr. Bryce S. VanLandingham, Standard Oil Company, Covington, Kentucky.

23- Ethyl - Special Examinations.

24- Miscellaneous Surveys - Minor studies of problems.

25- Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, Michigan. (Mercury) Plant Personnel and Plant Information.

26- Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, Michigan.

27- Estate Stove Company Investigations.

28- Ferro Chemical Company, Bedford, Ohio.

29- Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, West Virginia.

30- Formica Insulation Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

31- Galeton Production Company, Galeton, Pennsylvania.

32- Gardner Board and Carton Company, Lockland, Ohio.

33- Eagle Picher Men Studies with Foster.

34- The Eagle-Picher Company, American Bldg., Cincinnati 1, Ohio. Mr. G.A. Cowan, Sales Manager. Report with respect to Floor-Dry.

35- Eclipse Machine Division, Bendix Aircraft Company, Elmira, New York.

36- Emery Industries - Patient test records.

Box #44

1- Cases of Tetraethyllead Poisoning in connection with Tank Cleaning in Athens, Greece.

2- Cases of TEL poisoning, I.G. Farben Manufacturing Plant.

3- Du Pont Cases - TEL

4- Poole, Dorset - Jan.-March, 1951. TEL poisoning from tank cleaning.

5- untitled file...?Inhalation of Lead?

6- Cases of TEL poisoning, French Manufacturing Plant ­Paimboeuf.

7- Singapore - The Shell Company of Singapore Limited.

8- Anaconda Wire and Cable Co., .Investigation - Marion, Ind. 9- Dayton Data...TEL poisoning...Ethyl Corp.

10- Norfolk, Virginia, Gulf oil Company.

11- Bob Graham, Ethyl Corporation.

12- Loose papers, Graphs and Data on Lead, Occupational Health related letters.

13-- Envelope, Data circa 1967.

14- Jacksonville, Florida, Orange state oil Company.

15- Jacksonville, Florida, Standard oil Company of Kentucky.

16- Manchester, New Hampshire, Socony Vacuum oil Company.

17- Baltimore, Maryland; Tidewater Associated oil Company.

18- Miami, Florida, Pan-American Airways.

19- South Norwalk, Connecticut, Gulf oil Company.

20- Savannah, Georgia (1942), Standard oil Company of Kentucky.

21- Detroit, Michigan, Chicago Bridge and Iron Works (Cities service Leased Tank).

22- San Juan, Puerto Rico, Texas Company.

23- Stockton, California, Coast oil Company.

24- Sewaren, New Jersey, Shell oil Company.

25- Artesia, New Mexico, continental oil Company.

26- Norfolk, Virginia, Gulf oil Company (Terminal).

27- Denver, Colorado, Brice oil Company.

28- Wright, Dr. J. R.

29- Walsh, Frank X.

30- Wells, Russell.

31- Stourport, England - Regent oil Co., J. Whelan and Sons ­Engineers and Contractors - Birmingham, England.

32- Author's Guide - Waverly Press - Monroe Calculating Machine Methods.

33- Foreign Examinations - Tank Cleaning Cases - (Organic Lead Cases and pbET Gasoline complaints). (30’s-50’s).

Box #45

1- Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation commission - 414 Walnut Street, Cincinnati 2, Ohio, E.J. Cleary, Exec.Dir. + Ch. Engr.

[Includes first three annual reports of the ORVWSC].

2- Detroit [Ethyl Corporation].

3- correspondence, Memoranda and Reports on Various Products of Ethyl - Detroit Lab etc.

4- Investigation of Terminal Distribution of Lead in Man, Cooperation with Coroner - Hamilton City.

5- Loose...Medical Records of Lead Study participants.

6- George Kirby - Ethyl Corporation.

7- E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. (The Metabolism of Lead).

8- H.E. Hesselberg - Ethyl Corporation.

9- American Petroleum Institute (The Metabolism of Lead).

10- Correspondence, etc. and Comments Re. Report of National Academy of Sciences on Lead in the Air.

11- Draft of Statement of Nat'l Environmental Research Center Re. Report of National Academy of Sciences - Lead in the Air.

12- The International Encyclopedia of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

13- National Science Foundation

14- Procedure of the Medical School and the University in the Matter of Human Experimentation.

15- U.S. Public Health Service (The Metabolism of Lead).

16- Mitchell R. Zavon, M.D. (Medical Directoe), Ethyl Corporation, 415 Florida Avenue, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801.

17- Aluminum Industries Assn. Correspondence, etc. Re. ideas of T.M. Riddick.

18- New York {Ethyl Corporation].

19- Ethyl Corporation, Re: S.J. Fierberg (Gulf General Atomic).

20- Environmental Pollution Advisory Panel, National Chamber, Chamber of Commerce of the United States.

21- Mayor's Committee on Environmental Health.

Box #46

1- Loose papers, primarily related to the Kettering lab and finances circa 1966.

2- Ethyl Corporation - Air Pollution Problem (General).

3- General Electric Company, Lockland, Ohio.

4- Greyhound Bus Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio - Mr. Kohler – (Mr. J. W. Hudson, Taft, Stettinius and Hollister.

5- General Phosphorus Company - City of Reading, Reading, Ohio. 6- Air Pollution Study, Iowa Farm Supply Company, Farm Bureau Bldg., 10th and Grand Avenues. Des Moines. Iowa.

7- Report of "Smog" Condition on Grand Avenue, Kenton County, Kentucky.

8- Air Pollution Study, Kentucky Chemicals Industries Inc. Frankfort, Kentucky.

9- Manual on the Removal of Particulate Matter from Gases, Dust­Collecting Devices - A.P.I. (1958).

10- R.R. Donnelly Sons Company, Crawfordsville, Indiana.

11- Loose papers, related to the State of California Department of Public Health and "Smog."

12- contamination of Atmosphere - city of Louisville.

13- contamination of Atmosphere - City of Los Angeles.

14- Southern California Air Pollution Foundation, 704 S. Spring St., Los Angeles 14, Calif.

15- City of St. Bernard, Ohio, Air Pollution Survey.

16- City of Cincinnati, Air contamination Study.

17- Air Pollution, Baltimore, Maryland.

18- Air Pollution - General.

19- Smoke and Fumes Committee of American Petroleum Institute, Mr. V. N. Jenkins, Exec. Secretary.

20- The Aluminum Association, 420 Lexington Avenue, New York City 17.

21- American Petroleum Institute 1958- .

22- American Petroleum Institute 1953-1957. (See file in hall for previous file.)

23- Investigation of Aluminum Therapy for Silicosis in relation to Hamilton, Ohio, Group of Foundrymen.

24- American Heart Association.

25- The Atlantic Refining Company, 260 South Broad Street, Philadelphia 1, Pennsylvania.

26- American Water Works Assoc., Inc. 2 Park Avenue, New York 16, N.Y.

27- F. E. Anderson oil Company Inc. Portland, Connecticut.

28- American Cyanamid Company.

29- Lead Studies Tables - Aug. 1980-1981 (Floyd).

30- Inhal. prog. Rpts.

31- Inhalation Studies, Herman Beings Studies.

Box #47

1- Loose Papers...Miscellaneous Correspondence about Lead in Paint and TEL.

2- E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Old Hickory Plant, Davidson County, Tenn., Dr. R. P. Miller.

3- Loose Papers...Miscelleous Subjects...Papers, Reports, Letters, and Pamphlets.

4- The Lowe Brothers Company, Correspondence.

5- Lowe Brothers Report, Dr. Ashe.

6- Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee. [World War II...Materials regarding Germany and a few about Japan].

7- Beryllium Advisory Committee, Consultant to the A.E.C.

8- Report..."Medical Research Support for the Air Force Research and Development Mission."

9- Copies of Report on Lead Containing Hair Dyes.

10- Loose Papers...Re. Montana State Board of Health.

11- Loose Papers...Including Report "Particulate Lead Compounds in Automobile Gas," and others as well as Miscellaneous Correspondence.

12- Hair Dye - Lead Analyses.

13- Loose Papers...Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports.

14- Hair Dye Industry Correspondence.

15- Lowe Bros. 1946 Report.

16- The Lowe Brothers Company, Dayton, Ohio, Complete file ­Physicals, reports, etc.

17- Lowe Bros. Dust Study.

18- Consultants Agreements.

Box #48

1- Chambers Works stripling Data.

2- Correspondence of Dr. Duell - Miscellaneous Matters.

3- Check Samples with Jackson Laboratory.

4- 1941 - Wilmington Active File.

5- 1946 - Wilmington Active File.

6- 1934 - Wilmington Active File.

7- 1942 - Wilmington Active File.

8- 1933 - Wilmington Active File.

9- 1937 - Wilmington Active File.

10- 1939 - Wilmington Active File.

11- 1940 - Wilmington Active File.

12- 1944 - Wilmington Active File.

13- 1945 - Wilmington Active File.

14- 1936 - Wilmington Active File.

15- 1938 - Wilmington Active File.

16- 1943 - Wilmington Active File.

17- 1935 - Wilmington Active File.

18- Comparison of spot Urine with Large Urine Samples.

19- Analytical Data on Employees of Ethyl Corporation.

20- Du Pont Quarterly - Wilmington.

21- Routine Quarterly Specimen Group for Excretion Analysis ­Chambers Works.

Box #49

1- Unfinished Complaints 1939-1942.

2- Examinations and Analyses on Ethyl Mixing Personnel

3- Unfinished Complaints - Case of Harry J. Miller vs Shell oil Company 1944 - 1950.

Box #50

1- American Crucible Products Co., Lorain, Ohio, 5/7/43 to 10/29/54.

2- American Steel and Wire Company (Various), 4/7/50 - 12/18/56.

3- S...[Lead poisoning cases last names beginning with S].

4- T..." ".

5- W...[Lead Poisoning cases last names beginning with W].

6- XYZ..." ".

7- V..." ".

8- M.P. Telepnev [A Lead Poisoning Court Case].

Box #51

1- Miscellaneous Travel Guides.

2- Book..."Bleiaufnahme und Bleiausscheidung."

3- Publications of Ethyls Regulations for handling Ethyl in various languages.

4- Envelope Containing Miscellaneous personal letters, postcards, and pictures. Pictures of note include some from his 1945 trip to Germany some of which document attrocities committed at Tekla. Also of note are letters from a friend residing in Japan.

5- Envelope containing Newspaper clippings.

6- Envelope containing various photos in cardboard.

7- Copies of "Study of Health Hazards in Sale and Use of Ethyl

Gasoline," by J. P. Leake.                    .

8- Envelope with Miscellaneous pictures and postcards.

9- untitled File Folder with papers pertaining to the Slough Industrial Health Service.

Box #52

1- Normal Absorption and Excretion of Lead - Tables Only.

2- Industrial Lead Poisoning (N.Y. State Safety Conference ­

Pub. Nat'l Safety News April 1938).

3- Recognition and Prevention of Lead poisoning. Am. Col. of Surgeons - Chicago IL - 1937, Pub.

4- Problems in Handling Ethyl Fluid and Ethyl Gasoline - Photos, etc.

5- Barrel Fillers Plan - 1929.

6- Barrel Filers Ethyl - 1929.

7- spanish Translation of Part 1, Article on Hazards of Leaded Gasoline.

8- Bibliography on Sacharin.

9- Garage Mechanics Exposure - 1929.

10- Tank Wagon Ethyl - 1929.

11- Filling station Ethyl - 1929.

12- Tank Wagon Ethyl - Comparison, 1927 - 1929.

13- Quantitative Factors Ethyl study - 1929.

14- Filling station Ethyl Comparison, 1927 - 1929.

15- Tank Wagon Ethyl and Filling station Ethyl - comparison, 1927 - 1929.

16- Non-Quantitative Factors - Ethyl study - 1929.

17- Behavior of Lead - Colloidal.

18- Part II - Hazards of Leaded Gasoline.

19- Foreign Installations of the Ethyl corporation - 1936.

20- Adelaide, Commonwealth oil Ref. Ltd.

21- Adelaide, The Texas-Company.

22- RAAF, Special Plant #10 (S.A.), Vacuum oil Company, Adelaide.

23- Berry's Bay - Australia, Commonwealth oil Ref.

24- Birkenhead, Adelaide, S. Australia, Caltex Limited.

25- Birkenhead - Australia Commonwealth Oil Ref. Ltd.

26- Birkenhead, Adelaide, S. Australia, The Shell Co. of Australia, Ltd.                                                                              .

27- Birkenhead, S.Australia, Texas Company Limited.

28- Birkenhead, Adelaide, South Australia, Vacuum oil Co. pty. Ltd.

29­ Brisbane, Commonwealth oil Ref. Ltd.

30- Brisbane - Australia, Shell Company.

31- Brisbane, The Texas Company.

32­ Fremantle - Australia, Commonwealth oil Ref.

33­ Freemantle, The Texas Company.

34- Glen Davis, N.S.W., National oil Pty. Ltd.

35­ Hunters Hill - Pulpit Point, Vacuum oil Company.

36- Laverton, Commonwealth oil Ref. Ltd.

37- Newcastle, New South Wales, Caltex Limited.

38- Newcastle, Commonwealth oil Ref.

39­ Newcastle, The Texas Company.

40­ Newport, Melbourne, Australia, Shell Co. of Australia Ltd.

41­ P auillac (Gironde), Les Consommateurs de petroie, Australia.

42­ Port Kembla, New South Wales, Commonwealth Oil Refineries.

43 - d.

44- Spotswood, Melbourne, Australia, Caltex Limited.

45- Ballast Point - Sydney, Australia, Caltex (Asia) Ltd.

46- Sydney, Commonwealth Oil Refinery

47- Federal Road, Glebe Point, Sydney, Independent oil Industries, Ltd.

48- RAAF, Special Plant #5, (N.S.W.), Shell Oil Co., Sydney.

49- RAAF, Special Plant # 6 (N.S.W.), Shell Oil Co., Sydney.

50- Sydney - Australiaq, Shell Company.

51- Sydney, The Texas Company

52- Sydney, N.S.W. - pulpit Point, Vacuum oil Company Pty. Ltd.

53- Tasmania, Australia, Commonwealth oil Refineries.

54- Victoria - Spotswood, The Texas Company.

55- RAAF, Special Plant #9 (Vie.), Vacuum Oil Company.

56- victoria - Yarraville, Vacuum oil Co.

57- Vienna-Floridsdorf - Germany, A.G. der Shell.

58- Vienna (Kagran), Vacuum oil Company.

59- Beira, Shell Company.

60- Durban, Shell oil Company.

61- Durban, Vacuum oil Company.

62- Leopoldville, Petrocongo.

63- Lagos, Shell Company of Nigeria.

64- Mombasa, Shell Company.

65- Alger, Compagnie Algerienne des Petroles.

66- Buenos Aires, Cia. Nacionel de Petroleo.

67- Buenos Aires, West India oil Company.

68- Buenos Aires (La Plata), Yacimentos Petroliferios.

69- Camiri, Standard oil of Bolivia.

70- Rio de Janeiro, Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Corp.

71- Rio de Janeiro, Standard oil of Brazil.

71- Rio de Janeiro, Texas Company.

73- Point Fortin (Port of Spain), united British oil Fields Shell Asiatic).

74- San Antonio, West India oil Company.

75- Canton, China, Standard Vacuum oil Co.

76- ChungKing, China, Standard Vacuum.

77- Hankow, China, Standard Vacuum.

78- Hong Kong, Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd.

79- Hong Kong, China, Standard Vacuum oil.

80- Hong Kong, China, The Texas Company.

81- Shanghai, Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd.

82- Shanghai (pootung), Standard Vacuum oil Co.

83- Shanghai, The Texas Company.

84- Ambes (near Bordeaux), Docks des Petroles de la Gironde

85- Aubervilliers, L'Economique S. A.

86- Avignon, France, Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

87- Bec d'Ambes - France, Raf. de Petrole de la Gironde.

88- Begles (Gironde), France, Standard Fran. des Petroles.

89- Berre, Raffinerie de Berre.

90- Beziers (Herault), Societe des Petroles du Langue doc.

91- Desmarais Freres, Blaye (near Bordeaux).

92- Brest, France, Desmarais Freres.

93- Brest, France, Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

94- Colombe, Lille Bonnieres et Colombes.

95- Courchelettes (Nord), Societe Generale des Huiles de Pe1


96- Diou (Allier), France, Maison Antoine Baud.

97- Donges, Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

98- Donges, France, Pechelbronn-Quest S. A.

99- Dunkirk, Les Consommateurs de Petrole.

100- Dunkirk, Raffinerie de Petrole du Nord.

101- Frontignon, Cie Industrielle des petroles (Vacuum).

102- Gergy, French Government.

103- Gimouille, Societe Francias des Carburant.

104- Gimouille, Societte Generales Des Huiles.

105- Gonfeville l'Orcher - France, Compagnie Francais de Ref.

106- Ivry, Desmarais Freres.

107- La Courneuve, French Government.

108- La Forge, French Government.

109- La Mede (Bouches-duRhone), Compagnie Francaise de Raffinage.

110- La Mede, France, Union des Petroles de Martigue.

111- La Nouvelle (Ande), Societe des petroles du Lanquedoc.

112- La Peyrade, France, Essences et Carburants du Centre.

113- La Seyne (Var) France, Ste Francaise des Combustibles Liquides.

114- L'Avera (Marseilles), Societe Generales des Huiles de Petrole. .

115- Le Havre - France, Compagnie Indust. Maritime.

116_ Le Pontet (Near Avignon), Societe Marseillaise des Essences.

117- Helsingfors, Asiatic Petroleum Company.

118- Helsingfors, Shell Company.

119- Helsingfors, Standard Nobel.

120- Barranca-Bermeje (Near Catagena, Tropical oil Company

121- Kolin, Vacuum oil Company.

122- Copenhagen, Det Danske Petroleums Aktieselskaub.

123- Kastrup, Denmark, Det Danske Petrol. Aktieselskaub

124- Nyborg, Det Danske Petroleums Atkieselskaub.

125- Aruba - Dutch West Indies, Standard oil Company.

126- Curacao - Dutch West Indies, Asiatic Petroleum Compan

127- Ecuador.

128- Alexandria - Egypt, Vacuum Oil Co.

129- Cairo - Egypt, Socony-Vacuum Oil.

130- Port Sudan - Egypt, Shell Company of the Sudan.

140- Suez - Egypt, Anglo Egyptian Oilfields Ltd. (Shell).

141- Suez, Asiatic Petroleum Company (Shell).

142- Avonmouth, England, Anglo-American oil Ltd.

143- Avonmouth, Anglo-Iranian oil Co.

144- Avonmouth, Trinidad Leaseholds.

145- Billingham, Imperial Chemical Industries.

146- Bow - England, Carless Capel and Leonard.

147- Cory ton - England, Trinidad Leaseholds ltd.

148- Ellesmere, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

149- Ellesmere, Anglo-Iranian oil.

150- Fawley, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

151- Hamble, Anglo-Iranian oil.

152- Hull, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

153- Hull, Anglo-Iranian oil Co.

154- Ipswich, Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.

155- Kings Lynn, Anglo-Iranian Company.

156- Llandarcy, Anglo-Iranian oil Company.

157- London (Bow), Carless, Capeland Leonard.

158- London (Bow), Trinidad Leaseholds.

159- Plymouth, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

160- Purfleet, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

161- Saltend - England, Anglo-American oil Co.

162- Saltend - England, Shell-Mex and B.P. Limited.

163- Shellhaven, Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.

164- Silvertown, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

165- Stourport - England, Trinidad Leaseholds Limited.

166- Sunderland, Anglo-American oil Co. Ltd.

167- Thameshaven, Angl-American oil Co. Ltd.

168- Antwerp, Belgium, Standard American Pet. Co.

169- Antwerp, Belgium, Texas Company.

170- Ertvelde, Belgium, Purfina.

171- Ghent - Belgium, Shell Company.

Box #53

1- Medical Records.

2- Code Sheets - Investigation - Lead Absorption - Exposure to Leaded.Gasoline and Products of Combustion.

Box #54

1-Copies of published articles by Dr. Kehoe.

2- Miscellaneous reports and papers.

3- Copies of published articles by Dr. .Kehoe.

Box #55

1- Lead II Data.

2- Ethyl Reports on "Information concerning the Properties, Handling, & Mixing of 'Ethyl' Anti-knock Compound."

3- Ethyl Surveys of Gasoline Quality for 1958 & 1959.

Box #56

1- Ethyl Corporation Correspondence.

2- Kehoe Lead Balance Studies in Humans (re. Dr. Gross & Ethyl Corp.).

3- Early Material on Versene.

4- Mr. Lawrence E. Blanchard, Jr., Executive Vice President, Ethyl Corporation.

5- J. E. Bourdreau, Ethyl Corporation.

6- Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald, President, Ethyl Corporation.

7- W. R. Perdue, Jr., Ethyl Corporation.

8- Fred Warne.

9- Consultant to Office of the Surgeon General of u.S. Air Force.

10- U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

11- U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (PI 7-3600).

12- Lead Industries Association.

13- Confidential.- Annual Report on Beryllium Problem.

14- Non-Occupational Berylliosis in Lorain, Ohio.

15- Loose papers...Beryllium...Miscellaneous Reports and Correspondence.

Box #57

1- Loose...Published Reports, Article Clippings, and Papers re. TEL.

2- MonoMethylanilin Report No. II Inhalation...Rough.

3- Publication: "Some Aspects of Exposing Experimental Animals to Vapors and Gases in Air.

4- Publication: "The Physiological Response to Triaryl Phosphate."

5- Report: "Automotive Air Pollution."

6- Loose papers, Reports, and Publications reo The Toxicology and Pharmacology of Aldrin and Dieldrin.

7- Solution X-184262R.

8- Publication: "Thermal Decomposition of Compounds and their Effect on Toxicity."

9- Paper: "Is There Any Relationship Between structure and Toxicity."

10- The Octel "Report on Incident at Pasir Panjang, Singapore, 28th August to 21st September 1965.

11- TTC-13 thru TTC-15 Blood Counts.

12- IV, Oral, Cut, M.MA.

13- Xylidine II Report.

14- Untitled File...TEL and Ethyl Corp.

15- Ethyl Corp. Publications on Higher TEL Concentrations and Durability Efects, Deposit Effects, Antiknock Effectiveness and Economics.

16- Report: ."The Occurrence of Lead Poisoning in Industry."

Box #58

1- Interim Board of Preventive Medicine, Public Health Service, Washington 25, D. C.

2- Chicle Correspondence re. Samples, Conferences, etc. Reports to Government.

3- Chicle Material - Analytical Results.

4- Chicle.

5- American Board of Preventive Medicine, 1957.

6- Correspondence with Workmen's Compensation Boards and Industrial Accident Commissions.

7- Residency Review Committee for Preventive Medicine.

8- untitled...Cincinnati Literary Club Papers(?}.

9- Stanford Research Institute, Stanford, California. Dr. T. D. Parks.

10- Three Commemorative albums with Photos and Cables.

Box #59

1- Loose Papers and Booklets...Miscellaneous re. Lead.

2- Erickson Smelter Plant, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Special Study of Schuylkill Products Co.).

3- Loose Papers and Booklets...Miscellaneous re. Lead.

4- Requests for Investigations.

5- "A Comparison of the Effects of the Inhalation of Tetramethyllead and Tetraethyllead by Rats and Dogs."

6- Standard oil Company of California, Box #3495, San Francisco 20, California.

7- Untitled File...TEL Los Angeles Field Tests.

8- TML California Report.

9- California Research (X10JA).

10- Eagle-Picher Insulation Study.

11- Untitled file folder containing a Memorandum "On the Objectives of an Investigation of the Toxicologic Characteristics of Tetramethyllead."

12- untitled File...TML.

Box #60

1- Tri-city Lead Data Tables [Laid on Top].

2- Lead Industries Association (Human Exposure to Ambient Air Concentrations of Particulate Lead).

3- Reports Re. Lead.

4- Reports Re. Lead.

5- Tri-City Survey.

6- untitled File..."Report on Methods for Determining Lead in Biological and Related Materials;" and other papers re. Lead.

7- Mason’s Paper. 8- Book Material.

9- Loose papers re. Lead - Book Material.

10- Ethyl Corp. - Lead - Staff Meetings.

Box #61

1- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#1.

2- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#2.

3- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#3.

4- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#4.

5- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#5.

6- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#6.

7- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#7.

8- Unfiled Reports, Essays, and Notes...#8.

9- "Transcripts of Hearings on Air-Quality Standards, California Air Resources Board."

10- "Recommended Ambient Air Quality Standards, Applicable to All Air Basins."

11- "The Meteorological Conditions As A possible Factor Affecting Health Statistics At Donora, PA., During the Months of April, September, and November 15 - December 15, 1945."

12- "Effects of Exposure to Low Level Atmospheric Lead."

13- Pamphlet..."Dynamic Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Space Age."

14- untitled File..."An Evaluation and Review of the Report On Smoking and Health by the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General."

15- untitled File Folder...Miscellaneous papers re. The Public Health Federation.                                                                                              

Box #62

1- Various Awards, Certificates, Diplomas, and Plaques.

Box #63

1- "The Toxicity of Flourides to Fresh Water Fish."

2- "The Effects of Atmospheric Flourides on Man."

3- "The Effects of Flourides on Basic Plant Processes."

4- "Autopsy Protocols of Human Cases."

5- "A Synoptic Climatology of Diurnal Inversions in the Jordan Valley."

6- "Canyon Winds at Hill Air Force Base, Utah."

7- "Statement and supporting Documents Concerning the Potential Occupational Hazard of Repiratory Exposure to Air-borne Fibrous Glass, in Relation to a Threshold Limit Value."

8- "Memorandum on the Present Status and the Future Needs, with Respect to Information Deriving from Observation and Investigation of the Behavior of Inorganic Compounds of Flourine in the Animal Organism."

9- "The Flourosis Problem in Livestock Production."

10- "Metabolism of Inorganic Fluids."

11- "Our Childrens Teeth."

12- "Rates of Elimination of Flouride Stored in the Tissues of Man."

13- "Flourosis in Cattle and Sheep."

14- "Survey of the possible Occurrence and Extent of Flourosis in Cattle on Selected Farms in Blount County."

15- Non-Pertinent Papers.

16- Publication, "The Occurrence of Flouride in Air, Food, and Water."

17- Draft: "Analysis of Flourides."

18-- untitled Folder...Miscellaneous Correspondence Re. Flouride. 19- untitled Folder...Meeting Minutes from Investigators of the Behavior of Flourides.

20- "A Course of Instruction on The Effects of Flourides."

21- "Statement and Supporting Documents Concerning the Potential Occupational Hazard of Respiratory Exposure to Air-borne Fibrous Glass, in Relation to a Threshold Limit Value."

22- Studies of Employees of Owens-corning Fiberglass Corporation, Newark, Ohio.

23- untitled Folder- The Flouride Symposium.

24- Owens-corning Fiberglass Corp.

25- Fiberglass project.

26- Owens-corning Fiberglass Corp., Toledo 1, Ohio.

Box #64

1- Ebenbenrein.

2- A Guide For Abstractors for the Bibliographic Work of the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission Toxicity Project, July 1, 1954.

3- Report #9 - Sub-Committee on Toxicities, Metal Finishing Industry Action Committee.

4- Report #10 - Sub-Committee on Toxicities, Metal Finishing Industry Action committee.

5- Annual Reports of the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation commission.

6- Loose Papers re. Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation commission.

7- Report #3 - Sub-Committee on Toxicities, Metal Finishing Industry Action Committee.

8- Miscellaneous Documents in German...Some translated.

9- Chloride - "Physiological Aspects of 'Water Quality criteria' with regard to Man and Domestic Animals." Publication.

10- untitled File ORSANCO Water Toxicity Project.

11- untitled File Folder with German reports and translations.

12- Ebenhausen.

13- The General Physiology of Protoplasm.

14- "Report on the Recommended Physiologically Safe Limit for continued Human consumption of Lead in Water.         .

15- Subcommittee Hearings on Executive Reorginization.

16- Muskie Subcommittee Hearings on Air and Water Pollution, June 7, 1966.

17- Muskie Subcommittee Hearings on Air and Water Pollution, June 8, 1966.

18- Physiology Laboratory.

19- Muskie Subcommittee Hearings on Air and Water Pollution, June 15, 1966.

20- Muskie Subcommittee Hearings on Air and Water Pollution, June 9, 1966.

21- Script of NBC Telecast on Muskie Subcommittee Hearings, June 19, 1966.

22- Muskie Subcommittee Hearings on Air and Water Pollution, June 14, 1966.

23- Miscellaneous gov’t publications re. Civil Defense including those on Medical Aspects, Defense against Chemical Attack, civil Defense Sectors, Health Services and Special Weapons Defense, and Emergency Medical Service for Hamilton County, Ohio.

24- untitled File Folder with Material on civil Defense.

25- A small notebook of Dr. Kehoe's with notes on a Silesian TEL plant, and other German installations, and a "Workbook re German Industrial Hygiene."

Box #65

1- Lead Study Data, Tables, and Calculations.

Box #66

1- Bunting Brass and Bronze Company, Toledo, Ohio. "A Study of Lead Exposure..." Two Copies.

2- Medico Legal Cases, 1967 - .

3- Eye Irritation study - Air Pollution Medical study - SAPH­76478.

4- Vanadium Corporation of America.

5- Velsicol Chemical Corporation, 330 East Grand Avenue, Chicago 11, Illinois.

6- USPH Grant OH-00121-01.

7- Production of a Slide Film on Lead Absorption and Lead Poisoning, USPH SAPH-74853.

8- USPHS - OH 00165-01, Biological Effects of Chromium and Ferrochrome Alloys.

9- Arsenic Report.

10- Arsenic (Mepharsen, Neoarsaphenamine) Studies on Patients Under Treatment (Tissues Only).

11- Investigation, Report, correspondence - Field Army Water Cans.

12- Castleton Farm, Lexington, Kentucky.

13- John R. Dixon - Attorney, St. Louis, Missouri May, 1965.

14- Charlie Louis Burr, For: Dr. Kehoe.

15- Velsicol Corporation, 330 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago 11, Illinois.

16- Medico Legal Cases.

17- Methods for Purification of Water after Transportation and Storage in Cans, Drums, and Tanks Employed as containers for Leaded Gasoline, Contract OEMsr-341 - project CE19.

18- Methods for Purification of Water after Transportation and Storage in Cans, Drums, and Tanks Employed as containers for Leaded Gasoline, Contract OEMsr-341 - project CE19. Progress and Final Report.

19- Kirkhoefer, Henry; Murg, Nick; Spellmeyer, Chas.; Dr. Dan Tucker Miller.

20- International Printing Ink Company, Materials Employed in Printing Tips of Cigarettes.

21- Project CE-19 - Procedure. Outline of Proposed Studies for removal of Inorganic Lead Compounds.

22- Lead contamination of Atmosphere in Molding Room - Premier Press Co.

23- Wyandotte Chems. Co. - Memo - Toxicity of Foamicide L, Diamylphenoxyethanol, Benzene Sulfonchloride, Benzene SulfonamidE and Diphenyl Sulfone.

24- Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, Michigan.

25- Westwood Pharmaceuticals, Division of Foster-Milburn Co., 468 Dewitt Street, Buffalo 13, N.Y.

26- Western Grain Company, Birmingham, Alabama.

27- Weirton Steel Company, Weirton, West Virginia.

28- "Jake" Paralysis.

29- Noerr vs. Lewistown Smelting & Refining, Inc., et al.

30- William R. Werley vs. Price Battery Corporation, Hamburg, PA. (Robert Restrepo).

Box #67

1- [Laid on top] Data gathered in making appraisals of Lead Hazards associated with distribution and use of Gasoline with TEL.

2- Records of study Subjects.

Box #68

1- Lead study Data Tables.

2- Lead study Data on individuals including H. Reed, M. Riehle, and N. Kalti.

Box #69

1- [On Bottom]...Raw data from Hays and Witherup.

2- K. Kehoe's Dissecting Kit.

3- Nardone [and Miscellaneous bits about Pesticides].

4- Wyandotte Data and Calculations.

5- Nitroparaffin Clinical Studies, Commercial Solvents corporation.

6- McCaw, William.

7- Mayo, Joseph.

8- Mehlhose, George.

9- Murray, Harry Lee.

10- Price, Leslie.

11- pumplin, Gerald.

12- Sieloff, Norman.

13- Skidmore, John.

14- Thomas, Ray.

15- Toomer, George.

16- Toures, Thomas.

17- White, John.

18- Winall, Louis.

19- Zdunczyk, Adam.

20- Bucher Translation, Green and Yellow Cross, Manuscript and correspondence.

Box #70

1- Loose Papers...Most re. Lead in the atmosphere and Ethyl' Corp.

2- MEL.

3- Loose Papers...Miscellaneous re. Lead in the atmosphere, California and Smog.

4- Dayton Power and Light Company.

5- Compound B...Health Investigation of TEL.

6- Mel Spiral Notebook (Tissue).

7- C... (Rabbits C's).

8- -D... (Rabbits D's).

9- Rabbit TEL's.

10- B... (Rabbits B's).

11- E... (Rabbits E's).

12- AK-33X...Formerly AP3, Formerly AP128.

13- Wichita Municipal Airport, Windsor Broaddus.

14- Van Hartesveld File, Texas Co. reports, Vita-Meter Corp.

15- Loose Papers...Including Dr. Kehoe's statement read before the Muskie Committee and other papers regarding Lead.

16- Physiology and Toxicology of Manganese and Its Compounds.

17- Loose paper Re. Ethyl Corp, Lead, and _EL.

Box #71

1- The Electric Storage Battery Co., Allegheny Av. and 19th St., Philadelphia 32, Pa. - Dr. F.B. Lanahan.

2- B.F. Goodrich Co., Akron, Ohio.

3- The B.F. Goodrich Co., Akron, Ohio.

4- The Electric Storage Battery Co., Allegheny Av. and 19th St., Philadelphia 32, Pa.

Box #72

1- Copies of the "Interim Report of the Departmental Committee 6n Ethyl Petrol."

2- Medical Records of Lead Subjects.

Box #73

1- Loose pamphlets from ALCOA.

2- untitled File...Pertains to Lead from Glazed Ceramics.

3- Loose-clipped papers Re. Pesticides and Fruit.

4- Austin, Robert.

5- Berry, Edward.

6- Brohl, John.

7- Cowie, John F.

8- Clements, Robert.

9- Debolt, Paul.

10- Dickman, Clayton.

11- Francis, William.

12- Lead Poisoning - Pottery.

13- Spray Residues - Material and Correspondence.

14- Loose Papers...Re. Pesticides for Fruits and Glazes for ceramics.

15- Untitled Folder...Respiration Chamber.

16- untitled Folder...Respiration Chamber.

17- Untitled Folder...Respiration Chamber.

18- Untitled Folder...Speeches delivered in Australia.

19- Photographs of Pb Chamber.

20- Calibrations for FEP Rotameter Set 130 B.H.

21- Calibrations for FEP Rotameter Set 130 B.H.

22- N. Kalti, Respiration Chamber.

23- D. Harp.

24- L. Daroczy.

25- P. Brown.

26- S. Balog.

27- BAL Therapy for Lead - Miscellaneous.

28-. Various papers by Dr. Kehoe on Miscellaneous subjects including Lead.

29- Reports: "Medical Supervision of a Hazardous Lead Plant" and "Perspectives on Airborne Lead."

30- Correspondence, Case Reports, Analytical Data pertaining to the use of Versene in the Treatment of Lead Poisoning (known as EDTA) .

31- Lose pamphlets and Brosures from Australia and Japan.

Box #74

1- Total Control Periods for E. Blackstone, I Fernean, and S. Witherup.

2- H. Doty.

3- Kehoe [Work sheets on Lead Subjects).

4- Lab Data, Calculations, Tables, and Graphs.

Box #75

1- Photographic Plates of Various Lead Studies.

2- Medical Records of Lead Subjects.

3- A Large File Laid On Top...Various Newspaper Articles and Finnancial Statements re. The Kettering Lab.

Box #76

1- Correspondence with Archive of Environmental Health.

2- Papers and Reports on Lead.

3- Papers and Reports on Lead.

4- Papers and Reports on Lead.

5- Flourine Data.

6- Untitled Folder...Miscellaneous Re. Flourine.

Box #77

1- Loose Papers...Data Samples of Lead.

2- American Board of Preventive Medicine (1950 to 1954).

3- American Board of Preventive Medicine (1955 to 1956).

4- Sundry Correspondence on Medical Consultants.

5- Dr. Gomez Acedo, c/o Compania de petroleo Ganso Azul, Casilla de Correo No. 2560, Lima, Peru.

6- Dr. Sandor Arato, Weiss Manfred Hospital, Csepel - Hungary.

7- Dr. M. N. Arends, Pladj oe-by-Palembang , Sumatra, D.E.I.

8- Medical Consultants - Australia.

9- Dr. Bain, Dr. E. Glenny, Singapore, Malay States.

10-. captain Kamal Balajiva, Military Hospital, Bangkok.

11- Dr. G. T. Balean, Hongkong, China, Formerly his father Dr.H. Belean.            .

12- Bayley, Dr. H. H. Bay Cottage, Barbados, British West Indies.

13- Dr. Mohamed Sharaf Bey, Suez, Egypt.

14- Medical Officer, Bombay, India. .

15- Dr. Romoaldo Borjes, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

16- Bostrom, Dr. Docent Gunnar, stockholm - Sweden.

17- Dr. Branco, c/o Asiatic Petrol Co., Beira - Portugese ­Africa.

18- Dr. victor Brito, Creole Petroleum Corp., Caripito, Venezuela. .

19- Dr. B. B. R. Burns, Talara, Peru.

20- Medical Officer, Calcutta, India.

21- Dr. Alvaro Cameller, Std. oil Co. of Brazil, Caixa Postal, 539, Belum, Brazil.

22- Carrell, Dr. R. C. Aruba, Curacao, Dutch West Indies.

23- Dr. D. D. Coffin, (Formerly Dr. Wagner)Canton Sanitarium, Canton, China.

24- Dr. Florent Coste, Paris, France.

25- Dr. Cristescu, Roumania, Inactive: Dr. Padureana.

26- Dr. Eduardo Cruz-Coke, Santiago, Child.

27- Professor L. Datta, Via Genova 9, Savona, Italia.

28- Dr. H. C. Honor, Manila.

29- Dr. R. Delastre, 29 Avenuede Paris, Tunis, Africa.

30- Dr. W. F. de Priester, Tandjong priok, Batavia.

31- Mr. W. F. de villiers, Hanover House, Port Elizabeth, S. Africa. .

32- Dr. W. S. Dove - Replaced Dr. Hurtado, Colombian Petroleum Companya, Cucata, Colombia.

33- Dr. Thomas Draper, Karachi, India, Formerly: Captain H. A. Ledgard.

34- Dr. Duic.

35- Dr. T. B. Dunn, Shanghai, China.

36- Dr. E. Dymond, Point Fortin, Trinidad - Formerly Dr. K.Earle.

37- Dr. Eliasberg, Latvia.

38- Dr. Prof. J. _llul, Valetta - Malta.

39- Dr. Enzer - Dr. Sargent, Mombasa, Kenya - East Africa.

40- Dr. Keith Fairley, Melbourne, Australia.

41- Dr. Figueiredo, Portugese - East Africa.

42- Dr. Fogelberg.

43- Dr. L. A. Forest, Haiphong, Bonkin, Indo-China.

44- Dr. J. F. Galloway, Tropical oil Co., EI Centro, Colo.

45- Dr. H. H. Golz, Arabian American oil Company, Dahrien, Saudi Arabia.

46- Dr. Isidoro Hernandez Gonzalez, Canary Isles. .

47- Dr. Nello German, No. 121 Rua, General Barcelos, Rio Grande do SuI, Brazil.

48- Dr. Francisco Grana, Belen, 1054, Lima Peru.

49- Dr. J. Hammacher, sourbaya, Java.

50- Hanna, Dr. Christo, Alexandretta, Syria.

51- Resident Refinery Doctor, c/o Rafidian oil Company, Iraq (Mesopotamia).

52- Dr. B. J. Jones, Ebutte Metta Dispensary, Lagos, Nigeria.

53- Resident Refinery Doctor, Kermanshah, Iran.

54- Dr. H. A. Yeni Komshian, American University, Syria.

55-    Dr. H. Lemming.                                                        .

56- Dr. R. H. Liscombe.

57- Dr. Lockhart (Formerly Dr. Proctor), Mombass, Eyna, Africa

58- Lorando, Dr. N. J., Athens, Greece.

59- Dr. Helge I. C. Lund, Copenhagen, Denmark.

60- Dr. H. R. McAllister, Bahrein Petroleum Company, Bahrein Island, Persian Gulf.

61- Dr. Frank McCay, Calcutta, India.

62-. McClean, L.W., M. D., Anglo-Iranian oil Co., Abadan, Iran.

63- Medical Officer (Cochin), Burmah Oil, Madras, India.

64- Dr. D.P. Marais, Cape Town, Africa.

65- Dr. Maurandy, Dakar, Senegal - French Equ., Africa.

66- Dr. Waclaw Mirkowski, Grottgers No.7 m.3., Warsaw, Poland.

67- Morris, Dr. M. R., 21 Idrone Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dubli: Eire. .

68- Dr. Carl Muller, Kr. Augustsgt., 34, Oslo.

69- N. V. Nederlandsche Koloniale, Petroleum Maatschappij, Palembang, Netherland, India.

70- Dr. Nelson, Durban, South Africa (Formerly Dr. Wm. Field).

71- Medical Consultants – New Zealand.

72- Pavlovsky, Alfredo, M.D., Anchorena 1710, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

73- Dr. Plantey.

74- Dr. Pfeil.

75- Dr. A.S. Prowse, c/o Assam oil Company, Digbbi - Assam.

76- Dr. Richard Mauritz Robles, Arend Petroleum Maatschappij, Aruba, N. W. I.

77- Dr. J. Roels, 32 Avenue des Azalees, Brussels, Belgium.

78- Dr. H. N. Russell, Alexandria - Egypt. .

79- Dr. Alfredo do Souza Santos, Rua Luciana Cordeiro, 46 1st Floor - Banatica, Port.

80- Dr. Rafael Schiaffino, Montevideo - Uruguay.

81- Dr. M. Schwartz, Chief Medical Officer, Pointe-a-pierre ­Trinidad. .

82- Dr. L.A. Shepard, c/o American Hospital, Istanbul - Turkey

83- Prof. G. Sieveking.

84- Dr. G.J. Smyth, East London, South Africa.

85- Dr. Sommier.

86- Dr. med. Max. Spelthahn.

87- Springer, Dr., Resident Refinery Physician, Bornea ­Netherland East Indies.

88- Dr. Antanas Starkus, Lithuania.

89- Staub, Dr. Andre, Leopoldville, Belgian Congo.

90- Dr. Jaroslav Teisinger, Klinika pracovniho Lek_rstvi, Unemocnice I, Praha II, Czechoslavakia.

91- Dr. John H. Thompson, Haifa, India.

92- Dr. Van Bemmal.

93- Van Raalte, Dr. H. G. S., Curacao.

94- Dr. Vasallo, Argentina, South America.

95- Venezuela, S. A.

96- Dr. Alfred Von Frisch, Vienna, Austria.

97- Colonel Vollenweider, switzerland.

Box #78

1- Medical Records of Individual Examinations.

Box #79

1- Magnet Cove Barium corporation.

2- corning Glass Works, corning, New York.

3- Darling aand Company, Big 4 and Smalley Road, Lockland, Ohio.

4- Dawson Cotton oil Company, Dawson, Georgia.

5- Detroit Aluminum and Brass Company, Bellefontaine, Ohio.

6- Indiana Ordnance Works, E. I. Du Pont de NeMours and Company, Inc_, Charlestown, Indiana.

7- E. I. DuPont de NeMours and Co., The Grasselli Plant, Cleveland and East Chicago.

8- Granite City Steel Company, Granite City, Illinois.

9- Hamilton Fire Department, Hamilton, Ohio, Mr. Harmon.

10- Harrison Radiator Division, General Motors Corporation.

11- Heekin Can Company, Park and Forest Ave., Norwood, Ohio.

12- Hilton-Davis Company (Atabrine).

13- Hilton Davis Co. - Arsenic Analyses (in ref. to mfg. of D.M. during World War II).

14- Chlorinated Paraffin.

15- Urinary Inorganic Sulfates, Hilton-Davis Chemical Co.

16- Samuel Corns.

17- Laboratory.

18- Building 4.

19- Building 5.

20- Building 6.

21- Building 8.

22- Building 11.

23- Building 12.

24- Building 20.

25- Benzidine Employees - Hilton Davis, smith and Bayer.

26- Ohio Pattern Works, 2735 Colerain Av., Cincinnati, Ohio.

27- The Ohmart corporation, 2236 Bogen Street, Cincinnati 14, Ohio.

28- Photoceramics, Inc. 1822 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

29- H & S Pogue Company.

30- William Powell Valve Company, 2525 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

31- Premier Press Company, 217 E. Eighth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. .

32- Queen city Valves, Incorporated, cincinnati, Ohio.

33- Radio Corporation of America.

34- The Randall Company, 5000 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

35- S. Rosenthal and Company, Inc., 22 E. 12th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

36- Schott Monument Company, 4055 spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

37- Service Parts Supply Corporation, 4632 Paddock Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.

38- Trailmobile, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.

39- Veterans Administration Hospital.

40- Kelly Koett Instrument Company, 930 York Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

41- The Lowe Brothers Company, Dayton, Ohio.

42- The Lowe Brothers Company, Dayton, Ohio.

43- Lowe Bros., John Seaman, Repeat Exam.

44- The Lowe Brothers Company, Dayton, Ohio, Orig. Material supplementing short hand notes.

45- Lowe Bro'sLowe Bro's Summaries to Men and Co.

46- The Lowe Brothers Company, Dayton, Ohio.

47- Report on Concentration of certain Organic Vapors in the Air of Workrooms of the Lacquer and Enamel Plant of Lowe Bros...Inc., Dayton, Ohio.

48- A. M. Kinney, Inc., 2905 Vernon Place, Cincinnati, Ohio.

49- Koppers Company, Inc., Box 128 Verona, Pennsylvania.

50- The Lake Erie Chemical Company, 2200 Scranton Rd., Cleveland 13,0., Dr. L. E. Edelman.

51- R. K. LeBlond Machine Tool Company, Madison and Edwards Roads, Cincinnati, Ohio.

52- John T. Lewis and Bros. Co., 2545 Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

53- LeYman Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio.

54- Liebel-Flarsheim Company, 111 East Amity Road, Reading, Ohio.

55- Lithographic Research Laboratory - Hygiene Survey.

56- Committee on Air Pollution from Automotive Engine Exhaust, City of Cincinnati.

57- Cincinnati Public Health Federation.

58- Consultant to the Naval Ordnance Systems, Naval Ammunition Depot, Crane, Indiana.

59- Imperial Glass Corporation, Bellaire, Ohio.

60- Federal Trade Commission.

61- Inland Steel Company.

62- International Business Machine Corp., (Electric Typewriter Division) .

63- Johnson Bronze Company, New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Box #80

1- The Hilton-Davis Company.

2- Stoner.

3- R. smith.

4- Brelsford.

5- Merkle.

6- Hock.

7- McShane before Exposure.

8- McShane.

9- H. Rosser.

10- Rosser and Bare.

11- Clark.

12- certian Tables of Data on Medical Students.

13- Distribution - Rabbits - TEL.

14- Distributrion - Rabbits - Colloidal Lead Compounds.

15- Hock - Before Exposure.

16- Jones.

17- Jack Hertzman.

18- Excretion - Rabbits.

19- Distribution - Rabbits - Soluble Salts.

20- Distribution - Monkeys.

21- Lead Analyses on Various Persons, Exposed to Gasoline in Filling Stations, Laboratories, Wright Field, etc.

Box #81

1- Thallium - Heyroth and McNamara, CWS - Medical Division Report.

2- F12 and F12 with Ether, Du Pont Tests.

3- S02 Paper and Some Original Data.

4- Plasticizers.

5- -Vacuum Evaporation of Feed steep Water.

6- Santomerse and Detergents, Original Data.

7- Miscellaneous Memoranda, Notes, Abstracts and Items of Information.

8- Sulphur Dioxide Material.

9- Pulmonary Berylliosis by Frank Dutra -Osteosarcoma Induced by Beryllium Oxide by Dutra and Largent.

10- Experimental Studies on Ingestion of Lead Compounds.

11- Drafts of Reports on Lead.

12- Lead Absorption and Lead poisoning for publication in Medical and Surgical Clinics.

13- The Behavior of Lead in the Animal Organism - Parts I and II - The Diagnosis and Treatment of Lead poisoning - The Excretion of Lead, etc. And other Papers and Essays.

14- Alimentary Lead Output in Relation to Alimentary Emptying Time - The Lead Content of Food in Relation to the Lead Content of the Feces.

15- A Spectrochemical Study of Normal Trace Metals - Review Article - Mu, Cu, Pb, etc.

16- Tetraethyl Tin.

17- Study on Opalwax.

18- Halogenated Hydrocarbons - Toxicity and Structure.

19- 2 Cases of Phosphorus Poisoning - Necropsy and Biopsy Records - 1923.

20- Penta-chlor-phenol (Kehoe's Data), Kehoe and Deichmmann.

21- MMA (Monomethylaniline) -Chlorimetric Determination, by means of its Nitroso compound.

22- The Effect of the Inhalation of Hydrogen Chloride.

23- Aniline and Dimethylaniline and Chloroanilines.

24- Data and Reports on Various Proposed Refridgerants F11, F13, F22, Fl13, Fl14, MeFormate, CH3CCIF2.

25- Denatured Alcohol Report - Dr. Rinehard - Du Pont Co. Industrial Lead poisoning by Robert A. Kehoe - Chapt. 21 ­Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, Vol. II, Edited by Frank A. Patty (1949).

Box #82

1- Alco Products Company, Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

2- Allis-Chalmers, Norwood, Ohio. Mr. Joseph Cullen.

3- Aluminum Company of America,Garwood, N. J.

4- Aluminum Company of America, Niagra Falls Works, Health Survey.

5- Aluminum Company of America, Niagara Falls, New York.

6- Auminum Ore Company, East st. Louis, Illinois - Mr. R. C. Roberts.

7- Clinton Laboratories, P.O. Box 1991, Knoxville 11, Tenn., Dr. P. A. Fuqua.

8- O. P. W. Corporation Foundry, 2753 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

9- Multi-color Type Company.

10- Mor-Lite Awning and Manufacturing Co., 2344 Wyoming Avenue, Cincinnati 14, Ohio.

11-- Merry Manufacturing Company, 952 Gest street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

12- Monsanto Chemical Company, Port Plastics Plant, Port Plastics, Ohio.

13- Burea of Industrial-Health, National Lead.

14- Magnus Metal Div. of Nat'l Lead Co., 1029 West Seventh Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

15- Gibson Art Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

16- A. B. Gortsas Dry Cleaner, 3964 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.

17- F. H. Lawson Company, 801 Evans Avenue, Cincinnati 4.

18- Kelley-Koet Instrument Company, 930 York street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

19- Kirk and Blum.

20- Lunkenhaimer Company, Beekman Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

21- MacGregor Sport Product_, Inc., 426 Findlay Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

22- Armco Steel Corporation, Ashland, Kentucky.

23- Atomic Energy Commission, Chemical (Uranium) Plant Operations.

24- Acme Glass Company, 1721 Linn st, Cincinnati, Ohio.

25_ American Steel Foundry Company, 1150 Tennessee Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

26- G. A. Avril Company, Langdon Farm and Seymour Roads, Cincinnati, Ohio.

27- Bendix Aviation Corporation, 203 West Third Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

28- Bendix Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Indiana.

29- Chatfield Paper Corporation, 3265 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

30- Cincinnati Advertising Products, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.

31- Cincinnati Coffin Company, 1020 Richmond Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

32- Cincinnati Cremation Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

33- Cincinnati Industries, Inc., station and Big 4 Railroad, Lockland, Ohio.

34- Clopay Corporation, Elmwood, Ohio.

35- Crane and Breed Casket Company, 1231 West 8th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

36- Crosley Division, VACO, 4890 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

37- The M. B. Farrin Comapny, Cincinnati, Ohio.

38- Dust Sampling Survey - Health Code Study Committee of Clay Products Manufacturers of Indiana.

39- American Laundry Machine Company, Norwood, Ohio.

40- American oil Company.

41- American Standard Company, 2620 Cook Street, Cinti, Ohio.

42- American Tool Works Company, A. M. Kinney, Inc., 2905 Vernon Place, Cincinnati, Ohio.

43- Atkins & Pearce Manufacturing Co.

44- The Budd Company, 24th and Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

45- George A. Breon and Co., Inc., Kansas City, Missouri (Dr. C W. Sondern).

46-. Boston Port of Embarkation.

47- Bishopric Products Company, Este Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

48- Belle City Malleable Iron Co., Racine steel Castings Company, Racine, Wisconsin.

49- Bendix Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Indiana.

50- continental Foundry and Machine Co., 144th Street and Railway Av., East Chicago, Indiana - Dr. D. R. Jones.

51- Bardes Forge and Foundry Company, 2619 Colerain Av., Cincinnati, Ohio (Mr. Richard Roe).

52- Consolidated Telegraph and Electrical Subway Company ­Garage.

53- Clopay Corporation (Elmwood Plant) Cincinnati, Ohio.

54- Cerro Corporation, New York, New York and La Oroya, Peru, S.A.

55- Carborundum Company, Niagara Falls, New York.

56- Bunting Brass and Bronze Company Results.

57- The Brush Development Company, 3405 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland 14, Ohio.

58- Cincinnati Steeplejack Co.

59- The Cincinati Union Terminal Company.

60- Chem-Pack, Inc., 408 Blade Avenue, Cincinnati 16, Ohio.

61- Chemical Products corporation, Lockland, Ohio.

62- The Champion Paper and Fibre Co., Hamilton, Ohio.

63- General Motors Corporation, Southern California Plant, 2700 Tweedy Blvd., South Gate, Calif.

64- General Electric - Magnetic Material, Edmore.

65- Chrysler Corporation - 341 Massachusetts Avenue, Detroit 31 Michigan.

66- Chevrolet, Muncie, Indiana.

67- Industrial Health Program of the Department of Health, Cincinnati, Ohio.

68- Cincinnati Ball Crank Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

69- Cincinnati Milling Machine Company, Marburg Avenue, Cincinnati 9, Ohio.

70- Cincinnati Chemical Company, 1743 Cleany Av., Norwood, Ohio Mr. E. R. Brunskill.

71- The Cincinnati Enquirer, 617 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 72- B. F. Goodrich Company, Akron, o.

Box #83

1- untitled File...Coorespondence regarding his Lead Study Manuscript, and miscellaneous reports on lead and information about Kettering Laboratory.

2- Dr. Kehoe's Manuscript, August 2, 1983.

3- Manuscript "The Administration and Elimination of Lead from Adult Human Subjects under Natural and Experimentally Induced Conditions over Extended Periods of Time."

4- Ethyl Corporation - Its History - February 2, 1948.

5- Ethyl Corporation - Its History - March 21, 1949.

6- Air Quality criteria for Lead (Draft 1 & 2) and Comments of RAK on Draft 2.

7- Medical Department, Annual Report, 1949, Cincinnati, Ohio.

8- National Lead Company, 1029 W. Seventh Street, Cincinnati 3,

Ohio,   (H. R. Harlan.   Plant Manager).                  .

9-Aluminum Study.

10- Estelle Mergard's Notes on Dr. Kehoe's Files, completed September 30, 1985.

Box #84

1- Sylvan Witherup, Lead Study Data.

2- Lead subjects, Miscellaneous Material.

3- Sylvan Witherup, statistical Calculations.

4- Leonna Busch, Miscellaneous subject...Not Used.

5- Don Hays, statistical Calculations.

6- Glass Fibers Incorporated, Waterville, Ohio.

7- B. F. Goodrich Company, Akron, Ohio.

Box #85

1- Lead Data and Calculations.

Box #86

1- An Investigation of the Kinetics of Elimination of Radioactive Mercury in the Rat.

2- Untitled File...Information on Various special Seminars given by Industrial Health.

3- Students Reports.

4- Untitled File...Seminars.

5- Untitled File...Papers and Notes.

6- Untitled File...Papers and Notes.

7- Untitled File...Papers and Notes.

Box #87

1- Small Diary from a Trip in 1927.

2- Lab Notebook.

3- Tribute to Dr. Kehoe Pamphlet.

4- Leblanc Correlations, Ethyl.

5- Lead Experiments with Human Subjects.

6- Persons who recieved copies of the Harben Lectures.

7- statistics (Program for Lead subjects - Experimental Lead Study).

8- Initial Tables Ethyl.

9- Manuscript Tables Ethyl.

10- Kehoe Book...Manuscript.

11- Correspondence Re. The Harben Lectures.

12- Harben Lectures...correspondence - Acknowledgements.

13- Lab Record Book.

Box #88

1- Mobile Equipment.

2- Tank Cleaning Data.

3- Mr. Harry Kaley.

4- Safety File...Tank Cleaning.

5- Tank Car Data.

6- Examination Records.

7- Ethyl Gasoline Corp.

8- Decomp. Tank.

9- Army Field Water Can Project.

10- Mask Inspection.

11- Mine Safety Appliance Company (Canisters, Oxygen Cylinders, Masks, etc.).

12- Safety Equipment Material.

13- Standpipe Drum Spraying Material.

14- Safety Equipment Purchases and Correspondence.

15- Army Field Range. ­

16- General Safety.

17- Clothing and Gloves.

18- E.D. Bullard Company.

19- Davis Emergency Equipment Company.

20- Mine Saftey Appliance Company.

21- Masks.

22- Tank Cleaning Equipment.

23- Tank Cleaning Correspondence.

24- Detroit - Chemical Work.

25- Dr. George Calingaert.

26- Split Drums.

27- Contaminated Tanks for Food and Water.

28- Washing Standpipe.

29- Water Cans.

30- Ethyl Contracts.

31- Proportioneer.

32- General Papers.

33- Tank Ventilation.

34- Clinical Notes.

35- Cases - Skin.

36- Pan American Airways.

37- Data on C.E.-19.

38- References and Reprints.

39- Foreign Lead Plants.

40- Changes in Safety Manual.

41- Samples over 3 CC of Lead.

42- Samples from Spiked Tanks.

43- Medico Legal Cases.

44- Jobber Reports.

Box #89

1- Material Related to A.P.H.A. Industrial Hygiene section Report on Lead Poisoning - Also various A.P.H.A. correspondence and reports.

2- American Public Health Association.

3- Air Pollution Control League of Greater Cincinnati.

4- American Industrial Hygiene Assn.

5- Army Field Range Tests.

6- Army Stoves - Correspondence, etc.

7- Contamination of Food, etc. by use of Leaded Containers.

8- Data and Correspondence, Sludge, Scale and Water Bottoms 'from Gasoline Storage Tanks.

9- Diagnosis of Industrial Disease.

10- Correspondence with New York Office and Public Health Service and certain other official agencies Relative to Regulations, etc.

Box #90

1-International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

2- International Lead Zinc Research organization.

3- Journal of Occupational Medicine.

4- Lead.

5- Lead Cases.

6- Lead Industries Association.

7- PAC on Air Pollution - APHA.

8- Ramazzini Society.

Box #91

1- Analyses of gasoline, oil, TEL and decomposition products.

2- Ethyl Corporation Affairs Concerning Weathering of Sludge.

3- Ethyl Corporation.

4- "Medical Observations on Lead Antiknock Workers."

5- "A Study of the Health Hazards associated with The Distribution and Use of Ethyl Gasoline."

6- Ethyl Fluid Supplied for Special Purposes.

7- Ethyl Fluid supplied for Special Purposes.

8- Ehtyl Corp. Baton Rouge. 1975.

9- Check Results from other Laboratories - Dodds, Schmidt, and Taeger, Chicle workers (Cowgill, Beechnut).

10- Reports on Samples from Petroleum Company Employees sent in by Du Pont Medical Suprvisors, Also Du Pont Personnel.

11- untitled File...Sludge Sample Reports.

12- Personnel Related to Ethyl Corp.

13- Anglo-Iranian oil Company (operations at Abadan).

14- British Manufacturing Plant, Associated Ethyl Corporation Limited.

15- Ethyl Corp. of Canada Limited, Corunna, Ontario, Canada.

16- French Operations - Ethyl S. A. Thenault - Dacquin - Roffey

17- French Manufacturing Plant.

18- Foreign TEL Manufacturing Plants.

19- German Manufacturing Plant.

20- J. G. .Leaf, The Associated Octel Company, London W. 1.

21- Correspondence from Dr. E. Davison, Reports on Associated Ethyl Operation, including analytical data on men.

22- Dr. Philip Boyd, The Associated Ethyl Co, Ltd., London, W. 1, England.

23- Ray Bevan.

24- Dr. H.E.A. Boldero (Associated Ethyl).

25- Sir Charles Dodds (England).

Box #92

1- KI Therapy for Lead.

2- Tanker Vessels and Barges - Experimental.

3- BAL Therapy for Arsenic.

4- Tank Cleaning Correspondence.

5- Sludge Study (Dr R.A. Kehoe).

6- Pacific Coast Plant (Dr. W.J. Gillogley).

7- Analytical Data on Tank Cleaning, Personnel - Small Tank Survey-1948.

8- Small Tank Cleaning.

9- A Study of the Lead Hazards Associated with the Repair of Gasoline Dispensing Pumps.

10- Dr. P.S.I. Barry.

11- Mr. J. E. Batchelor (Formerly Mr. Alan Tully).

12-    Ray Bevan.                                                .

13- Dr. David A. K. Cassels.

14- Giroire Papers.

Box #93

1- Dr. Greaud,Societe de produits Chimiques Ethyl-Kuhlmann, Paimboeuf, (Loire Inferieure), France.

2- Stanley Gross.

3- A. Mittnacht - 1927 - 1936.

4- J.M. Moffat, Avda Pte. Roque Saenz Pena, 710, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

5- Mr. R. Morgenthaler.

6- C. H. Noble.

7- J. H. Schaefer, 1945-58.

8- J. H. Schaefer, 1928 - 1944.

9- E. W. Webb.

Box #94

1- Archives of Environmental Health.

2- American Academy of Occupational Medicine.

3- Knudsen Award.

4- Air Pollution Control League of Greater Cincinnati.

5- Air Line Mask Hose.

6- Loose Papers.ft.R.E. Kehoe’s South American Trip.

7- Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati.

8- American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

9- Permanent Commission (U.S. Delegation), International Association on Occupational Health.

10- Industrial Hygiene Foundation of America.

11- American Chemical Society.

Box #95

1- American Occupational Medicine Association.

2- International Symposium on Maximum Allowable Concentration of Toxic Substances in Industry. (J. Teisinger).

3- American Industrial Hygiene Association.

4- American Industrial Hygiene Association.

5- Royal Society of Health, 90, Buckinham Palace Road, London, S.W.1, England.

6- American Institute of Biological Sciences.

7- Central Society for Clinical Research.

8- Coroner of Hamilton County - Dr. Herbert Lyle.

9- Correspondence and Information from Food and Drug Administration.

10- Permanent Commission on International Occupational Health.

11- National Research Council.

12- National Safety Council.

13- New York Academy of Sciences.

14- Ohio Academy of Science Medical section.

15- section on Industrial Medicine.

16- Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, W-l, London, England.

Box #96

1- Photographs - Dr. Kehoe.

2- A.

3- Academy of Medicine, -Annual Reports 1975-1976.

4- Current.

5- American Academy of Occupational Medicine.

6- American Medical Association.

7- American Industrial Hygiene Assoc., 1975.

8- AIHA News Reports 1975-76.

9- Association of American Medical Colleges

10- B.

11- Pat Barry.

12- Warren Bennis.

13- C.

14- C.

15- Jerry Cowan.

16- D.

17- Donations - Requests For 1975.

18- E.

19- F.

20- Faculty Forum.

21- Fellows of the Graduate School - 1975.

Box #97

1- G. [Correspondence '75 - '77].

2- Getty oil.

3- H.

4- I.

5- Personal Information - removed from archives

6- Inventory of Files - RAK, 6-75.

7- Institute of Forensic Medicine, Toxicology And Criminalistics.

8- E (Correspondence).

9- L.

10- List of Dr. Kehoe's Records on Pb Studies - Whereabouts in Building.

11- Literary Club Manuscripts (1976).

12- M.

13- The Charles McMicken Society.

14- Misc.

15- N.

16- 0 (Correspondence).

17- P-Q (Correspondence).

18- Political Intelligence.

19- Dr. Robert A. Kehoe (Personal).

20- S.

21- R.

22- Ramazzini Society.

23- Requests for Reprints.

24- Student Information 1976-77, Dissertations, Registration.

25- T.

26- U-V.

27- X-Y-Z.

Box #98

1- A (Correspondence).

2- A - Am.

3- An - Az.

4- B (Correspondence).

5- Ba - Bg.

6- Bi - Bq.

7- Bi - Bq.

8- Br - Bz.

9- Ca - Cn.

10- contamination of Soil, Food, Water, etc., in Gasoline containers and Sludge and Gas Mask Canisters.

11- Ca - Cn.

12- untitled File Folder [probably a ’D’ File].

13- Empty File (Fiscal 1974-1975 crossed out).


Box #99

1- Co - Cz.

2- Co - Cz.

3- Da - Dg.

4- Di - Dz.

5- E.

6- Dr. Graham Edgar.

7- Fa - Fn.

8- Fa - FZ.

9- Fo - Fz.

10- Mr. Hugh Fossett.

Box #100

1- G.

2- Ga - Gn.

3- Ga - Gn.

4- Go - Gz.

5- Go - Gz.

6- HA - HZ.

7- He - Hn.

8- H - I- J.

9- Ho - Hz.

10- I.

11- J.

12- K.

Box #101

1- K.

2- Kentucky Colonel.

3- Literary Club.

4- K - L.

5- La - Lg.

6- Li - Lz.

7- M.

8- MA - MG.

9- Dr. Willard F. Machle.

10- Ma - Mg.

11- Mi - Mz.

12- Mc.

13- Mi - Mz.

Box #102

1- N.

2- N.

3- N-O.

4- o.

5- P.

6- P-Q.

7- Q.

8- R.

9- R.

10- R.

11- S.

12- Sa - Sb.

13- Sc - She

14- Sc - She

15- ST - sz.

Box #103

1- si - Sr.

2- st - Sz.

3- Ta - Th.

4- Ti - Tz_

5- T - U - V.

6- U.

7- V.

8- Wa - Who

9- Wi - Wz.

10- W.

11- X - Y - Z.

12- X Y Z.

Box #104

1- The American Physiological Society.

2- Association of American Medical Colleges.

3- AAOM, American Academy of Occupational MedicineAcademy of Kettering Fellows, January 1980.

4- Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, 320 Broadway, Cincinnati Ohio, 45202.

5- Access Corporation, Dr. Robert J. Kalthoff.

6- Air Pollution Control League, Charles Howison, Executive Secretary.

7- Alpha Omega Alpha, Beta Chapter of Ohio, Dr. Robert P. Hummel, Secretary.

8- American Academy of Industrial Hygiene.

9- American Chemical Society.

10- American College of Preventive Medicine, John P. McCann, Sec’y-Treas.

11- American Industrial Hygiene Association, 1978.

12- AMA - ERF, Hubert A. Ritter, M.D.-President.

13- American Journal of Public Health.

14- Howard J. Schulz, American Occupational Medical Assoc.

15- Br. P.S.I. Barry, Associated Octel Co. Ltd.

16- Dr. J.R. Battisto, Dept. of Immunology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. ­

17- Professor Cedric G. Boulter.

18- Bowden & Co., W. Dennis Callaghan, Vice President.

19- Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs Law Offices, Akron, Ohio.

20- The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Central Society for Clinical Research, Dr. Gilbert M. Schiff, Sec’y-Treas.

21- Cincinnati Chamber Music, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, May Festival, College Conservatory of Music.

22- Cincinnati Nature Center.

23- College of Medicine News.

24- Contributions 1980.

25- Jerry Cowan.

26- R.S. Daniels, M.D., Dean, C.E. Kiely, Jr., M.D., Associate Dean.

27- Mr. Horace W. Davenport, William Beaumont Professor of Physiology, University of Michigan.

28- Dr. Frank Etges, Chairman, Fellows of the Graduate School.

29- Ettco Wire and Cable Corp., Mr. George H. Rath, Director of Personnel.

30- Exxon, General Motors (Dividends).

31- Faculty Forum.

32- Federation of American Scientists F.A.S.

33- First National Bank of Cincinnati, Clifton Branch.

34- Alf Fischbein, M.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center.

35- Form Letter: Contributions and Donations.

36- General Correspondence.

37- Getty Oil Company.

38- Goldberger, David, Atty at Law, American civil Liberties Union.

39- Stanley B. Gross, Ph.D.

40- Mr. Eric Hellen, Occupational Safety & Health Branch, International Labour Office, CH 1211 Geneva 22 switzerland.

41- Houze_ Shourds & Hauft, Inc.

42- Dr. James P. Hughes, Medical Director, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., Oakland, Calif. 94612.

43- Human Resources, Health Division, Board of Medical Examiners.

44- Industrial Commission of Ohio, Division of Safety and Hygiene.

45- Industrial Hygiene News Reports.

46- XVIII International Congress on Occupational Health, (Trip to Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia).

47- IRPTC.

48- J.A.M.A. Journal), William R, BarcIa, M.D., Editor.

49- Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, Community Health: Williams & Wilkins.

50- Dr. Ernest Kay, Director, International Biographical Centre Cambridge CB2 3QP England.

51- Kettering Administration, Dr. Suskind, Dr. Foulkes.

52-- Kettering Laboratory Business Office, Mr. Peter Curtin, Mr. William McGowan.

53- Kettering Laboratory Faculty, Annual Report.

54- Kettering Laboratory, Interviews regarding its origin.

55- Bea Larsen Att'y at_Law, Morse Johnson.

56- La Valencia Hotel, The Lodge on the Desert, Arizona.

57- George M. Lawton, M.D.

58- Letters to Dr. Kehoe, LaValencia Hotel, LaJolla, Calif.

59- Dr. Lerner.

60- Levinson, Dr. Joseph E., Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics

61- Dr. Herman C. Lichstein, Dept. of Microbiology.

62- Literary Club, John A. Diehl, Treasurer.

63- The Literary Club, William A. Sullivan, Sec'y.

64- Marjorie Lundquist, Manager, Industrial Hygiene, Globe Unic Inc.

65- Medical Alumnal Association, Paul A. Busam, M.D. President.

66- Medical Center Faculty.

67- Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

68- Men & Women of Distinction, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

69- Murray, Dr. Robert.

70- Misc. Correspondence.

71- National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., Richard H. Belknap.

72- National Safety Council, Vincent L. Tofany, President.

73- National Society for Medical Research.

74- New York Academy of Sciences, Mr. Joseph E. Cassata, Administrative Director.

75- Queen City Club.

76- New Yorker Magazine.

77- The Ohio Academy of Science, Mr. Lynn E. Elfner.

78- Ohio Department of Health, John H. Ackerman, M.D., M.P.H.

79- Ohio House of Representatives.

80- Ohio State Medical Association.

81- Ohio State Medical Board.

82- Ramazzini Society, Dr. George Roush, Jr.

83- Rehabilitation Center Univ. of Cine.

84- Requests for Reprints.

85- The Royal society of Medicine.

86- Eugene L. Saenger, M.D.

87- Scienece - The Weekly Magazine of Research.

88- Sharp’s Jewelers.

89- smithsonian Institute, James K. Page, Jr., Director.

90- Southern Ohio College.

91- Charles G. Steffen, M.D.

92- Professor Theodore D. Sterling.

93- Personal Information - removed from archives

94- Personal Information - removed from archives

95- Personal Information - removed from archives

96- Personal Information - removed from archives

97- Lloyd B. Tepper, M.D.

98- Saturday Review Magazine, Cincinnati Nature Study.

99- Mental Health Association.

100- Union Central Life Insurance Co.

101- University of Cincinnati, Division of Metropolitan Services, Louise W. Spiegel, Coordinator.

102-  U.C. Alumni Association.

103- U.C. Foundation.

104- University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center, Ronald L. Coleman, Ph.D.

105- University of Cincinnati, The Library Guild.

106- Sigma XI, The Scientific Research Society, University of Cincinnati Chapter.

107- Office of the President, University of Cincinnati, Dr.Henry Winkler.

108- Dr. M.K. Williams, England.

109- Personal Correspondence.

110- Clair C. Patterson, Ph.D.

111- Personal Assets, Contents of Safety Deposit Box.

Box #105

1- Academy of Kettering Fellows.

2- Air Pollution Control League of Greater Cincinnati, Chas. Howison.

3- Alpha Omega Alpha, Sherman M. Mellinkoff, M.D., President, qniversity of California.

4- AAOM.

5- American Association for the Advancement of Science.

6- American Biographical Institute.

7- Barrett, James C., American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH).

8- American Chemical Society.

9- American College of Preventive Medicine.

10- American Industrial Hygiene Assoc.

11- American Express.

12- American Nursing Care.

13- American Medical Assoc.

14- AOMA - American Occupational Medical Assoc.

15- American Physiological Society, Dr. Earl H. Wood.

16- American Public Health Assoc.

17- Dr. P.S.I. Barry.

18- Mrs. Miriam G. Bernstein, (Mrs Leonard), Academy of Medicine.

19- Block, Duane L., M.D., Medical Director, Ford Motor Co.

20- Bove, Kevin E., M.D.

21- University of British Columbia, Dept. of Health Care & Epidemiology.

22- Dr. Stuart M. Brooks.

23- Brown, Janet W., Environmental Defense Fund.

24- Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Ms. Susan Cullen.

25- Cahall, Perry J., Georgetown, Ohio.

26- Carter, Lee A. Mr., Fine Arts Fund.

27­ Christensen, Herbert E., Dr., Niosh.

28­ Cincinnati Automobile Club.

29­ Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts.

30- Cincinnati Milacron, James A. D. Geier.

31­ Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Steven Monder, General Mgr.

32- Colwell stationary.

33- Consolidated Natural Gas Co.

34- Conway, Nell.

35- Archibald Cox, Commqn Cause.

36- Roger C. Crafts, Ph.D., Dept. of Anatomy.

37- Dr. Robert S. Daniels, Dean, U.C. Medical College.

38- Dr. Roger Daniels.

39- Elkin, Dr. Samuel.

40- Environmental Task Force.

41- Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States.

42- F.D. Gottwald, Ethyl Corp.

43- Exxon Co., Mr. Gerald M. Lautner.

44- Exquisite Cleaners and Launderers.

45- Farrar, Alice C.

46- Federation of American Scientists.

47- Felson, Benjamin, M.D. .

48- Robert G. Feldman, M.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology.

49- The Fifth Third Bank, Mr. Guido J. Gores.

50- First National Bank of Cincinnati.

51- Form Letters (Blank) for Discontinuing contributions.

52- Form Letter, Natural Resources and Solar Lobby.

53- Form Letter.

54- Form Letter.

55- Form Letter, November 1982.

56- Ms. Emma Fortlage.

57- Dr. Dan P. Fox, University of Oklahoma.

58- Dr. Ernest C. Foulkes.

59- Jerry L. Cowan, Frost & Jacobs.

60- Fundamental and Applied Toxicology.

61- General Motors.

62- Genetic Toxicology & Environmental Law, Dr. Marvin Legator University of Texas.

63- Getty oil Company.

64- Martin Goldberg, M.D. Director, College of Medicine, Dept. Internal Medicine.

65- Dr. Alfred Gottschalk, Pres., Hebrew Union College.

66- Greenberger, Norton J. M.D.

67- Henry V. Griffin, Director, Occupational Medical Health Service, Inc.

68- Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Inc.

69- Haneson, Dr. Irwin B.

70- T. R. Hatfield, M.D.

71- Dr. James P. Hughes, Medical Director, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., Oakland, California.

72- Mark Hite, Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research.

73- The Hutchins Center.

74- Industrial Hygiene News Report.

75- Institute on Man & science, Martin Sullivan, Pres.

76- Jackson, Robert T., Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance.

77- Roye Johnston Associates, Inc.

78- JOM, Journal of Occupational Medicine.

79- Kinports, Edward B., Jr., M.D.

80- Daniel L. Kline, Dept. of Physiology, Mail Loc. 576.

81- Albert L. Knuz, M.D., Ohio State University.            .

82- Daniel L. Kline, Ph.D.

83- Lerner, Dr. Sydney.

84- Library, Evelyn Widener.

85- Lichstein, Herman C., Sc.D, Dept. of Microbiology.

86- The Literary Club.

87- Ms. Frances M. Lynn, University of North Carolina.

88- Dr. Kehoe's, Personal Correspondence.

89- Physician Recommendations, Mr. Raymond Kolts.

90- Political Intelligence.

91- Matanoski, Dr. Genevieve M., Johns Hopkins University. 92- Medicare.

93- Medichem, Occupational Health in the Chemical Industry.

94-  Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research.          '

95- Miller, Zane, Ph.D., Prof. of History, Chairman Emeriti Grants Com. of Graduate Fellows.

96- Miscellaneous.

97- Mt. Adams civic Assoc.

98- National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden.

99- National SANE.

100- National Resource Defense Council.

101- New York Academy of Sciences.

102- New York Times.

103- Occupational Health and Safety.

104- Ohio Academy of Science.                     .

105- Ohio Lung Assoc., Wm. K. Davenport, Pres.

106- Personal.

107- Dr. H. Pezerat, Universite De Paris VI UER 57.

108- Pohl, Mrs. Myrtle I., Winfield S. Fisher & Assoc.

109- Ramazzini Society, Gerald W. Grawey, M.D.

110- Recording for the Blind.

111- George Rieveschel, Jr., The Charles McMicken Society.

112- Rowe, Kenneth W., Jr., M.D.

113- Franklin C. Salisbury, Nat'l Foundation for Cancer, Research.

114- Dr. Bernard E. Saltzman.

115- Sampson, Neill & Wilkins.

116- Science support Center.

117- Shell Development Co., G.A. Van Galder.

118- Sierra Club, Michael McClosky.                           _

119- Smith, Dr. Robert, Family Practice Center, General Hospital.

120- Society for Experimental Biology & Medicine.

121- Suskind, Raymond R., Kettering­ Director.

122- Personal information - removed from archives

123- Theunissen, Miss Charmaine.

124- U.C. Foundation, Harvey L. Ingram.

125- U.C. Medical Alumnal Association.

126- The University of Cincinnati - Sigma Xi.

127- University of Illinois.

128- Union of Concerned Scientists.

129- Wadsworth, Randolph, Jr. (Literary Club).

130- Thomas E. Wagner, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

131- Norma E. Wagoner, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Medical Center.

132- Waller, Dr. Julian A., University of Vermont.

133- Western Ohio Occupational Medical Assoc.

134- WGUC.

135- Dr. Henry R. Winkler, President, University of Cincinnati.

136- XXI World Congress on Occupational Health - 1984.

Box #106

1- Tape of a letter for Dr. Kehoe from Dr. Robert T. P. deTreville.

2- Two Volumes of Gratitude from Kettering Alumni in 1965.

3- Eight Volumes of Data and Research Notes.

4- Miscellaneous Publications of Regulations regarding Ethyl.

Box #107

1- Various Travel Guides.

2- Miscellaneous Ethyl Corp. Publications.

Box #108

1- Lead Study Medical Examination records.

Box #109

1- Lead Study Medical Examination records.

Box #110

1- Commemorative Blocks from Kettering Labs 25th.

2- Two Black Wooden Boxes...Human Studies of Lead Absorption and Elimination...Glass Negatives of Framed Tables and Graphs.

3- Cigar Box with Lithographic cuts of Graphs from an Article.

4- Slide Rule.

5- Old Lighter.

6- Small Box of Slides.

7- Short Film in Tin.

8- Envelope of Slides.

9- Picture Plates.

10- Glass Slides of Graphs R.E. Lead.

11- Small Box of Slides.

12- Envelope Titled Reports and Papers on Lead.

13- Large Envelope with Experimental Figures. Placards.

14- Photographs R.E. Kettering Lab.

Box #111

1- Placards for Ethyl.

2- Three framed certificates.

3- Precautions Placards and Posters R.E. Handling of Ethyl.

4- Smaller Framed Graphs.

5- Precautions Placards and